Thom Yorke to Remix Major Lazer

by Jonathan on February 11, 2010

Major Lazer

Major Lazer

Thom Yorke will contribute a remix to Major Lazer’s upcoming Lazers Never Die EP coming our way in April. Thom will wave his magic remix stick over the song “Jump Up”, which was included on last year’s “Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do”.

The new Major Lazer EP was just officially announced yesterday when a track featuring M.I.A. & Busy Signal called “Sound Of Siren” leaked to the internet. Here’s the tracklist to the EP, courtesy of Pitchfork.

Lazers Never DieLazers Never Die:

01 Sound of Siren [ft. M.I.A. and Busy Signal]
02 Good Enough [ft. Collie Buddz and Lindi Ortega]
03 Can’t Stop Now (Kicks Like a Mule Remix) [ft. Ms. Banks]
04 Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Mix)
05 Jump Up (Thom Yorke Remix)

via Mog

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  • And Major Lazer will remix a Thom Yorke-track in return:

  • P N T R S

    I don’t think I can understand this kind of music, I’m not that smart.

  • Ya_Muntaqim

    That’s a great news! I can’t wait to hear this track!:D I’ve never heard nothing of Major Lazer, anyway;)

  • redrumPole

    Major Lazer! I love those guys 😀

  • Please check this,, it`s no surprises with “mariachi”.

  • pantrus

    P N T R S February 13, 2010 at 1:15 am
    I don’t think I can understand this kind of music, I’m not that smart.

    that wasn t me writing of course . . . is this person that does things using my name [ nothing really original on his side since kids around the web always do this . . . so from now on if someone reads something on my name don t always thing that is me ]

    i hope this someone would listen to my i tunes library and see the music i listen to [ would be surprise ] __when coming to major lazer they do great programming – – but i have to confess that i am more exited about thom remixing them, than their particular music –

    cambio y fuera ____

    ps :

    Cities (Assembly Mix) Maserati Confines Of Heart [EP] 6:29

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