New Radiohead album almost complete, Thom and Jonny play Glasto

by Jonathan on June 28, 2010

Wow, we picked the wrong time to go on vacation. In case you didn’t hear last week, Ed O’Brien announced during an interview with BBC 6 Music that Radiohead are “a matter of weeks” away from completing their next studio release.

He told 6 Music’s Adam Buxton that the Oxford five-piece changed their working methods on the new material, to avoid the lengthy recording process involved in recent albums such as In Rainbows.

“It was such a slog. We decided at the end of the record never to do it like this again. That was kind of the end of Radiohead mark two.”

To listen to the interview, go here.

Thom Yorke at GlastonburyMeanwhile, Thom and Jonny delighted everyone with a surprised slot at Glastonbury on Friday night. Organiser Michael Eavis introduced the pair, saying, “Welcome to the biggest surprise of the weekend. There’s two superstars, I’ll not name them but they’re standing right there.” Thom Yorke then rather unnecessarily introduced himself with “Hi, my name’s Thomas Yorke” before launching into ‘The Eraser.’

The pair played a mix of Yorke’s solo material and Radiohead favourites, including ‘Harrowdown Hill,’ ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi,’ ‘Idioteque’ and ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out).’ Their rendition of ‘Karma Police’ naturally prompted a mass crowd singalong.

The lucky few who had witnessed this most special of impromptu sundown shows Tweeted rapturously about the experience afterwards. It was fitting that Radiohead, a band whose 1997 headline slot is widely considered one of the all-time classic Glastonbury performances, should show up to make sure the festival’s 40th anniversary year was one to remember.


01 The Eraser
02 Harrowdown Hill
03 Black Swan
04 Cymbal Rush
05 Arpeggi
06 Pyramid Song
07 Idioteque
08 Karma Police
09 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

What’s that? You want some video? Greg Clarkson at your service! Here’s ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’ shot from the 2nd row. Check out his YouTube Channel later as he says he’ll upload more.

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  • JohnyJoe


  • Stotts

    FUCK yes.

  • shlomer

    While I’m excited, I can’t help but comment on the fruity headband…

  • Myona

    Love the pissed-off looking security guard that doesn’t realize how lucky he is.

  • Steven Webb (MUSICIAN)

    Proud and inspiring!

  • kinbote

    Best guesses as to release date/method of release?

  • my 2 cents

    I will dance to the beat of the new album, I wish it has influences of lady gaga and jay z in it or at least a little bit of tokyo hotel

  • why don’t you add black eyed peas, some miley and a little justin bieber in there 2 cents! no no no, it would be too good with those kind of influences…

  • shlomer

    my 2 cents; are you being serious?

  • cvexx

    Finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jakobe

    @cvexx what?

  • pntrs

    lol @ 2 cents_ with those influences it wouldn’t be radiohead anymore_ In the other hand I would expect some elvis costello, everclear and the postal service influences in LP8_ I think they will definetely be there but I wish there was some muse-like tunes just as undisclosed desires_

  • Adam Time

    I thought the same thing, Myona. Who knows, kinbote, but hopefully its released this year!! My 2 Cents, you should change your name to My 0 Sense. pntrs, im a big muse fan too but muse is influenced by radiohead, not the other way around. Plus, undisclosed desires is not a song i want any radiohead song to sound like. It’s too muse-y.

  • kyo

    wow, er just looked up that undisclosed song…and NO! I do not want it sounding like that! that’s all ill say about that…
    adam, pntrs was making fun of 2 cents…and muse

  • boogers

    I am afraid of being alone in the dark with old people… I could kiss them

  • Joey

    To those who are looking for influences on the new LP8…. Half of those artists took their influences from RH. I hope there are no influences other than the influence that each bandmate has on each other! BAM

  • LaurieD

    @Joye Can you be that dumb? LOL

  • drawingshadows

    Whatever the album sounds like I know it’s going to be beautiful. There’s no way the recorded versions of Daily Mail, Present Tense, Lotus Flower, Skirting on the Surface, Open The Floodgates, and Give Up The Ghost won’t be beautiful. I can’t wait to see what they do with them.

  • Vixen

    Radiohead @ Jools Holland (8)

  • adam67

    i expect it will be my ‘album of the year’ and then some.

  • Kid A

    Idioteque with piano is nothing but beautiful, at it’s worst.

  • Cobolt

    at last!

  • drawingshadows

    I am last, not you…

  • dOpe

    new album jo gonna be kiddin me , neva eva their will be NO NEW album by the RH , but btter hope dats true ..

  • Pinelopation

    Lol, the bodyguard’s face is so funny! Sometimes he gave me the impression he was feeling really, really sleepy…
    So happy! Yey, at last a new RH album! 😀
    And again
    @my 2 cents :Really, have you ever thought, has it ever crossed your mind that you might be a tiny bit INSANE?
    Anyway, Muse are too fashionable.

  • arash

    Is the headband for the italy flag? or iran? you wouldn’t know with the thom and his peace activities.

  • stefano
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