Amanda Palmer to release Radiohead Covers EP

by Jonathan on May 26, 2010

Amanda PalmerEx-Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer probably thought to herself, “Hey, Regina Spektor is covering Radiohead, I should too!” Okay, probably not. Anyway, there’s no denying that people love to cover Radiohead songs and Palmer is no different. In an email to her fans, she wrote:

“i’m going to unveil my NEW ALBUM PROJECT, which *might* be an EP, and it *might* be an EP of radiohead songs, and i *might* be playing those radiohead songs on a magical instrument like, oh, a little ukulele.”

Rumor has it that the EP should be slated for a Summer release. In the meantime, check out videos of her covering “Exit Music (For a Film),” “Creep,” and “Fake Plastic Trees” after the jump.

(via TwentyFourBit)

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  • kid A


  • boogers

    hopefully her new EP project *won’t* be an EP of my favorite bands songs

  • Pinelopation

    Didn’ t reaally like it. Especially creep… Oh my God, what do I have to do to get that aweful thing I just heard from my head? 😛

  • kyosti

    have a feeling that the ep will probably be these songs, or all before or from ok computer. How exciting…
    The ukelele to me isn’t really an instrument you want to use for most of the songs you play. I don’t know hah, it’s kind of a gimmick. My favourite song on ukelele would have to be Portishead’s “deep water” though. Sometimes it just works.
    ah i hate bringing negativity to these things. It’s just there’s so many recorded covers of songs from ok computer and before. Any interesting ones seems to be from kid and after.

  • goomgirl

    ok the FPT. I really didn’t wanna click on it. because i know what covers of this song do to me usually. and i did it anyway. it says “you will cry.” and i did. and NOT in a good way.


    where’s my copy of the bends?

  • ptrs

    I think_ covering songs is not a good idea nowadays because of marketng issues and I know that people are losing interest in non original music_ but what the heck, bring it on!_ I need those covers asap.

  • my 2 cents

    exit music — strings totally saved her performance…. by herself it was iffy

    creep– didnt listen, hate the song

    FPT— eh, whatever, wasnt bad but im pretty sure after 20 mins of holding a ukalaili (spelling way off, i know) i couldve played that

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  • steller

    what the hell is with musicians these days? do something new.. and good

  • Ricky Dennill

    I saw her perform a night of covers in Toronto in 2006 and she played Exit Music then. It was good, I like this version but its nothing special.

    I like her alot, but why do so many artists cover the same songs? So much potential with songs like Optmistic, Dollars and Cents, Kid A, Planet Telex, , Punchup at a Wedding, Electioneering, Down is the New Up, The Trickster, Cuttooth, and I could go on with this list.

  • Mischa T

    Look at some of Amanda Palmers originals, and you’ll see she is far from a covers artist.

    These are usually just one song thrown in to a massive set, and yes, the Uke is a bit of a gimmick, but if you were there to see the crowd light up at hearing one of their favourite artists, doing one of their favourite songs ever…. well it’s clear to see the love right there.

    Very rarely will anyone cover someone else’s song,a nd live up to the same expectations of the original artists fan’s. Just see it for what it is.

    One great artist, doing a tribute to another.

  • Robin

    Do you people know anything about amanda, or are you so bogged down in your pretentious music snootism that you can’t find something ELSE an artist has done and have to form your entire opinion on three clips of covers of a band you already love and without knowledge of amanda’s style or an open mind you cannot possibly enjoy. Why not try looking up something else she’s done? She’s a wonderful, ORIGINAL *cough steller and ptrs* artist with so much more than just covers on a ukulele to offer. Look up some of her other music, like “Guitar Hero” or “Straight”, or some of the Dolls older stuff. If that’s not your cup of tea, then at least you have some backing on your argument. You can’t judge an artist simply by their interpretation of songs you already have (obviously) a deep emotional attachment to.

  • Jackie

    I like Amanda Palmer and the Dresden Dolls. I like Radiohead. I don’t like covers almost ever.

    I think, as Amanda Palmer is one of the few current musicians whose music I like, that I am disappointed because she’s not out there making new stuff of her own. I love Radiohead, if I had a successful band I would probably cover them… live or on B-sides. It’s not Amanda’s fault. Somewhere along the way someone decided an entire album of covers was an awesome idea. Its a gimmick.

