New Thom Yorke songs premiered at Cambridge Corn Exchange

by Jonathan on March 1, 2010

As you know, Thom played a solo show at the Cambridge Corn Exchange last week. At Ease posted up the three new songs to YouTube, which you can enjoy below.

“Give up the Ghost”

“The Daily Mail”

“Mouse Dog Bird”

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  • Nacho Lois

    I guess we can say the little guy is going through yet another golden phase.
    Man, is he good.

  • jason

    i hope he’s playing these solo and not with atoms for peace because they are going to be recorded with radiohead

  • dave

    Boring one. Cant see what RH would make of this. Recent thom songs have no momentum, don’t go anywhere…where is the songcraft of ‘FPT’, ‘KP’, or ‘IR’?

  • Adam

    I actually sort of agree with Dave. Some of the songs that have been released recently I’ve loved and others I thought basically what Dave said. I love all of The Eraser and the Spitting Feathers EP is so-so but I’m not talking about those since they aren’t recent released. In the past like 8 months or so, either via actual releases or just performing new songs in his solo concerts, I believe the songs Thom has released have been: Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses (which I have no problem with) and I felt about the same with The Hollow Earth. I loved The Present Tense (in fact learned it from the Warrenmusic youtube channel) and also love Hearing Damage. Lotus Flower and Mouse Dog Bird are two that sort of waver in between but overall I like them. Then all the rest basically sound the same to me and I see people’s comments on youtube saying brilliant and all that and they all have 5 stars, which they probably deserve since they are technically still better than most things on youtube, and although I haven’t listened to these songs nearly as much as I’ve listened to anything else Thom Yorke (but that would take thousands of listens anyway) I don’t understand the appeal behind Open the Floodgates, Skirting on the Surface, Judge Jury and Executioner, The Daily Mail, Give Up the Ghost, and I Froze Up. They just seem waning to me. I’ll check out those six songs again though today and post again later if I changed my mind on any of them or if there’s at least some sort of element I can find some of the songs that causes me to enjoy them more.

  • Sarah

    Thom presented the songs in their natural shape, the way he composed them , playing them acoustic. There is no way to know how they will sound full band (being Radiohead or Atoms For Peace). Hear The Present Tense acoustic at Latitude and the bootleg with Radiohead playing it. Two different animals. Hear Thom playing any Eraser song alone and the same ones played with Atoms. Absolutely different. Even acoustic all those new songs show an incredible potential, much more than the In Rainbows songs had when he played them before the album, and In Rainbows was incredible. Just think about how amazing those already great songs will sound when fully finished, be them Radiohead or Atoms. Oh! And I love Judge Jury Executioner, it is a rocking song that, no doubt, will rock with Atoms. And Thom is in a great phase as a songwriter, the lyrics for The Present Tense, GUTG, Open The Floodgates, Mouse Dog Bird and Daily Mail are all awesome.
    I admit I am not too fond in Lotus Flower and Super Collider, but all the others make up for those two.

  • Sarah I believe Lotus Flower and Super Collider are the best ones out of all those songs, if not the best hes written in a couple years. Hes sings and lyrics on both are SO FREAKIN AMAZING. cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Samuel Adams

    without getting into specifics over which songs are better than others, i would say overall sarah knows whats up.

  • Adam

    Dammit two things I meant to mention earlier. One is that I love the looping effects he’s been doing in his live stuff. And two, I also meant to clarify that I also believe exactly what Sarah has since said. I recognize that all the ones I don’t like too much are from live shows and are probably in their early forms and even if not, their live versions of songs and studio versions are often different anyway. I think Like Spinning Plates is a pretty good example, although I think LSP works well on the album and as a live piano piece. But I agree that it’s very possible that if these songs are released they could be different in their new forms. One of the many reasons I love Radiohead is because they’re able to do just that. In studio versions of their song, music is often replaced with effects or effects that are difficult to replicate live are added and it’s brilliantly done. Skip Divided and Cymbal Rush are two more great examples of just that. So here’s to hoping I love these songs in the end. Btw, I also admit to being someone who sometimes takes a couple listens to realize something’s brilliance. I only liked 15 Step on IR originally and probably didn’t like any of The Eraser until weeks or even months after they were released. Now I believe they are two of the all time greatest albums.

  • _le pantrรผ sennet __

    not sure . . . i think they re nice . . . hmmm . . . but because . . . ehh of . . .

  • jason

    i think skirting on the surface has great potential if done with radiohead. but just imagine what these songs will sound like with a full band behind them. i’m excited and happy to see that they are getting somewhere with them. i hope they take their time and let them develop naturally or else we could have another IR.

  • steller

    I don’t understand why everyone has to be nit picky about the new music. Obviously anything Radiohead or Thom Yorke release as a final piece is going to be gold in some way. Even if you think In Rainbows was hollow, it was still much better than most of the other music made that year. How can you lose faith in THOM YORKE? you have to be crazy.

    Also, I’m not saying you should just like anything he puts out, but maybe try and understand where he’s coming from with the song. It’s always seemed that his music has a lot of individual personality to it, so give it a chance at least. Remember when Kid A came out…

  • jesse

    never live loop

  • davex5647

    Guys, I can understand you may not like all of the new songs, but seriously, give Skirting on the Surface another go. There’s something really nice about it. The lyrics are great.

