Flashback: When Radiohead was a hair band

by Jonathan on May 13, 2010


Watch the video. ‘Nuff said.

(via our message board, Mortigi Tempo)

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  • Tara

    Thom obviously borrowed Tina Turner’s wig.

  • steller

    I love that Radiohead started this way, it’s classic. Lets all talk about how we hate the No Surprises cover again!!! not

  • VV

    hahaha i saw this yesterday on mortigi tempo… HILARIOUS

  • elbunk

    phil is the only one who was keeping it real from the beginning. or was made to by nature.

  • Shimoda

    You can hear Jonny massively out of tune on the first chorus and working on it immediately afterwards, except he leaves the guitar volume too low for the second chorus. You can tell he’s never been very enthusiastic about the song.
    A classic indeed.

  • agilfox

    Awwww.. I always kinda liked Blonde Thom!!! Obviously lots of hair product to make it bushy like that though. Fun times. πŸ™‚

  • P N T R S

    My Thomy looks so sexy with that hair, I wish I could kiss his tongue all night long

  • pantrus

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  • SebiMeyer

    Well isn’t this fucking special.

  • pantrus [ the real one ]

    i am never coming back to this blog [ which i followed for years ] __we have this person faking to be me for the last year i guess – writing stupid things trying to make me look like an idiot – JONATHAN from green plastic doens t even care about it – if he would, this guy [ which i am sure they can find out the e-mail address he is writing from and even banned him for using fake identity or identity thief ] – this is so wrong – so JONATHAN you can stay with these people who doens t even care about radiohead – i am out – i wish JONATHAN you would care a bit more for the people who follow your work on green plastic –

  • Geoff

    shut up, ya rusty cunt

  • billybob

    haha, i love how Radiohead never ever talks about this period of timee

  • b.rAin

    when the fuck did david bowie become front man?

  • Lilian

    I have this video on my old videotape he he … so i wasn’t surprised. Really funny)

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