Green Plastic is 13!

by Jonathan on March 26, 2010

Today marks our 13th birthday, meaning this site is now a teenager. Time goes by fast!

Let’s pause for a moment to remember what happened in 1997:

  • January 20 – U.S. President Bill Clinton is inaugurated for his second term.
  • February 28 – The North Hollywood shootout takes place between 2 heavily armed bank robbers and Los Angeles Police Department officers.
  • March 26 – In San Diego, California, 39 Heaven’s Gate cultists commit mass suicide at their compound.
  • May 2 – Tony Blair is appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by Elizabeth II.
  • May 21 – Radiohead’s OK Computer is released in Japan
  • June 16 – Radiohead’s OK Computer is released in the UK
  • July 1 – Radiohead’s OK Computer is released in the US
  • August 1- Steve Jobs returns to Apple Computer, Inc at Macworld in Boston.
  • August 31 – Diana, Princess of Wales, is taken to hospital after a car accident shortly after midnight, in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris. She is pronounced dead at 04:00 a.m
  • October 26 – 1997 World Series: The Florida Marlins defeat the Cleveland Indians.
  • October 30 – After suffering a brain aneurysm onstage, R.E.M.’s drummer Bill Berry announces that he will leave the band.
  • November 10 – Telecom companies WorldCom and MCI Communications announce a US$37 billion merger to form MCI WorldCom (the largest merger in U.S. history).

Crazy! Seems like a totally different world. Many thanks to all the visitors over the past 13 years! Here’s to another 13! *gulp*

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  • the congressman

    Subterranean Homesick Alien will forever be associated in my mind with the Heaven’s Gate suicide. I don’t know why. They are unrelated and months apart. But in my mind, I always imagine them waiting for Hale-Bopp… and this song (which hadn’t been released yet) is playing in the background.

  • rex

    13 years… sheesh its really been 13 years

  • P N T R S

    happy BD! I remember when I was 13 how I used to hate school and girls haha, lucky me, I evolved and I know my priorities now, so no more girl hating, I now accept myself just the way I am

  • sdrastwujte

    congratulations! and thank you so much for all your effort you put into this, it’s a teenager to be proud of, don’t you think?
    strange thing is my discovering Radiohead and the accident of the Princess of Wales you mentioned are connected…I happened to be in Africa at the time and all of a sudden the british tourists were wearing black armbands…one of them told me I absolutely had to listen to this new album of a certain band…

  • Mike

    Yeah apparently Princess Diana was listening to Karma Police when the accident took place…

  • lauren

    Happy birthday greenplastic and Jonathan. 🙂

  • kevin

    happy birthday GP. its comforting to know that when I need to go back in time to ’97, and have to use primitive internet, checking greenplastic can still be apart of my routine.

  • Denise

    Happy Birthday !!!

  • Skye

    don’t forget MMMBop.

  • P

    Sadness over Diana was a nostalgia for other things that were changing. On July 1, 1997, the day OKC was released in the US, the British Empire effectively ceased to exist, when Hong Kong was returned to China after hundreds of years of foreign control (in accordance with an agreement concluded between Zhao Ziyang and Maggie Thatcher back in the year of Purple Rain). Capitalism was officially enshrined in the new Basic Law.

  • Many happy returns of the day! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Danoflamancha

    Wow, most of that stuff is majorly depressing… and she was listening to Karma Police. really? Wow!

  • P

    She was listening to “Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine.”

  • Cobbb Salad

    Funny. When I heard Reckoner today I tried to remember which week it was Thom Yorke had fairly recently said was full of 13s on DAS. Maybe this is another one?

  • puppy pie

    Wow– 13 years? All at greenplastic make it seem effortless. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained. The boys at RH camp should serenade you. : )

  • I remember finding greenplastic in 97… my last year of university. although i dig everything radiohead has ever done, i’ve never been a fan of radiohead’s official ‘web presence’ but i’ve always loved the way you’ve laid things out here. thanks for all the hard work.

  • My car was built in 1997. The importance of that event was sadly underestimated, even at the time. Just another car, another cheap entry level car… Bet no-one ever thought it could last so long. It’s a really emotional day for me, now that the car is also a teenager. They grow up so fast. I remember it when I was given it. It was only 12 then. So young.

  • Matt Australia

    Congratulations on all your hard work. Volunteering your time to do a website as detailed as this is a big deal … you should be proud. I have checked your website regularly since it started, from various points around the world. Could always rely on your site for up to date news/tour info. Thanks again, well done. I owe you a beer.

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