Slash ‘scared’ to phone Thom Yorke

by Jonathan on April 23, 2010

Thom Yorke

SlashRocker Slash has said that he was too intimidated to ask Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to appear on his new solo album.

Speaking to The Sun, the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist revealed that he planned to ask Yorke to provide vocals for a track but was too nervous to call the singer.

“I wanted Thom Yorke to do ‘Saint is a Sinner Too’, but I didn’t have the balls to call him,” Slash said.

The song was recorded instead with singer Rocco DeLuca, who fronts rock band Rocco DeLuca and the Burden.

Dave Grohl, Motorhead’s Lemmy, Iggy Pop, Kid Rock, Fergie and Ozzy Osbourne all appear on the musician’s upcoming self-titled record.

(from Digital Spy)

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  • Jarod

    I’m pretty sure Thom wouldn’t be to thrilled at the idea of appearing on an album with Kid Rock and Fergie

  • Andrew

    @jarod lol
    I think he should still try in a very respectful tone. Unless he gets rejected and goes off badmouthing Thom, he might as well try.

  • Wow! I love Slash. How much respect does that show? The guy responsible for “Appetite for Destruction” was too “scared” to call Thom? What a humble rock star. He gets it.

  • Adam Primary

    I would’ve been scared to call Thom too. I have decided that all I’m gonna say if I ever meet Thom is something like “I love you and I honestly believe Radiohead is The Beatles of this generation and that you are the John Lennon of this generation.” What’s he gonna do? Insult me for giving him the greatest compliment a person can receive? Well if anyone would shun me for it, it would be Thom. Slash probably would have been rejected, if only because of Jarod’s point about the other stars on the album, not to mention Thom very well may not be a fan of Guns N Roses. It’s not this is Paul McCartney here who was afraid to call Thom.

  • StinkyBeetle

    LOL. That’s so funny. I don’t necessarily listen to his music anymore, but Slash is awesome. Something tells me if you’re gonna call Thom, it better be for a good flippin reason.

  • kyo_sti?

    I find it so odd that you get these kind of artists that actually dig what thom yorke and the boys do. I mean, beyonce, hannah montana, Slash?! I just don’t know how they would continue making the music they do once they dive into such a different kind of music. Not to offend anyone…I couldn’t really picture thom talking to a lot of the “celeb/rockstars”.

  • delbop

    i dunno @jarod. thom did do a song for twilight

  • mrad sofiene

    if slash is intimidated to call Thom means he’s aware that his music (same for the others) is lacking in artistic sens, just to take profit of those who are shallow.
    All the best earthlings.

  • Max

    delbop , Thom didn’t DO a song for Twilight, he had Hearing Damage ready, the soundtrack people talked to his manager, who said he had a song that could fit in what they wanhted. He didn’t WRITE it for the movie.

  • Stefano

    I can’t seem to match Thom and Slash in a same room… come on… good for slash that didn’t had the nerve to make that call, ’cause he would be let down! If Thom said NO to Paul McCartney then Slash had not chance at all… i’m sorry to be so agressive, but it’s the truth… oh, and not mentioning i don’t like Guns N Roses or Slash or anything that has something to do 😛

  • Jamie

    Couldn’t agree more with kyo_sti?’s post. Seriously, does Hannah Montana even come close to understanding or relating to one Radiohead song? Besides ‘Myxomatosis’…

  • Jamie

    And someone like Slash is probably wanting an appearance by Thom Yorke for one reason; to have Thom Yorke’s name on his album so it sells more records… what a piece of shit. Guns n Roses suck balls anyway (yes I said it).

  • Jamie

    One last thing… [sorry for the 3 separate posts… I’m just ranting]
    I’d take Thom’s guitar playing over Slash’s any day… Slash’s style can’t beat the simple beauty in Thom’s original groovy rhythms. Thom Yorke makes music for himself… that’s what separates him from the rest…

  • Robert

    I mean, Radiohead does have their Rock moments so maybe he’d do a song with Slash. Artist are definitely aware of other bands and such. Guns and Roses was such a beautiful band for anyone who enjoys rock. I’d imagine someone as creative as Thom Yorke would be open to an idea of collaborating with other artist. But then again, who knows? He does like to write music!

