Radiohead to release new track offline

by Jonathan on April 1, 2010

It has been announced that Radiohead will be releasing the old fan favorite “Big Boots” aka “Man-O-War” in April. The catch is that the track will only be available in record shops around the world, not digitally as we’ve all become use to. To make things even more interesting, the song will only be released on audio cassette, with a limited edition cover designed by Stanley Donwood. The band and their management have been quiet on the reasoning behind this, only to hint that this is in someway part of a bigger plan.

Nigel Godrich recently let it slip on Twitter that the song sounds “very different” from the live version, saying that only one word can describe Thom’s voice in it: “Buzzsaw”.

[UPDATE]: While we got the cassette part right, it has now been revealed that there’s actually a micro SD card inside. Fans will have to break open the cassette and access the micro SD card through their computer. From there, it will give them a code to download the track from the Radiohead website. They mystery deepens…

[UPDATE]: Here’s a photo of the cassette:

[UPDATE]: If you haven’t figured out by now, this is an April Fool’s joke.

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  • hunter

    thats crazy, im gonna have to get it when it comes out!!

  • sdrastwujte

    hhmm, sounds nice and exciting…(if it’s not the typical April 1 joke, that is…)

  • hunter

    just thought about that ahha…it is april fools


  • Gabow

    I think that is an april fools’ day joke.

  • hunter

    It has to be an april fools joke ahha

  • kyo_sti?

    APRIL FOOLS! They got me at the beginning…then it said it was only on tape cassette…yeah i knew it…

  • wondermilk

    if this turns out to be a joke i am going to be livid.

  • wondermilk

    In fact, i demand you cite your sources, Lord Percy. I will not be had!

  • maybe

    that’s a funny comment wonder

  • durty


  • Cher

    April Fools. No way is this real.

  • Nutshell

    Let’s all laugh at hunter AHAHAHAHAHA

  • Kiffin

    This is a great AF joke, but not as good as the year that greenplastic posted that the band would be rerecording Pablo Honey to be included with their upcoming studio album. So disappointed when I caught on.

  • JohnyJoe

    Oh man… I was shitting a brick until I realized what day it is.

    This woulda been so awesome.

  • P N T R S

    omg I have to buy it!!! but I don’t want to break the cassette, is there another way to get the card??? please tell me!!

  • Skye

    if only.. that woulda been awesome. not something i would really put past the band either.


    Damn you, Damn you all to HELL!!!!!


    The actual tape used to make the doctor the image is: “DJ Unitone – Freaks Don’t Play Tricks.” Funny, but it would have been better if it was Rick Roll.

  • aaron

    I was sooooo excited! Then I saw the date…
    This has been a very shocking April Fools, so many people have upped their game this year.

  • fdasdfsa

    this is fucking CRUEL

  • Joey D

    Of course it’s a joke. Think of the carbon footprint of all those useless tape cassettes.

  • greenstuff

    Will never happen. Big Boots will never see the light of day, unfortunately.

  • JohnyJoe

    Radiohead should just do this to spite this damned cruel joke!

  • Its BeautifulYou

    I’ve been talking about this all day, very pumped forittilIjust read the comments. I think that this is a little much of a prank. I can see putting this up for an hour or two but all day, I told so many people about it. Very cruel joke. and I thought I had a good sense of humor

  • Adam

    I’m not even entirely convinced it is a prank….but yeah it probably is…..

  • Its BeautifulYou

    Im trying to tell myself its not a prank too. but my logic is calling me a dumbass

  • felix

    buzzsaw….there is no way this is the description…so april fools for sure.although it would be a freaking exciting way to buy a track

  • juanp

    it’s not only a joke, it’s a bad joke; why would they want us to broke down a cassette, in order to download the same piece of music wich we’ve just destroyed? c’mon, they’re not that stupid.

  • Bec

    But it seems like something logical they would do! Oh well!

  • natalie

    WHY does everything have to be some stupid mystery ?!? WTF do i look like? I JUSTT WANNA HEAR THE DAMN SONG !!!!!!! OMG.

  • Ben Hanafi

    Fuckers! Aha at least the band might see this and think its a good idea to actually re-record big boots like it deserves to be…

  • Osama Bid Laidinaweek

    This is a joke, this is not real. Laugh then move on.

  • Jarod

    Thx for making me shit my pants with excitement for nothing, i’ve been waiting here, desperate for a new release only to have my dreams crushed and my undies ruined.

  • Mike

    HAHA! got me good!

  • Daniel

    I am so pisses, i just screamed this whole posting accross the house so my brother could here it, now i look like a jack ass. Damn you

  • thad smoyer

    shure. (epic fail)

  • Meghan

    I’m going to the Atoms for Peace concert tomorrow in Chicago. I was trying to find out any insider info. I used to read this website back when OK Computer came out—reading your posts, I can see you’ve been at this for 13 years! It must have been memorable to me, because I keep finding my way back after all these years.

    Love the April Fool’s joke. I listened to that shitty Big Boots REAL AUDIO clip a million and 12 times. Sooo beautiful. It was better back then, for sure. 🙂

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