    I’ll listen to it and give it a go, I have no expectations good or bad (I’m not watching the videos, I’ll just wait.) I think she could really pump a lot of emotion and different energy into a lot of the work… but I like about 1 cover in a hundred, and no cover of Radiohead I’ve ever heard has been better than the original.

  • Reuben

    I love Amanda Palmer, and Radiohead are one of my favorite bands. I don’t quite understand the call for original music, because she just put a new album under the moniker Evelyn Evelyn. There is your new music. I enjoy it very much when artists cover other artists, and I especially love it when artists make it a little project of covering music that means something to them. Radiohead obviously means something to her, so I’m all for it.

  • Tiger

    As ugly as her friggin eyebrows… hope the bitch plays in TX so she could get the chair for killing those songs…

  • shlomer

    i hate radiohead covers.



    Why so little news on Phil’s solo album, eh?
    It’s called Familial and will be out on August 30th on Bella Union.

    Just a heads up …

  • my 2 cents

    I’d love to hear lady gaga covering radiohead

  • my 2 cents (the original)

    haha, i could hear lady gaga now…


  • my 2 cents (the original)

    even if she is a guy, I would totally do her/him

  • SLizo

    I could do without these covers. Can she even play the ukulele? :/

  • whoever is imitating my 2 cents is a toolbag whos butthole is wider than the mississippi river


  • my 2 centz (but not really)

    it’s stupid anyway, i wouldn’t be proud of ownership of that really….

  • whoever is imitating my 2 cents is harming my boyfriend and I shall protect him because we are gay

    : P (——I===================================8

  • ???????????? ????????? ?? ?????.?????? ?????????.????.

  • Longpig

    I hate her face on the first picture (the one on the news item), I hope we get some more news fast so I don’t have to see her freaky face every time I come on here *shudder*

  • sheepsleep

    The exit music cover was actually pretty decent. I am not sold on the other two. I like some Dresden Dolls songs, but I won’t profess myself to be a fan.

  • limech

    I just saw Amanda Palmer last night do her Evelyn Evelyn gig in DC. Later in the evening she did a solo set and covered High and Dry on the piano. It was a good cover. The above videos are definitely not a good representation of Amanda Palmer. Check out her original stuff and her Dresden Dolls music. If you ever get a chance to see her live, I highly recommend it. She is amazing! Her ukulele radiohead cover album is just something she recorded in a week. She said she was looking for something quick and fun to do while she’s between record labels.

    As far as the radiohead covers in general go…yeah, yeah, yeah, some are well done, some are bad, some are overdone. But, at the end of the day I think it’s all about respect. There are tons of cover albums and remixes out there from different artists of different genres. I think that’s awesome. It says a hell of a lot about radiohead and where they stand as an accomplished and respected music group.

  • limech

    Here’s the link to Amanda Palmer’s blog…has a sample from her cover album…idioteque.

  • supd

    25 Longpig June 16, 2010 at 4:29 am
    I hate her face on the first picture (the one on the news item), I hope we get some more news fast so I don’t have to see her freaky face every time I come on here *shudder*

    Couldn’t agree more. This is disgusting and needs to be changed!

  • dugc

    Hey, there’s some news about LP8 around other websites…. this needs an UPDATE

  • Daniel

    Must shower … get clean … get clean … get it all off me …

  • Longpig

    Come on there’s been confirmation that LP8 is nearly done and could be out in 2010….

    I visited here in ignorant bliss that this HORRENDOUS face wouldn’t be the top news item anymore, but yet it still is here…. Even At Ease which gets updated once twice a year has this news story…..

  • v

    i found out about the LP from spin, surprised it’s not on here

  • pntrs

    I love watching her face everytime I enter greenplastic, it makes me wanna do the word with m…… all day long

  • MeteoR

    hey let’s forget about her, seems like crap anyhow,
    what about the new album any updates ?!

  • dugc

    this has also happened

  • Jackie


  • Pegg

    clearly people are taking a break…..
    news of a new album and Radiohead playing at Glastonbury aren’t on here still.
    Come on Greenplasic! I want something new to read!!

  • shlomer

    How about talking about the new Oasis group? it’s called Beady Eyes and it’s awesome, Rooster Dawn is the name of the new single to be released in september.

  • Elehcim

    WHAT IS THIS???? Horrible

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  • Boris

    ?????? ?????? ? ????????? – ?????? ??????? ????.

  • Somecoolguy

    Get his hipster garbage away from Radiohead.

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