Atoms for Peace: Oakland Night #2

by Jonathan on April 16, 2010

Atoms for Peace

Atoms for Peace

Atoms for Peace played their second show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA last night. We were there and can tell you it was a pretty amazing experience. I’ve seen Radiohead countless times and never have I seen Thom Yorke so energetic. He was all over the place, literally. As in previous shows, Atoms for Peace played a lot of from The Eraser, as well as some new tracks.

The final encore brought a cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” which had been heard before during soundchecks on the tour but never played to an audience. As you can imagine, the crowd went nuts and it was a great way to end the show.

Here’s the setlist:

01. The Eraser
02. Analyse
03. The Clock
04. Black Swan
05. Skip Divided
06. Atoms For Peace
07. And It Rained All Night
08. Harrowdown Hill
09. Cymbal Rush


10. Skirting On The Surface (false start)
11. Open The Floodgates
12. Skirting On The Surface
13. Airbag
14. The Daily Mail
15. Paperbag Writer
16. Judge, Jury and Executioner
17. The Hollow Earth
18. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses


19. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

If you went, please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[UPDATE:] Here’s two videos of “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

(second video courtesy of KAYVON)


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  • Harps

    What a historical evening…it was brilliant!

  • Aside from feeling like I had been ear-raped on Encore 3, the highlight of the night for me was actually Skip Divided and Atoms for Peace, with their tempos all mangled and foreign… the crowd responded vociferously to both pieces.

    The jam ending Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses was exceptional, again demonstrating Thom’s unusual energy of the night (seriously the happiest and most relaxed I’ve ever seen him in my concerts to date,) and it’s worth a mention that Flea, Thom and Nigel clearly share a distinct energy between them.

    Flea was incredible tonight and his energy amazes me. His mark in each song was undeniable and I think we owe a lot to his mania in relaxing Thom.

    Airbag, Thom singing solo with acoustic guitar, was beautiful. Simple and beautiful, not a moment or waver of anxiety either.

    Really a great show, in a beautiful venue, on a great night. Personally, Love Will Tear Us Apart… seriously, what did we do to deserve that? Remarkable.

  • An ironic addendum:

    Bernard Sumner’s new project, Bad Lieutenant, was supposed to play in San Francisco tomorrow, but canceled their show due to airport snafu and some volcano going kablooey in Bjorkland. Of course, Sumner was in Joy Division way back when… curious if this Thom and the bands nod to nature’s misfortune or simply chance.

    Either way, again, remarkable.

  • fakeplastic

    there is one “love will tear us apart” (cover) is uploaded on youtube
    courtesy of fakeplasticradiohead, thanks.
    can’t wait till this saturday, i hope they play this at the bowl too.

  • Steven Webb

    Wish I was there! I lived in Oakland briefly in the 90’s…”Love Will Tear Us Apart” is a decent Joy Division song…would prefer to hear “Isolation” or “Heart And Soul”…but congrats anyway…lol!

  • Stefano

    There’s something i don’t really know, so please if someone could answer this dumb question i would be just glad: what does Nigel do live? Sounds and stuff? or is he their sound engineer?

  • Nigel plays keyboards, and looks like he’s playing a bit of guitar on that track too.

  • kyo_sti?

    he also sets up some electronic tracks, and pretty much does anything extra that flea or thom can’t play. I don’t about you, but usually he always seems to be busy in the tracks ive seen.

  • p n t r s

    oh shit – yes ! he is doing a lot ! ! ! ! as K said it seems to be involve in electronics, guitars, etc and also as a sound engineer might be doing that as well while playing ? it seems to be the modern band i was waiting for so long . . . a real different option . . . so good . . . also i think NIGEL is a very very very smart person, i am sure about it for different reasons, and atoms for peace need someone like him probably to balance or connect so much creativity and professionalism of its band ‘s member . . . i mean – someone has to be in control of this 2 dance asses ! ! ! hahah – its so nice to see them enjoying this way . . . so nice . . . and personally i offer my best energy for this to keep going hand by hand with radiohead . . . THIS is very important , not only the great music and mood but i truly think its setting an incredible example about what can be done in music . . . how music can make a turn and be fresh and a brand new concept when it comes to a band .

    my only wish would be one day hear how everything was put together . . . the first contacts about it . . . i would even love to hear from Flea what was his first impression when invited etc . . . that is history and i am here [ not at the show sadly ] supporting this /

    i have
    say :

    thank you Thom ! HE IS MAKING A CHANGE …. it really wouldn t happen without him .peace and music.


  • B

    Whoa. That show was amazing. The band was in a zone and were vibing hard. Include the crowd in that as well. Skirting On The Surface was fantastic. The venue was mesmerized. When they broke into Joy Division I nearly lost it. One of the better shows I’ve seen.

  • We we’re there and it was amazing! Highlight: Thom’s solo acoustic performance of “Airbag” and of course the cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

  • goomgirl

    thom was a complete mess but that made it all the better.

  • can’t describe how amazing this night was. i feel so lucky to have been there.

  • manarisms

    I went to the show that 2nd night in Oakland, and it was out of this world. Mind-blowing in ever sense of the word. There was so much energy between Thom, the rest of the band and the audience–it was such an amazing experience being a part of it. Honestly, I’m still adjusting to the real world after that crazy night. WOW!

  • norcaljess

    The show was brilliant. I’m grateful I was able to get tickets.

  • manarisms

    a better audio version of Love Will Tear Us Apart? I think at least from among the existing ones. Enjoy!

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