Phil Selway tour dates

by Jonathan on February 11, 2010

Phil SelwayIn case you haven’t heard, Radiohead’s drummer, Phil Selway, is about to embark on a solo tour of the Mediterranean areas of Europe. Phil is reportedly going to release a solo album sometime this year, as previously announced. Lisa Germano will be the opening act as well as performing with Phil. Here are the dates:

Phil Selway/Lisa Germano:

03-27 Turin, Italy – Spazio 211
03-28 Florence, Italy – Sala Vanni
03-29 Ferrara, Italy – Sala Estense
03-30 Bologna, Italy – Covo Club
03-31 Rome, Italy – Circolo Degli Artisti
04-01 Milan, Italy – Tunnel
04-03 Barcelona, Spain – La (2) de Apolo
04-04 Valladolid, Spain – Auditorium
04-05 Puerta de Santa Maria, Spain – Mucho Teatro
04-06 Lisbon, Portugal – Aula Magna
04-07 Porto, Portugal – Casa da Musica
04-08 Vigo, Spain – Museum of Contemporary Art

via Pitchfork

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  • I declare this the year of great music.

  • pntrs

    @micah__I agree

    cheers for that _____

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  • ppnnttrrss

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  • Damn! Can’t we get them to play London/somewhere in the UK? Lisa Germano is heavenly. What a combination!

  • Skylar.

    Quit making fun of Pantrus, everyone. That’s pathetic. Just because he’s (and sorry if you’re a girl) a little different from you, that doesn’t give you a right to chide him.

  • pantrus

    skylar ! skyylarrrr ! ! skylarrr ! ! ! [ that s cheering you ]

    thank you __but you offended me : just ” a little ” different ?

  • Johan

    Come to Sweden! Dont forget us!!!

  • LE

    Come to Israel to make us a concert!

  • Denise

    I’m going to Portugal and Spain only in September.
    Could Phill postpone his shows ? lol
    I’d love to see him sing…

  • Skylar.

    I did not mean that offensively whatsoever Pantrus, sorry if it came over that way. I have nothing but respect for unlike most the other prats that comment. Plus, most of us are different in our own ways.

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