Flashback: Paranoid Android on Jools Holland

by Jonathan on August 18, 2010

We’ve linked to this performance before and thought that it deserved another mention. One of the better performances of “Paranoid Android” occurred on Later… with Jools Holland back in 1997. It’s clearly evident why Jonny used to wear that brace on his wrist due to RSI (repetitive strain injury). He abuses that guitar… in a good way.

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  • noiddroid

    I wonder if the brace being on and the brace coming off had anything to do with the change in the way the band sounds. I understand evolution but fact still remains that he was beating the shit out of that guitar.

  • Adam Time

    So epic.

  • nola_saint

    That my friends is the shiz-nit!

  • My favorite!! My next Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Anonymous

    Or see the official version here


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