Phil Selway tour

Radiohead’s Phil Selway Debutes New Songs

For a band that hasn’t put out a record in three years, Radiohead has been in the news a lot lately: Thom Yorke has kept busy, rehearsing for shows planned later this month, collaborating with Flying Lotus, and remixing Liars and MF Doom; Jonny Greenwood is the BBC Composer-in Association, set to score the film adaptation of Norwegian Wood. And for the past week, Radiohead’s drummer Phil Selway has been quietly touring along the Mediterranean coast. Thanks to a few intrepid Italian fans, we now have some live recordings of Selway’s solo effort. Songs like “Running Blind,” “By Some Miracle,” “Broken Promises,” and “Patron Saint” (featured above) will likely appear on Selway’s solo record due out later this year. With only some spare accompaniment provided by Lisa Germano and Sebastian Steinberg (both of whom worked with Selway on last year’s Neil Finn-led supergroup 7 World Collide), the songs are stripped down, acoustic numbers that sound somewhere between John Martyn, Tim Buckley, and Neil Halstead. Selway explains in the clip above that Wilco multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone and drummer Glenn Kotche will also appear on the album. All this makes you wonder how much say Selway has had in songwriting for Radiohead, so far, or if he’ll come out from behind the drumkit for Radiohead’s eighth LP.

Watch the other videos below:

“By Some Miracle”

“Running Blind”

“Broken Promises”

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By Jonathan

New York, NY