    That being said, everyone check out this group if you want something new and fun!

  • Its beautifulyou

    the day thom yorke does a duet with slash (i absolutley cant stand gunsand roses or that velvet revolver junk) is the day down becomes the new up.

  • Stefano

    How proud i feel of not ever liking Guns n roses or any of these “guitarists” bands as a child…! and look at this guy, more than 20 years passed and he still dresses up in the same way… how sad is that?

    there’s a great space between rockstars and people who enjoy playing rock.

  • LP

    how narrow minded some of you are. Slash has always collaborated with other artists that wanted HIS name on their record regardless of the genre. Michael Jackson a big example.

    And why the fuck shouldn’t slash like radiohead?!!!?!
    You are allowed to like different areas of music that you’re not necessarily associated with?
    I’d be more disappointed if Slash didn’t like radiohead.

    I think Thom and Slash would be the most interesting collaboration on the Slash record. I mean this is usually when you get the most interesting results when you put 2 different artists together.

    I doubt Thom would have done it, but it could have been fun.

  • emmanuel

    wow it’s beautiful you pretty much summed it all up.
    Thom is a musical genious,like literally,he can make the most simplistic song into the most beautiful song ever,i.e. videotape,give up the ghost,i mean the list can go on and on.
    has anyone heard the flying lotus track with thom yorke? and the world laughs with you….check it out,it’s amazingly beautiful.
    i feel as if thom collaborates with artists he has compassion for,either it be their music or the person they are,thom chooses wisely.

  • Stefano

    LP: Who said Slash doesn’t like Radiohead??? If he tried to call their vocalist is pretty evident he likes radiohead, or at least Thom… Michael Jackson + Slash isn’t a good example, it’s still a comercial conection, a smart excuse for the music industry to make MORE money, come on…. who’s the narrow minded here? You make no sense… oh but wait a minute! Paul McCartney and Jackson worked together for absolute pleasure! yeah right. I can name you hundreds of collaborations in music history that were meant just for the money…

  • Alex

    I don’t understand why it’s so weird for these pop artist like Radiohead. How many people on here can write a song like Thom York? Does that mean you shouldn’t be a fan? Maybe they just know what they do well and aren’t trying to be someone else. Beyonce kicks ass at what she does. If Thom doesn’t want to do it, then that’s his right. But, I doubt it would be because of the genre barriers. From what I can tell, they are pretty open minded listeners (at least now that they are older and wiser).

  • Robert

    Well, just thinking about, Thom just did colab with Flea. Look what Red Hot Chilli Peppers did

  • jakemness

    …breathe it out people…

  • Tara

    Slash shouldn’t be scared of Thom. His bark is bigger than his bite. He’s just a friendly little gnome I’m sure.

  • p

    @jakemness April 26, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    …breathe it out people…

    . . . hehe . . . they need a lot of breathing ! ! i wish they hear you . . .

  • how about an email?

    or a text?

  • p


    i can t – i am to busy taking care of my 325 friends on facebook __i mean . . . you .

  • grel

    exactly, thom made some music for twilight, so why wouldn’t he make some music with slash? on my point of view thom lost a little bit of my respects when he decided to do music for twilight, and i almost had a heart attack when i was watching twilight with my little sister and at the end “15 step” blasted in, tsk tsk* that shouldn’t had happened, like for real.

  • kyo

    okay, he didn’t make “hearing damage” for twilight. That was something he already had done. I’m sure they don’t have full control over what music is used in what films. I think i heard he actually like some of the novels, which im sure are far better than these god awful films. But i see your point, some treasured music can be ruined when they are used for another medium.

  • Emily

    I LOVE Slash..hes so personable and honest and real. His autobiography is full of alot of very human things that we all do…but Slash is one of the only celebrities who admits to them.

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