Blast From the Past: Radiohead at Reading 1994

by Jonathan on April 17, 2010


Okay, so the video quality isn’t that great but the audio is top notch. This is from Radiohead’s 12 song set at the Reading Festival in 1994. Things were different then… Thom had blond hair, Ed was in his pirate shirt phase, Phil had hair, Jonny is wearing mom jeans, and Colin looks to be wearing a quilt. With that said, this is still a great video to watch. Thom starts out singing a cover of Tim Buckley’s “Sing a Song For You” which reminds us just how great his voice can be.

Here you go:

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  • Thomosexual

    god i loved the 90’s.

  • lauren

    90’s LOL!

    …also, that guy has tons of full Radiohead shows on his page:

  • Gee

    Alas, how amazing things were the year I was born
    How I would have liked to experience it’s awesomeness
    And not have wasted it in a cradle…

  • Ann

    Thank you for bringing this huge chunk of joy into this day! How I regret to not have seen them before 97… it’s amazing how brilliant they are over such a long period now… can’t wait for the new album and new shows…

  • abcde

    whats the third song that they play?

  • kyo_sti?

    ripchord… if i went to the right one…

  • Trickster_qc

    Hurray for austin!

    and since it’s a video from 1994 uploaded on youtube, I’d say the video quality is great!

    : )

  • kyo_sti?

    wow, just noticed, when they say who radiohead were, they left out jonny. I don’t know how they could’ve forgotten about him after how he ended the show hahahahha

  • Always a pleasure to be featured on GreenPlastic :). A large portion of the video is DVD quality, so there is good quality video in parts :).

  • Ben Sherlock

    The way Jonny ended that show has always been a radiohead highlight for me. Awesome.

  • PTRS

    I don’t understand why it’s so weird for these pop artist like Radiohead. How many people on here can write a song like Thom York? Does that mean you shouldn’t be a fan? Maybe they just know what they do well and aren’t trying to be someone else. Beyonce kicks ass at what she does. If Thom doesn’t want to do it, then that’s his right. But, I doubt it would be because of the genre barriers. From what I can tell, they are pretty open minded listeners (at least now that they are older and wiser).

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