Atoms for Peace Night 1: NYC

by Jonathan on April 6, 2010

Last night Thom Yorke and Atoms for Peace took the stage at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, kicking off their US tour. The band, which includes Flea from the Red Hot Chili Pepers, Beck drummer Joey Waronker, Nigel Godrich, and percussionist Mauro Refosco, played through a bunch of songs from The Eraser, as well as some from Radiohead. A new song was premiered, which is currently untitled. At Ease is calling it “Chris Hodge/Let Me Take Control” until it has a confirmed name. Setlist below:

“The Eraser”
“The Clock”
“Black Swan”
“Skip Divided”
“Atoms For Peace”
“And It Rained All Night”
“Harrowdown Hill”
“Cymbal Rush”

“Chris Hodge/Let Me Take Control” (new song)
“Daily Mail”
“Everything In It’s Right Place”

“Paperbag Writer”
“Judge, Jury & Executioner”
“The Hollow Earth”
“Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses”

Here’s the video of the new song:

Stereogum has a review and has also posted this video of “The Eraser” with NOLA jazz trumpeter, Christian Scott:

Rolling Stone has a full review here. Thom and Atoms for Peace play their second NYC show tonight at Roseland.

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  • v k

    wonderful concert – first set was Eraser straight through, but minus the electronica, and plus Flea for supa-beats – last encore (4 songs) was highlight – truly original display of musical abilities – Thom pushing the envelope as usual – Flea’s bass contributions were amazing – his bass was turned way up – fantastic – hearing ‘everything in its right place’ with just Thom on keys was nice – very was fun (older roller skating rink) – dank smoked filled the air – twas nice

  • darcy

    What time did the show start last night? I need to travel in by train this evening for the show and can’t afford to leave work too too early….

  • vk

    @darcy – if ur in by 9pm, ur fine for Yorke (came on at 9.10pm) – line getting in (even if it looks long) is really fast – fyi – hard to see stage if ur not tall

  • That version of eraser really got to me…Really makes me love the human race

  • jrm

    2nd show nearly canceled due to manhole cover explosions on the same street as the venue! what are the chances? huge line to get in, show pushed back about 90 mins. way more people there than the 1st night

  • shlomer

    is it just me, or did the last line of the new song seem unneeded?

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