Radiohead Roundup

by Jonathan on February 17, 2010

Radiohead horse

Pic by Kevin Westenberg via Pitchfork

Here’s some recent Radiohead headlines gathered for you to enjoy:

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  • Skylar.

    They’re selling Abbey Road?! That’s sad. That’s like giving a slap to all the bands that recorded for EMI that MADE that label what it is today.

  • P N T R S

    What’s an abbey road?

  • pantrus

    @ pantrus [ the fake pantrus ] [ incredibly funny ] [ at least you re smart ]

  • Mursday

    Abbey Road is a studio located on Abbey Road in London.

  • Skylar.

    In case no one’s heard, EMI decided not to sell Abbey Road.

  • pantrus

    skylar have you heArD about EMi sElling Abb´YRoAd ?

  • EMI decided not to sell Abbey Road.

  • Skylar.

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