by Jonathan on March 22, 2010

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  • Norrsson

    I know it is.

  • Quay

    Only for those of us with advanced technologies.

    The rest will have to watch in anguish from the outside as life passes them by.

  • drawingshadows

    This is a QR code for those who don’t know. A kind of two dimensional url link that can be decoded with certain software.

  • Translates to – “This is the future, by the way.”

  • sps

    It says, “Did you see that Stanley Donwood updated his site today? This is the future, by the way.”

  • rex


  • jakobe

    is this by any means important?

  • Thomosexual

    $20 says this is the LP8 artwork.

  • rex

    doubt it… i don’t think radiohead want to follow in the pet shop boys footsteps

  • nataliee

    is this some indie hipster secret code ? wat is this

  • nolamovies

    Yeah, but where did this come from? What is the source that puts this image on a Radiohead page, rather that just being a new piece of Donwood art?

  • jessica

    bbm barcode?!

  • radiofan

    Did you see that Stanley Donwood updated his site today?
    This is the future, by the way.

  • daniel

    I think he’s talking about healthcare, and I’m a libertarian by the way, so I don’t agree with him.

  • wherever it is . . .


    stanley 4 president . . .

  • pantalones y pants y pantrus

    wow S really did changed his page . . . lot of changes ad sales which in this case its lovely to have it

    now this wont be kind of private anymore . . . selfish myself . . .

  • pntrs
  • pntrs
  • Marc


    A libertarian on this board? crazy. We should start some sort of social outcast club for right-wingers on radiohead message boards.

  • Robert

    Japan has these all over!

  • P N T R S

    I love his bald head, reminds me of mein teil

  • steller

    does anyone know anywhere it’s possible to get Donwood’s six inch records still? I know they were only for sale for a little while but I can’t find them on any auction sites or anything. Any kind of help would be much appreciated.

  • daniel


    If you love there music, you love thier music. Plus thier lyrics are usually up to interpertation, even though there are some that I just have to ignore.

  • pntrs

    again ? ! i am bored _change jokes or style_give me something new fake pntrs

    get some love_ __love’s not gay [ i know you re scared of that ]

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