“You” Performed by Thom and Jonny

by Jonathan on July 20, 2010

Here’s something to look at while things are kind of dead. Enjoy!

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  • shlomer

    i watch this every-other month.

  • Flat Plant

    and thanks

  • I love how it says “acoustic” in the title

  • Finally!! People rarely talk about “You” and its my favorite Radiohead song!!

  • JohnyJoe

    Funny story:

    My friend was going on about how awesome Muse is, and how they sound nothing like Radiohead, and how Muse didn’t get famous trying to sound like Radiohead. So I told him I would play one Radiohead and one Muse song back to back and see if he could tell the difference.

    For the Radiohead song, I played My Iron Lung. Then for the Muse song, I played this version of You. He started listing off things about this song that were unique to Muse – like that the guitar was “rockier”, and the vocals more ranged. I had a good laugh before I reminded him I don’t have Muse on my playlist.

  • Stephen Fuller

    JohnyJoe maybe if you weren’t a complete idiot you would have a point to show to your friend, but 1, how can you even begin to describe Muse’s sound compared to Radiohead if you don’t listen to them at all, and second, My Iron Lung and You are both Radiohead only songs, so playing You as an example of why Muse sounds like Radiohead is moronic, because it is Radiohead, not Muse sounding like Radiohead. Please pull your head out of your ass. Music is about the soul and the spirit behind the music and singing, not comparing the band your friend likes and then trying to act like you’re top of the line shit because you listen to Radiohead, being elitist about listening to Raidohead is probably one of the main points the band as whole displays, if you do not understand that then you are truly a tard.

  • Andrew

    Anyone know the link to download the audio?

  • JohnyJoe

    Stephen Fuller, I like Muse. A lot. I was just joking around with a friend who brought up a debate no one in the room cared about. What the hell crawled up your ass?

  • Love the video for Nice Dream live acoustic… cor your sexy Mr. Tom Yorke Jonny Greenwood. Today is end of July (30th), Sunday of 2010. Like I said in the other message have a listen to my me and my link mentioned above and facebook “vanessa cristina madden”. You can email me as above. I will be doing a gig with my band in Battersea very soon I will be updating on the website. Did you write “Creep” – such a cool song…Are you gigging in London soon?

    Anyway, cheers and love ya
    kisses from

    Christine btlandline 02080 789 3879

  • michael

    I don’t usually get involved but feel compelled, forgive the angst..the two arguing yet again, Radiohead/Muse..brrr..here’s the deal..When any artist or band is a enormously successful as Radiohead, thousands of “wanna-be’bands come right up behind them to try and cash in. In the case of Radiohead, two bands succeeded. I mean, c’mon, I am as RH as it gets, but if you woke up one day and had a voice like Bellamy, wouldn’t you do something with it? Yes they started out as R.H.contenders, but not Absolution, by record 3 they found their niche and made great work, not IMPORTANT, the way any R.H. release is, but they became their own band,not a clone. The Other band, the one where the singer even sways like Thom, is the real enemy..Coldplay, uugggh no talent, no reason to make records and shame on them for having there head up RH’s ass. please make them go away, just go home with your fake plastic money and don’t record anymore…worst band of the last 20 years hands down…the even said “they would hang with Miley Cyrus”hhaaha, they is the enemy, they is wanabee, ..Muse are now a very successful pop band with no ties to RH (so they both have falsetto, so what) but they don’t imitate..CPlay don’t know how to not imitate RH…shame on them and you guys stop bickering… Radiohead fans should always show each other mutual respect, the band would like that…
    cheers Michael

  • Tyler

    I have seen this performed live twice and both times it was solid. I have not seen it played in front of crowd since the late 90’s. The debate between RH and Muse is not existent. One band makes music to change the rock scene. One band makes music that changed rock. You figure out which is which. While we are on that topic, who can tell me what people said when On a Friday came out and who they wanted to sound like.

  • tyler

    Christine Williams…please do not insult Thom again and if you write about him online or anywhere for that matter be sure to spell his name right. Thanks

  • I am so so so so sorry Tyler, I should have known you are a very sensitive soul and been aware that telling him he is just great might hurt your feelings. I personally am not phased by your comment and hope you will be able to pull yourself together or on the otherhand you don’t have to bother.

    Hi there Thom, hope everything is going well and hope you can come to a gig of mine sometime, as friends you can check when on my space or facebook. Mutual of course.

    Kisses from Christine

  • Just a message to say, Thom, did recordings with Somethink Monkey today which will be on YOU TUBE tonight … some of it was adlib, as in today’s arrangement to new Lyrics – 6 tunes I think – I hope you visit and enjoy.
    Love ya and take care
    Chris Williams

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