Regina Spektor covers “No Surprises”

by Jonathan on April 29, 2010

Regina Spektor No Surprises

Regina Spektor has released a cover of Radiohead’s “No Surprises” which you can purchase on iTunes. All proceeds will go to the Doctors Without Borders Emergency Relief Fund to help victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

Here’s a streamable version for you to listen to:

To purchase the track, head on over to iTunes.

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  • pantrus

    chris__even if you try your best , lot of people [ a lot of close minded people here ] wont understand – that s everything i would love to add to your thoughts _ dont waste your time – you cannot make them change or stop them from doing some yellow journalism – is the TV era is the bullshit lying cheating fake era we live at __just pick up the good things and forget about this prehistoric comments or opinions __

    laterz [ ps : i am still listening to the cover almost once everyday since i ve downloaded it , there s no point on saying something wrong about it of course and is OBVIOUS she extremely love singing NO SURPRISES , what else do we need ? enjoy ! ! ! ]

  • musation

    You simply don’t get it…

    It’s not about it not being Radiohead but about destroying the aspects that make a song feel great. Whatever it’s orchestration is.
    Assuming that every fan experience the same song in the same way is retarded.
    Two or more fans can like a song for different reasons.
    When a cover doesn’t have that essential bit that is necessary for ones experience and it hasn’t been replaced. Then that person has every right to say he doesn’t like it as a cover and as a new song.
    The idea that there are no artists around that cover songs to ridicule the original artist IS extremely naive

    Why do you think some bands who are mainstream draw a line in their involvement within the mainstream pop culture.
    Because they want to protect themself from non-music related yellow journalism and try to keep some control. Not ’cause of some kind of elitism.
    This is music related.

    I rather feel this MUSIC ERA (not TV era) is quite euphemistic.

  • Chris

    Who cares if someone covers a Radiohead song? How does it affect your life? It doesn’t at all. Just ignore the cover and listen to the original. People who get their panties in a bunch over a cover song are just plain ridiculous. The world isn’t coming to an end if someone decides to cover a Radiohead song. I bet you are the kind of guy who thinks that no cover could ever be better than the original. That is absolute horseshit. There are many covers of songs that are better than the original. Not Radiohead covers, but Hendrix’s cover of “All Along The Watchtower” is in my opinion 100 times better than Dylan’s original. There are many cover songs out there that are actually good and whoever thinks that there isn’t is extremely narrow minded.

  • musation

    I guessed you would comment something like that. It’s self-evident that a cover can be better, so why mention this.

    I suggest you read my comment again. You might find out I’m saying why people do care and why it could be normal to have all these different reactions.

    The most narrow mind argument is saying the others are narrow minded.
    ‘Cause many times it shows the inability to take a different point of view.

  • pantrus

    musation , jason , jarod and etcs [ perhaps you re all the same person ] i will take this opportunity to try to make you understand, that no one said you cannot like a song – we re just saying that the ” way ” you express like a bitch that you dont like a song, is kind of out of mood for the arts – i bet that if you just wrote ” i dont like it ” no one would have ever said anything about it – so and again , just relax – get some hot tea – smoke some – sit back and relax – you re just hating yourself being so like you are – try to respect yourself and your life and be more open minded, not just a reaction machine ready to fight back [ to fight back what you actually see wrong when it is not ] –

    best regards

  • musation

    I really hate it when you see the same patterns from a political debate appearing in a debate about something that shouldn’t be controversial at all.

    Open minded to what?

    * To agree not to agree ’cause we’re supposibly divided in a close minded side and an open minded side
    * The illusion that anyone here is really telling you not to like or dislike this or any cover
    * To not learn to cope with a whole range of poorly expressed emotional reactions

    It’s been clear to me from the beginning that some here are really having difficulties with one’s style of expression. And are mainly reacting against that and are now trying to keep any discussion about this particular cover or the possible importance of who is covering it in the margin.

    I started reacting against this idea….

    Chris: (comment 48)
    ” I don’t understand why people have a problem with other artists covering songs from other artists. Isn’t it a good thing when someone covers Radiohead? I think it means they are very much appreciated in the music industry when artists like Regina Spektor, who has no musical similarity to Radiohead, are covering their songs. Even a jackass like Kanye West and an the annoying Miley Cyrus are fans of Radiohead. How can someone not appreciate Radiohead. Let people cover their songs and stop whining about it. At least this one benefits a good cause. ”

    ….. it’s too naive

  • pantrus
  • JohnyJoe

    Oh my God guys…

    It’s 4 minutes of someone playing someone else’s song for charity. Stop frothing at the mouth. There’s been enough of that already.

  • kyosti

    as i said earlier…this message board could easily be mistaken as a youtube comments page…do i get the last word? Do i win?

  • Longpig

    Pretty much guessed what this would sound like before listening to it. Although the out of tune (and place) high-pitched noises came as an unpleasant surprise.

    There’s a lot of female singers doing this kind of nonsense these days, so it’s nothing totally earth shattering. The last few years there have been many covers of songs stripped down in this way, usually more complex or heavier or faster songs though.

    But fair play to her, she likes radiohead and did a cover for charity.

  • pntrs

    I need a new life… πŸ™

  • pantrus

    why would you even think so . . . that really shows that you dont know me . . . which is good because for sometime, i even thought your non sense trying to bother me was a joke from a friend of mine . . .

    so is good you just wrote that

    thank you for clearing my mind – never bother me too much and now i am even more confortable with it –

    i love U


  • pntrs
  • A.R. Gould

    I actually didn’t mind it, and I’m pretty precious about Radiohead, and it’s a good cause too.

  • Cup o’ Poo

    I haven’t heard this yet, what does it sound like?

  • Ronand Mazurek

    This cover was absolutely beautiful, she did a great job with putting her own spin on the tune through out. Makes you feel hollow no matter how full of shit you are.

  • Pinelopation

    I don’t know Regina Spektor, haven’t really heard of her and her work, but I like a lot this cover. It could be much much worse and she’s got-at least- some kind of voice unlike others, Miley Cyrus for example (just because she was mentioned).
    I prefer the original, though.
    I don’t understand, guys, why you’re fighting. Everyone has an opinion of their own, it would be very boring if we all agreed. I understand your arguments but, for God’s sake, don’t be so fanatic. πŸ™‚

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  • JohnyJoe


    No one else comment ever.

  • Quinn

    Regina Spektor is awesome and this is a beautiful cover!!

  • JohnyJoe


  • Greyteeth

    The intro sounds lots like last flowers i wonder if this link is deliberate

  • IdeaBeing

    “i have not made my music public in any form (youtube or otherwise)”

    Jarod, this explains it all. There is nothing more sad than artistry unshared. When you grow a pair and put your work out there to be criticized and flamed, then you will have earned the integrity to question Regina Spektor’s right to cover this.

    For now, you are just one more frustrated musician who would rather take potshots at those more successful than yourself than put in the work on your own material.

    Grow up

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