Listen to Jonny Greenwood’s “Doghouse”

by Jonathan on March 23, 2010

Jonny GreenwoodLast month Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood debuted “Doghouse” by BBC Concert Orchestra at London’s Maida Vale studios. Now that performance can be heard by all by going to BBC Radio 3’s website where you can stream it for a limited time.

To stream it, go here and forward about 26 minutes in.

“Doghouse” will become the basis for the score of the upcoming film, Norwegian Wood, which we told you about recently.

(via Tiny Mix Tapes)

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  • Jonny looks pretty cool in that hoodie.

  • Weekend

    Lots of very dark colours, this is extremely interesting.

  • justin m

    sounds a lot like david bowie in the film labyrinth… within you… something…

  • lxyt

    Go Johnny. interestingly, no mention of RH in the pre-performance dialogue. he’s established himself as a composer in his own right, and rightly so. stirring stuff.

  • steller

    that was really entertaining. It makes me even more disappointed that RH never released that “all strings EP” Thom Yorke talked about in his interview with The Believer.

  • Cobbb Salad

    Good musical musings but what I really love is that simplified story of the title’s meaning. I will never look at D on the piano the same way ever again.

  • P N T R S

    His voice sounds so so alpha-male like, it gives me the ‘chickenbumbs’ lol. I loved it, so beautiful.

  • m

    I need this for more than 19 hours left to listen.

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