Emily Neveu covers “Idioteque”

by Jonathan on April 13, 2010

Emily Nevue

Spotted at our message board: Calico Horse frontwoman Emily Neveu covers “Idioteque”. Check it out at here.

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  • great cover

  • umm

    got halfway thru, so take this for what it’s worth, but I thought it sucked, personally. nothing wrong with her voice tho.

  • This is shit. She might as well have tried to cover creep!

  • Beefcake

    guys she was great, it was very orginal too. Its not very inspiring when somebody covers a song and it sounds just like the orginal I hate you closed off fans who thinks radiohead is the only good band in the world.

  • lapantalla [ shhhh. dont say i am pantrus ]

    sometimes [ generally speaking] i think that people writing here on GP and ATEASE are like 84 / 89 years old people . . . actually 84 / 89 years old women [ that never had sex in all their lives ] __you guys complain so much . . . you guys are never satisfied . . . you should be more open minded about arts – art its not just saying ” this is shit ” ” this is bad ” ” thom yorke ‘s new songs are boring ” ” neveu’s cover sucks ” and etc etc etc __i know we have to criticize arts and give our opinions etc etc because it is nice talking about arts . . . but you guys dont do the ” talking ” you just sit around and chew the fat . . . the fat ? you chew the shit itself.

    c’mon people – we wont go anywhere like this . . . thanks god the world doesn t depend on you . . .

    i think the cover its nice . . . i think every attempt to arts are nice and i think her voice its beautiful and i think she is also beautiful [ hehe i couldn t resist to mention that as well ]

    peace [ try to change people . . . the world will be better that way ] .

  • Thom Yorke

    Wait…. Did you listen to her cover?

  • umm

    lapantalla [ shhhh. dont say i am pantrus ]

    im not here to argue with you about whats appropriate to say/not say about anything .on this blog.

    but while we’re throwing out philosophies, might i suggest not reading posts that you dont want to read, or not read posts at all if they arent worth reading. the point of this particular thread is to voice your opinion on the cover. mine is that the cover sucks, and the reason is that my ears dont like it.

    PS i like how youre bitching in your post about other people bitching.

  • P

    you re right

    i accept it

    thank you for opening my mind on that .P.

    ps: she is hot

  • P

    Thom Yorke April 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm
    Wait…. Did you listen to her cover?

    [ he wins so far . . . best comment i read in months ha ]

  • I think it’s lovely, very relaxing.

  • subalien

    i quite like it, very different take on the song and i think it does work well.

  • Oi

    This is not me being a crotchety Radiohead fan that only likes the original versions of Radiohead songs. This is BORING. But this is just boring musicianship. Her voice is pretty. But the song is a big fat YAWN.

  • joey

    pure shit

  • sanud002

    Those of you who thought that this was crap are clearly just Radiohead purists. I’d love to hear what specifically you though was bad about it and not just call it a shit sandwich.

  • sanud002

    Oi- Yeah you know who else’s musician ship is bad, Bob Dylan. That guy couldn’t shred guitar for shit. Thats what I loved about this, where as Radiohead’s musicianship is off the charts she went the complete opposite route and didn’t even try and go there to me that is a sigh of respect.

  • Diego_-

    i like this cover,other perspective.but the same emotion

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