Atoms for Peace: Oakland Night #1

by Jonathan on April 15, 2010

Atoms for Peace played the first of two shows last night at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California. The band did an unusual third encore, playing “The Daily Mail”, an untitled new “jam”, as well as the old Radiohead fan favorite, but never played, “Follow Me Around.” [update: video below] Woah.

Did you go? Let us know how it went in the comments.


01 The Eraser
02 Analyse
03 The Clock
04 Black Swan
05 Skip Divided
06 Atoms for Peace
07 And it Rained All Night
08 Harrowdown Hill
09 Cymbal Rush


10  Lotus Flower
11 Like Spinning Plates
12 Everything in its Right Place


13 Paperbag Writer
14 Judge, Jury and Executioner
15 The Hollow Earth
16 Felling Pulled Apart by Horses


17 The Daily Mail
18 new untitled song described as a “jam”
19 Follow Me Around

The bands plays night #2 tonight in Oakland. We’ll be there. Will you?

UPDATE: Here’s the video of “Follow Me Around” (thanks to lssrider)

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  • E

    Actually about 20 minutes after the second encore, when many people had already left, Thom appeared back onstage and did 3 more songs. Not certain of the first song, the second sounded like a impromptu jam and the last song was Follow Me Around with the entire band.

  • E

    Actually the first song in the impromptu set was The Daily Mail.

  • P

    K_can you believe it ? the set list we saw was right _funny and great . ! !

  • J

    I’ll be there tonight… really hope he plays Like Spinning Plates again.
    I’d usually be worried that the emotion won’t be there at a second show… but it’s Thom Yorke, no worries.

  • kyo_sti?

    uhhhhhhhhhhh, what?! That actually happened? I just don’t know anymore. Video? Must search!!!

  • Paco

    Show was UNBELIEVABLE!! The ‘jam’ in the third encore as well as ‘Follow Me Around’ were completely inspired by Flea. Thom was ready to leave after Daily Mail and Flea started jamming on his base. Thom shook his head, laughed, and joined in. Awesome.

  • kyo_sti?

    well here’s the daily mail they played.
    I really wish i could find footage of what happened after…

  • sdrastwujte

    …a third encore! I’m soooo envious! Must have been even more awesome. In Boston they sent us straight out of the hall…I would have loved such a delicious treat…

  • radiomama

    Died and went to heaven! Then I woke up! UNBELIEVABLE show. Got a reminder of why I love him so much! I’d kill to go again tonight.

  • So, anybody have video of the “jam”? I really want to see that.

  • pntrs

    that is what i call a fantastic surprise . . . wow . . . that s creativity . . . that s keeping fresh after so much time of being an artist . . . that is just so

    wow wow wow wow wow wow
    the world is changing . . . with music . . . [ let s have another hit now . . . and enjoy it again . . . ]

    [ thank you lssrider ! ! ]

  • lssrider

    i have the jam. ill put it up later

  • Thanks lssrider!

  • p n t r s

    the jammmmmmm ???!!!! ahgrrrrrrrrrr ! ! !

    thank you Issrider . . . ! ! ! !

  • HuntingRabbits

    Most people didn’t leave. Most of us screamed till Thom came back out. It was magic from the first moment he stepped onstage to open the show till the last when he walked off with his guitar:)

  • Quite excited to be headed there tonight…especially after last night’s setlist… here’s to hoping Flea is as encouraging tonight as he was yesterday.

  • j h

    What time did people start lining up outside last night? I have general admission tickets and I want to be up close.

  • ms

    went last night… awesome show. loved all the un-traditional instruments. flea playing a toy piano-turned-recorder was amazing. totally bummed i missed the extra encore. i guess we gave up five minutes too soon.

    we got in line at 6:40 and were able to get in the front section of the GA area.

  • ms

    update: going tonight as well, seats in balcony. think they’ll do another jam?

  • goomgirl

    yeah people were walking out the doors and then thom came back out. it was aaaawesooome! it’s going to be hard to top that tonight but i’ll be there just in case they do.

  • B

    Quality show. Thom Yorke has soul, but that is a known fact. Like Spinning Plates was surreal. Such emotion in his playing and singing. The jam and Follow Me Around were other highlights for me. Debating if I go again tonight.

  • HuntingRabbits

    Getting in was simple. Got there at 7:15 with no line. Walked right up to the front(7 people back from the barrier). One note about the Fox. It sounds much better back off the pit on the second and 3rd level. Balance that with being 10 feet from the stage…

  • uploading the jam section now. says it has 76 minutes left. i wont be near my computer to copy paste the link. so i guess visit my account and my videos. youtube username is lssrider.

  • CitizenCain

    This show was absolutely amazing. The crowd was one of the best crowds I have ever seen, So much enthusiasm that the band couldn’t ignore it. The final and TRUE encore was unbelievable. I will never forget last night.

  • ms

    i second huntingrabbit’s tip… we were in the section right in front of the stage and had to move back after flying lotus’s set (and get earplugs) because it was SO loud. normally that stuff doesn’t phase me.

  • lssrider
  • jeromeo15

    Mind blowing show. I feel really privileged to have been there to witness it. The third encore was otherworldly!

  • pantalursi

    life its better with U lssrider
    that was a jam flow delicate flowy what a sound on this last link wow

  • Oh Christ…. I was envious of all the lucky people who went to night one and feared nigh two would pale, but all I have to say is that I would have never imagined Love Will Tear Us Apart as the closer for night two.

    Indescribable ecstasy.

  • Its BeautifulYou

    Thank you very much Issrider. Been looking for that jam online all day

  • rex

    bring on the joy division cover video~~!!!!

  • Seriously, Rex.

    The whole show was incredible, save for a few sound issues during Black Swan that the band professionally and deftly played through, but after a raucous mound of applause from the audience when the house lights went up, Thom et al., came back and I swear i could have jumped off the loge I was so happy to hear the opening riff. It was insane.

  • João Costa

    I was in NYC for the first show of the tour and it was amaazing. But its seems they’re getting better and more exciting every show. You lucky lucky people. I love this song.

  • Oh man–I was down on the floor near center stage for the first night. And I guess we just wanted more. We couldn’t believe that incredible set was over. So we just started yelling. Singing “Ole” and were generally unperturbed by the house music and lights signaling that we had to leave the venue.

    As we turned back to watch the rest of the crowd, we were shocked that everyone in the Mezzanine stayed around. There was this general anticipation and excitement. Something that great could not be over so soon.

    As we left the venue, one of the ushers said this was the first legitimate encore in the Fox Theater history.

    Highlight: Like Spinning Plates
    Thanks Thom!!!!

  • sdrastwujte

    …hail to you lssrider! What would I have given to have been there!

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