  • Dennis

    The only song I was really able to get into was The Daily Mail. It started off very nice and ended with a great rocky feel. Give up the ghost didn’t really do it for me and neither did Man Bear Big, er, Mouse Dog Bird.

  • Esmo

    I kinda feel what others have said about Yorke making rather uninspired pieces recently, but these latest three show a definite perk again. And after all, they are at they’re unvarnished stage.

  • mike

    Mouse Dog Bird sounds a little like Super Collider, but a bueatiful chord pregression built with creative loop layovers and vocal transitions.

    Give up the Ghost is a little boring at first, almost has a laid back feeling (similar to House Of Cards)… but i love around 3 55, it closes out very nicely.

    The Daily Mail is the best out of the two, just prooves again Thom still rocks! It’s calm and gloomy at first, really pretty vocals. Than it just transitions into this awesome darkly undertoned chants. Then, thom wraps up the song rocking out.. backlashing “No Regard for Human Life”. Awesome song! This is why i love Radiohead/Thom Yorke, they’re songs are excellent and are so unique. I hate the radio here in the USA. It’s just Buzz, with the same format over and over again (verse, chorus, verse, chorus,interlude/guitarsole, chorus, end, around 3 minutes). When is Thom going to disapoint me? (except for that twilight thing…)

  • P N T R S

    they suck, I mean, thom has been sucking for at least 5 months now! ๐Ÿ™

  • @ P N T R S

    I think any one who read this comment:

    they suck, I mean, thom has been sucking for at least 5 months now!

    Has no respect for that guy. Thom has been an inspiration in the music realm for over a decade, going on 2 decades. The fact that you say he’s “sucked for at least 5 months now” just makes you sound like a damn fool, which you are.

  • morna

    ok, anyone who thinks Give up The Ghost is boring has no poetry in their soul. just say’n

    Daily Mail definitely feels like a Radiohead song to me I can totally envision it going all epic from “where’s the truth” on with all kinds of sick Jonny action. This excites me. A highly likely candidate for LP8 IMHO.

    I’m also really happy to see I Froze Up peeking out of the closet I can see it getting the RH treatment as well. I love it – I love the icy chords and I can see it getting all hot and swampy in the middle and going back to icy by the end.

  • pantrus

    just for the records PNTRS is not PNTRS _is someone else using my nickname [ pantrus or pntrs ] and been doing that for a while now trying to make me look bad –

    i absolutely admire thom yorke and you have no idea how much

    so this : damn fool, which you are. i absolutely agree __but remember that is not PNTRS or pantrus – the damn fool is the sad person that has nothing else to do that [ i have no clue why ] ” trying ” to make me look bad _i ve already wrote to GP and atease to follow the e-mail address from this person and just block him/her but i am not sure why they don t care about it – which is wrong

    but at the very end . . . who cares right ?


    thom yorke is the most creative and intelligent person i see around this days – and when it comes to music i have no words to describe his magic –

  • Thedude

    I can understand how some don’t like the new thom Yorke stuff. But, I think the issue is just how tight his music has become. Take Cymbal Rush, my partner still can’t get past the pure and open Musical emotional climax’s of the bends and OK. Yet Cymbal Rush she can’t get into. Pump that song up and really let it take hold and the climax is almost overwhelming…its just harder for the average listener to jump into the movement of the music because it is so tight. Once you learn to grab hold its simple breathtaking how intense some of Thom’s “songs that go know where” really are. It’s like you have to learn how to fell the new stuff if that makes any sense.

  • Charyie

    Who has a problem with In Rainbows? There must be something wrong with you, that’s the most complete album I have ever heard, nothing wrong with it, every song is incredible in its own way, personally my favourite Radiohead album, but I digress.

    The songs I’ve heard are all very monotonous, there is no variations, I’ve listened to them quite a bit and the only one I enjoyed was supercollider and I’m getting into the daily mail. I really hope all these songs like Open the Floodgates, Give up the ghost and all these songs that sound uninspired and the same get released under Thom Yorkes album, not Radiohead, this kind of music is too unambitious and not memborable enough to be released by Radiohead, just an opinion of mine.

  • Brian

    These 3 songs are his best songs in the past months. WAY better than pulled apart by horses and hollow earth which i thought really sucked no offense but it wasn’t good. This sounds more like RH which is awesome. Typical falsetto like voice in the background which Thom does with that machine. Also, the endings are so great and built up which sounds just like every other RH song. I love it and hope these songs will be on the new Album.

  • Its BeautifulYou

    I agree with Brain^. I was so pumped for FPABH and HollowEarth. and when it came out eh. Still better than alot of artist out there but not the thom yorke radiohead I love to listen to on big head phones staring at geometeriacal patterns on my computer. (i know Im a nerd) but the three cambridge songs I thoroughly felt where boring until I listen to them with head phones and while at the gym alot. They are pretty good sketches with alot of potential. The only potential LP8 song I really dislike is Super Collider. I think its purley a bside unless the other 5 boys (nigel included) really spice it up. no offence if its someones faveroite. And just to add a bit more to my rant, I wish they sat on these are my twisted words for a while. The lyrics just seem….. incomplete.

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