Radiohead taking a break from recording

by Jonathan on July 21, 2010

According to Phil Selway, the band is taking a break from recording their new album. This conflicting news comes a month after Ed told BBC 6 Music that they were “a matter of weeks” from completing the album.

Phil told EW MusicMix: “It’s not finished yet. It’s still ongoing. We like where we are so far.”

The musician also refused to set a release date.

He said: “Oh, I don’t know. We keep on hitting those points where you think, ‘We’re there’. And then you think, ‘No, it’s not’. We’re having a break from it at the moment… and then we’ll come back to it later in the summer and see where we are.”

What do you think? Are we reading too much in to this?

(via EW Music Mix)

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  • Woo

    I’m disappointed only because I so excited for anything new they put out, yet I’m sure they’re making the correct decision, and it will certainly be worth the wait. Let’s just hope we get something this year…

  • kelly

    i died inside a little

  • Jarod

    I’m wondering if they’re aware that we’ve been waiting for 3 years.

  • JohnyJoe

    Well, at least it’s not as bad as the wait for LP7.

  • Max

    We knew this was coming. Phil and Thom have solo shows coming up..

  • stefano

    as radiohead followers we must not demand… come one, we’ve waited 3 years, what can a few months more make us? and we all know the results are always EXCELLENT, so let’s trust these guys. Also, they had the preasure with EMI for 10 years, let’s not make that happen again, let them free…. they are human beings after all… and as JohnyJoe said, it’s not as bad as the wait for LP7….

  • Tomas

    well if it doesn’t feel like it’s completed then why rush it? shit.
    I listen to Radiohead because of the quality of their music, so let it be done when it’s done. I have 200+ other songs I can listen to while waiting.

  • subalien

    I am happy for them to take their time. Theres no rush. Once its on record – you can’t go back. hopefully that create another classic album!

  • Tourist

    This isn’t really any new info. We already new they were almost finished, and they will continue work on it THIS summer, which means it can’t take too long before it’s completely finished. And Jarod: It’s not like they owe us anything, we should be happy they’re still making music 🙂

  • JuneTune

    Ed… such a tease

  • comlag1

    would anyone ever want to listen to something radiohead weren’t happy with? I submit a resounding NO

  • Sagan

    release date 10/10/10

  • Michael

    let them be… they obviously know what they are doing. yes reading too much into these comments. and yes jared you need to relax there buddy… they put out a few songs since in rainbows which was an amazing album that they struggled to put together. Best band ever. anything they do is fine by me!

  • I’m sure they wouldn’t have lied about releasing an album soon. Surely they have PR people behind them who influence waht they should or shouldn’t be announcing. This is where I heard about it –

  • Yuriy

    Aren’t you people surprised they’re releasing LP. That’s odd to mee, cos Thom once said they’ll be releasing short EPs… Any guess?

  • Clarke

    I’m okay with giving them as much time as they need…I’m used to it by now. a couple of songs I hope make it on the LP:

    I Froze Up
    Follow Me Around

  • shlomer

    what if it sucks ._.

  • AltoPalo

    shlomer….well said. we should absolutley let them take their time because I would hate for it to suck. they get to be perfectionists at this point.

  • look how long it took them to put out In Rainbows, i might be wrong (pun intended), but they took a tedious amount of time on that and it came out lifeless and bland. It’s up to them to record how they want, but what’s up with the days when bands had a focus, went into the studio and banged out an album in less than a month? And you can’t say the length of the recording session makes the quality, some of the best albums of all time (and the most-ambitious) were done on shoe-string budgets and done in less time than it would take a 56k to download Radiohead’s discography

  • AndrewA

    Uncanny, if you think In Rainbows was bland you need your ears checked!

  • Chris

    @uncanny Lifeless and bland? You’re silly.
    I wouldn’t read into it. People need to take breaks from stuff sometimes.

  • Stefano

    the uncanny x-men blogspot : i listen to radiohead since the Ok C days, and i can say (very sure of myself) that In Rainbows is their BEST album ’til now. Lifeless and bland are your emotions certainly… if you don’t get moved with any song on that album then ANYTHING really moves you man…. (unless you listen to motley crue and sh*t)… and as far as i know they took a hell of a time with almost every album they made… so that’s Radiohead.

  • Pipi

    In Rainbows lifeless and bland!?! Oh, I also just died a little. Wow. We are all so different. I cannot imagine a DAY in my life without listening to that album. Waiting for a new one is nothing but sweet anticipation and exquisite pain. Coz I enjoy sweet torture, I shall let them take their time.

  • sean

    i thought In Rainbows was a bit weak compared to their other stuff. I just didnt like the direction. Dont get me wrong i think its a good album but it was too sparse for my tastes. Well, i’d still listen to it over most albums of any other band. But its definitely one of my least favorite radiohead albums. Im glad to hear they are moving in a new direction as usual. Im confident im going to love this next album.

  • Draniac

    I have followed them since they opened for Belly (yes you read that right) at Metropol in Pittsburgh. 1992 I believe. They have been the center of my musical life since my first listen of Planet Telex. As Radiohead fans we always have a tough wait. But it is always worth it. It will come, and maybe even suddenly, like In Rainbows. Once it’s in the can they will get it to us quickly, at least there’s that.

  • take your time! think ‘go slowly’.. (:

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