Flashback: Street Spirit 1996

by Jonathan on August 18, 2010

While we’re in the flashback mood, here’s a video of Radiohead performing “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” at Pinkpop in 1996. Some of you may not be aware of this, but Jonny plays the guitar and keyboard at the same time during this song, which is shown towards the end of the video. Enjoy!

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  • Jarod

    The Bends is not on the top of my list but damn this is one of their bests

  • Jarod

    As a matter of fact none of the ablums from radiohead are on my top list… they are very good and all but they can’t beat the other things I listen to

  • ray’n’carnation

    So what is on top of your list? Just out of curiousity.

  • opaquiosq

    What exactly are the “other things you listen to”? This is one of the greatest songs in all of pop music…hard to see what could top it.

  • Jarod

    Damn it, that second comment wasn’t mine

  • Jarod

    I haven’t listened to much else than Radiohead in the past two years, someones just trying to start trouble

  • Jarod

    Either way I’m not into Radiohead anymore, well, I’ll be back on track when they release LP8, It’s just that it was terrible to realize they were in f* twilight

  • Jarod

    i like little kids now

  • Jarod

    not really, I’m mote into MGMT. That’s THE real deal now.

  • Joel

    Well I know the actual Jarod who posts on here frequently and he not only pretty much has no music he listens to other than Radiohead, he is also a Twilight fan so the guy trying to post comments in his name is really bad at it. Although that comment about little kids, that may have actually been him. Its funny that someone would troll him, almost something to be proud of.

  • Jarod

    Well up until now i was an in the closet twilight fan, thx alot Joel, anyways ya this guy is probably pretty awesome, whoever it is messing with me.

  • Jarod

    PD. I love you Joel… you are my Edward Cullen

  • Joel

    Its weird that you were an in the closet Twilight fan even though you bought a team Edward shirt and made it your profile pic on facebook. And you openly talked about it. The later comment definitely could be him though.

  • Joel

    P.S: Oh, and thanks Jarod, but I just bought Bella Swan’s dress last weak!

  • Jarod

    For someone who was making fun of twilight this identity thief seems to know alot about it

  • shlomer

    and here i thought there were 15 comments about this great performance..

  • shlomer

    either way i have a giant boner.

  • Joel

    Oh shlomer, my dear, I would love to see that “coming” over me

  • Jarod

    me too!

  • the fake jarod sucks – i bet its the same people that runs green plastic doing that – not the first time that happens though . . . why would they permit this ?

  • i miss people who arent here anymore because of that

  • I miss having a life

  • pntrs

    so you consider a person who just jammed for a full week and made about 7 or 8 great sonic noisy songs , a person who s been 3 days in a raw in front of the ocean swimming around 9 pm under the moon , a person who just edited his book , a person who travel about an hour mostly every week to fuck his girlfriend , a person who just finished tattooing half of his back , a person who travel 8 hrs just to see radiohead , a person who travel far into the sky after eating shrooms , a person who sleep at his friend ‘s house because it was around 5 am and didnt want to come back home . . . who you really consider that person a person who doens t have a life ? __yes ___i am afraid of you and that s why i am not here anymore – because people like U are not people to have around – its dangerous –

    cambio y fuera . i still love you . just afraid of you .

    i swear it s been about 3 weeks at least ! ! not even checking green plastic -and still seen things like this – yes – you can be happy – you scare me –

  • pntrs

    at least you re smart [ talking about the link to your ” web page ” ] ___question : what is your craziness about me being gay ? haha

    smart people doing this bullshit scares me most – you re still winning

  • pntrs

    But I’m still the emo who drank too much diet pepsi these last 3 weeks

  • Jarod

    I don’t know what you are talking about, I really don’t want to scare anybody… geez… just because I think the bends is the second worst radiohead album. Go cut your veins in another place emo kid, I don’t give a damn about your life (even as you describe it sounds boring). I just thought I was in a place where I could post my opinion about what I like and what I don’t.

  • peter

    the users that remember me from “give up the ghost”…i wrote something new there..next time ill right here

  • peter

    ill be right here*-i mean..next time ill write my comment here

  • peter

    I mean it… check my other comment… I NEED ATTENTION!!!

  • shlomer

    stfu nuff said

  • peter

    YES I NEED ATTENTION!!! THATS RIGHT! Thank you fake “peter” who wrote that for me already

    be serious, please=D hate arguments or insultings …and other shit like that. unnecessary and childish. just ignore or criticize [clear and honorable] if i say something that you dont like or respect from any reason

  • ptrs

    Well, I don’t know about you guys but I really need to hear what peter has to say___ It seems really important___ never the less I really would apreciate to know his opinion about something that has been said before____ I he doesn’t say anything, I wont be able to sleep again

  • Danny

    I pissed!

  • Sammy

    I came all over my morning cereal.

  • A Kid

    Great version, amazing band. Hadn’t noticed that Jonny plays both instruments, which is amazing by itself.

  • I can imagine what Jonny can do in bed, you know, two thing at the same time___ tasty ___

  • Cory

    I can’t believe people are actually talking about twilight, when JOnny Greenwood is playing the guitar and piano at the same time !!!!! SAME TIME!!!!!

  • shlomer

    It’s not that hard actually…………

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLsmMozsJEA

    12 songs from that show, plus an interview with Ed :).

  • Pinelopation

    Alright, alright. What on earth got you with “twilight” now? Come on, it’s “street spirit” for God’s sake!
    I don’t know which “Jarod” wrote that and frankly I don’t care. To whoever it is that wrote that they don’t listen to RH anymore because they had a song for “twilight”, it’s ridiculous. They do great music and this is a fact, it can’t change. I was shocked too in the beginning but then I just stopped considering them as role-models. That’s all. After all, they are human.
    Johnny is soooo grate! I remember once I was telling a friend of mine, quite clueless concerning RH, how much I admire Johnny because he can play many musical instruments and she went:”What, at the same time?”. It was hilarious! Now it is more than hilarious, because it’s true! XD
    Thom just knows how to catch your eye (he,he)… And his eyes were wet, how sweet…
    @AustinBrock : Thanks!

  • Up Is The New Down

    Jonny also played the keys on his French Connection with his guitar at Glastonbury this year.

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