Atoms for Peace: Santa Barbara

by Jonathan on April 17, 2010

Atoms for Peace

Atoms for Peace at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Thom Yorke and Co. took the stage earlier tonight at the Santa Barbara Bowl to play their second to last show on the Atoms for Peace tour. Since Flying Lotus is playing Coachella today, opening act duties were given to Autolux.

We see “Give up the Ghost” and “Videotape” being performed by Thom (solo) for the first time all tour. We hope to have videos soon [update: video of “Videotape” below].

Here’s the setlist:

01 The Eraser
02 Analyse
03 The Clock
04 Black Swan
05 Skip Divided
06 Atoms for Peace
07 And it Rained All Night
08 Harrodown Hill
09 Cymbal Rush


10 Give Up the Ghost
11 Videotape
12 Everything in its Right Place
13 Paperbag Writer
14 Judge, Jury, and Executioner
15 The Hollow Earth
16  Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

As always, if you attended please let us know how it was in the comments.

Atoms for Peace wrap up their tour tomorrow night at Coachella.

(Thanks to @paranoidrobot for the setlist and video. Photo courtesy of FTRHayabusa)

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  • rex

    okay so whats next! we need more atoms for peace, don’t let this be the beginning of the end please!

  • Its BeautifulYou

    That was amazing! I got sweaty from dancing my ass off. and Oh He played give up the Ghost-IT WAS AMAZING and I got an erection when he started with videotape. It was so quite during videotape you could hear a pin drop. And he got a red bra thrown at him and made a joke about how hard bras are to take off. A little upset he went back to the 16 song set after played 19-20 songs during recent shows. But Id exchange Skirting on the Surface and Open the Flood gates just for videotape. Was a little upset when he started give up ghost when I thought airbag was coming. It was amazing dont get me wrong but Id much radther have airbag. Overall, I’ve seen Radiohead 4 times and have never seen thom dance so much, have so much energy, and have so much fun. unbiastly one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. I also bought a tshirt, a poster, the eraser vinyl and the japan import of the eraser remixes. Cheers, Sean.

  • Its BeautifulYou

    p.s. Highlight of the night for me was definatly videotape, a close second was tie of cymble rush and feeling pulled apart, also the clock was amazing (and Im not too fond of the album version), then the eraser, horrowdown hill, give up ghost, it rained all night (or as he called it, it rained all night long) too be honest, I dont really like a solo everything in its right place, dont get me wrong i still love it solo, but the album version changed my perspective on music and the live version is like a natural drug- it changes my state of consciousness haha. Ok Im starting to rant so Ill end up. Im still very energetic from the show. The only negatives was I wish they did Love Will Tear us Apart and the full band The Daily Mail (at the time I was genually upset they all just came back onstage instead of coming on during the daily mail) but sour grapes, the other negative a couple decided it was ok to try and come between me and my girlfriend in our row which was fucking full and it wasnt their seats, and when I told them what was up they just moved behind us seating in our seats which Itold him wasnt cool (he said hed leave in a minute), offically sqooshing us and leaving us almost no room to dance(got my revenge by dancing even crazier in front of the guy and his face got be like two inches away from my cigarettes. they left after five songs though) it was still a life changing show. Im offically ranting. G’night

  • fakeplastic

    it was an amazing night for me. the biggest upset for me was that there was no second encore, i really hate how sb bowl has the 10 o’clock curfew. Eraser and Harrowdown Hill were really captivating for me. Videotape was awesome too, as well was Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses. And it rained all night.
    Anyways after the show people were waiting for something but security said only people with the after show wrist band can stay.
    Does anybody know about this? Was there some secret party to meet the band?
    Also this wasn’t the greatest crowd in my opinion, some the of people in the crowd were really dull. which annoyed me a lot.
    But overall, one of the greatest days of my life.
    Thanks Thom.

  • Hey. I recorded Videotape and uploaded it to YouTube. Enjoy!

  • Tyler K.

    Pretty much everything has already been said about the band, they were awesome, they really got a great groove going throughout. Also, I liked Autolux, they were quite unique and had a cool feel to them, sorta reminded me of Yo La Tengo.

