Flashback: True Love Waits

by Jonathan on August 27, 2010

Most Radiohead fans are aware of “True Love Waits” as it’s been performed a lot on tour and even released as a live track on the 2001 EP I Might be Wrong – