Flying Lotus/Thom Yorke track to premiere Wednesday

by Jonathan on March 16, 2010

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus

The Flying Lotus/Thom Yorke collaboration will be played exclusively on BBC Radio1 Wednesday at 2 am GMT, according to Maryanne Hobbs. She posted this on twitter:

word exclusive first play of the brand new @FLYINGLOTUS & THOM YORKE collaboration on the BBC Radio1 show Wednesday 2am GMT.. spread it

The track is called “…And the World Laughs With You” and is part of  the upcoming album Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus, who is also supporting Thom and Atoms for Peace on their US tour next month. Warp will release Cosmogramma in the U.S. on May 4 and a day earlier in the UK.

(thanks to Jon)

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  • AdamW

    is that tonight?

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  • davex5647

    Am I missing something? I can’t find it. Wasn’t it played at 2am this morning?

  • Harrison

    I think the person made a mistake and that it’s actually going to be played tonight at 2am (which is thursday).

  • Carolyn

    2am Weds. 3/17. GMT is Greenwich Mean Time, which is London’s time zone. So you’ll have to count back or forwards by time zones depending on where you are. Hope that helps.

  • Nathan

    Should be tonight I’m guessing, as in 02:00 GMT Thursday. It wasn’t on last night show. We’ll wait and see!

  • Nathan

    It’ll be on some point in the next two hours… gonna be a late night for me.

    Listen Online Here.

  • Marc

    its on right now…

  • Marc

    hmmm, that was short, yet pretty good i thought. I just wish the host would have not talked over the song…

  • Harrison

    So how long are we gunna have to wait for an upload, I didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • Marc

    I recorded 2/3 of it, but that’s kinda useless i guess. I thought somebody else would be recording it until I realized it was st. patty’s day and everyone else is probably getting drunk.

  • pehjott
  • davex5647

    It’s also on YouTube (unless it gets pulled)…

  • hahaha so funny [ or so maniac? ] last night i dreamt that radiohead were announcing the new material to be release on march 31st __

    ps: i think that i also dreamt it was kind of in rainbows box set possibility but included this time some dvd kind of ” the most gigantic . . . ”

    life is so much fun for free sometimes . . .

    [ nice dreams ]

  • pantrus


  • freee

    MAH had to talk over it so that people couldn’t record it and leak it ….

    I think the track is really incredible, the way he used Thom’s voice is crazy –listen closely with headphones and you’ll hear Thom’s voice everywhere within/throughout the song as an instrument (not just at the obvious vocal parts)

  • anonymous
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