    And about the encore, I too felt it was an abrupt ending, but the encore itself really was incredible, each song in it was interesting and fun in its own way.

  • Even from the second-to-last row, this was an incredible show, made all the better by the fact that one of my favorite bands, Autolux, opened up. I love the way Atoms for Peace render the songs from The Eraser – lots of percussion, lots of groove.

  • terra464

    Loved the opening band, Autolux – nice vibe. Atoms for Peace was great and Thom’s band really enhanced the songs from The Eraser. There were some percussion sounds that were out of this world. Just really unique and a total groove. A great show, Thom hits some notes that sound so pure. The ending was rather abrupt and of course was hoping to hear love will tear us that was covered in oakland. That would have been whipped cream.

  • Adam

    I was so glad he played everything in it’s right place. Perhaps the highlight for me. I’ve never seen a RH concert but two Thom Yorke concerts now so it was nice to hear a couple solo RH songs for now. He can really showcase his beautiful and mesmerizing vocals live cus they were seriously perfect and beautiful and I think Atoms For Peace, the end of Cymbal Rush, Videotape, and perhaps Everything really show this. The loop for Give Up the Ghost caught some feedback in it (not too distracting but noticeable every ten seconds or so) and my friend and I couldn’t stop laughing at that. I was even surprised Thom didn’t mention it, cus there’s no way he didn’t notice it. The show was fantastic though, a 10/10 as I knew it would be and I know the only other show that could ever match or surpass it would be Radiohead themselves.

  • FTRHayabusa

    Woah. It’s an honor to have my SB Bowl marquee picture posted here.

    Yes, AWESOME show. We thought Oakland’s special audio treat was ‘Airbag’ and the Joy Division cover. My girlfriend and I were wondering what special treat would Thom bless the Southern California crowd with? The Eraser set was fantastic. The chemistry between Thom and Flea has to be seen to be appreciated. I’m sure this sounds blasphemous but I’ll miss seeing Flea on stage the next time I see a Radiohead show. The way Flea hits the pockets with his bass is simply fluid and I won’t even comment on the energy he brings to the stage. Seeing Thom and Flea dancing and grooving to the beat is beyond insane.

    So Thom comes out solo for the encore and treats us with a new song (Give Up the Ghost) with the loop pedal. Thom then heads to the pinao and we lost ourselves when we heard the opening chords to ‘Videotape’. But to hear “Everything in its Right Place” was such a wonderful musical moment for both of us since my girlfriend and I both feel that has to be one of the greatest opening moments for any album ever. I didn’t get tix to Coachella so I felt lucky to witness Atoms for Peace this time around. It was a perfect night and one of the best concerts Thom has ever performed.

  • mrdibbs

    The show was amazing just like everyone said. I have never been as close to the stage as I was at this show, and I have posted a nice video of give up the ghost:


  • Ganid

    Show was walking into the burning bush..I walked by Kirsten Dunst after the show
    and she was beaming…

  • matteo

    Why do people go to concerts and carry on meaning-lessss conversations while Thom is singing?

  • dust

    That was a great show…I was at the top of the theatre and it was still amazing and close…not a bad seat in the house. I hope he plans to release a live album. I’ll buy it for sure!

  • lurkin

    WOW…thanks so much to whoever taped this, just really wanted to re-live that nite a little, googled and came up with this site.

    Feel so lucky to see this show…at this venue (just heaven on earth imho) I just want to be able to have this boot and enjoy that evening again and again and again. Truly beautiful.

    Can’t believe those guys were that tight, that together on some really complex beats, after so few shows together! And they all seemed to be having such a blast together…fun, beautiful, jewel of a show.

    I, too, couldn’t afford Coachella this year. So happy when this show announced…kind of a gift from the concert gods

  • lurkin

    Mr. Dibbs,

    Just watched your video…excellent! takes me right back to that nite, thank you so much!

    Love the looping…part of that “truly beautiful” thing I was talking about.

  • atomforpeace

    Yes, saw them in Chicago and sick of bandwagon fans who come to shows to chit-chat with their buds during the songs. Stay home. Die.

  • Here is a link to photos from the Atoms for Peace concert in Santa Barbara:

    Also, here is a review of the show:

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