Jaydiohead’s “Ignorant Swan” Video

by Jonathan on May 26, 2010

Say what you will about mashing Jay-Z and Radiohead/Thom Yorke together, you’ll have to admit that this new video for Jaydiohead’s “Ignorant Swan” is pretty slick.

Jaydiohead Ignorant Swan Medley from SUBVOYANT on Vimeo.

Produced and Directed by Jason Cacioppo

Music by Max Tannone

(thanks to Gary)

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  • Tak

    Terrible!!! No wonder Thom Yorke doesn’t like black people!!

  • Vulpje

    Amazing!!! No wonder Thom Yorke likes black people!!

  • wondermilk

    Weird!!! Neither one of those comments are funny…

  • PsychedelicRonin

    I hate this dense publicity-seeking dance mentality. And all the music is just a little more bombastic and that’s all, but this (jay-z) rap is like always restricted and hysterical, always talking about the same fuck, in always the same way. And these stupid ever so cool speaking female voices and the this silly gospel voices in the background.
    For the Vomit! …Get some art sensibility!

  • Pele

    Who makes this shit?

  • Downpourgirl

    I like it, very creative and visually interesting.

  • drawingshadows

    PsychedelicRonin is right. It’d be cool if Thom did a collab with some rapper, but one a lot better than Jay-Z.

  • benodicktine

    Man, that was a real let down. Technically, yeah I guess it’s pretty slick, the dancers are talented but beyond that it wasn’t very creative. I downloaded the whole Jaydiohead album/mashup a while ago, I thought it was ok. This video on the other hand is just boring.

  • pat

    jesus christ you guys. cant people have fun? I’m a radiohead afficiando…but you fuckers are so pompous and pretentious. Grow up.

  • Shite

    Absolutely terrible. Video sucks, mash-up sucks. Sorry Pat – try not to cry.

  • woundedduck

    Sampling + hip hop hipster Asian girl = complete bullshit.

  • Max

    wow,i thought when i clicked on comments that this vid would get all praise!! I was totally wrong! In my opinion Jay-Z is one of the smoothest rappers around,with effortless flow and style. To hear that people are dissing his raps is pretty absurd. The vid is wicked,had my attention the whole time. Don’t know what all the hate is about

  • eezeepeezee

    a) Jay-z is the cat’s tits, guys…c’mon.
    b) hip hop hipster Asian girl was not that great a dancer (at least not enough to have center stage in this video.) she reminds me of this chick I know who makes youtube vids of herself dancing like that in her bedroom and I secretly hope she’ll fall out the window…

  • PsychedelicRonin

    @max, pat, …
    the whole thing is a bunch of trivial crap. puncto

  • the music was one thing, it’s all very subjective … the video LOOKED nice, as in a nice camera. But the actual video itself was poorly directed with little vision. Anyone can just stick a camera in front of “dancers” in a variety of cliche locations, and then colour the footage with presets. The editing had no connection to the music, very very amateur. Still though, everyone starts somewhere and at least this guy is trying instead of bitching from the sidelines.

    The dancing though, that was terrible. And I mean T E R R I B L E. There are so many better b-girls out there it was sad to see that. What kind of message does that send? “hey girls, you don’t have to try and you’ll get props anyways just for being a girl” … fuck that.

    I say this all as a professional music video director + bboy since 1995.

  • Charyie

    I loved it, especially the “I might be wrong” mix-up, I reckon that song actually sounds better with Jay-Z rapping all over it. It is very subjective. Half of Radiohead’s fan base are music snobs, but you really need some variety.

  • VG

    I think this mash was an awesome idea and I really enjoyed it. Having said that, I had a discussion just yesterday about how Jay-Z is all hype, nothing more. He has no flow. Of course what he does is smooth, but how much effort and talent can it take to rap slow and without a flow?!? We agreed that Jay-Z is only very adept at finding and signing good beatmakers and those beats make his music, which he shamelessly collects all the credit for.

    Anyway, this mashup was all fun and obviously nothing serious, so even though I don’t like Jay-Z, this is going on my iPod.

    P.S.: The dancing really WAS terrible. I should probably say the no-dancing. Sure, the girl makes a lot of nive effort and she is strong, but rather than dancing, she just makes moves with her arms and legs.

  • Nice work, great dancer

  • Cassie

    Way to make Radiohead fans look like snobs. I love Radiohead, in fact I’m downright obsessed. BUT I also like many different genres of music and will listen to anything that sounds good to me. Pull the stick out and enjoy life a little.

  • the bone

    there is another version of this video on youtube:


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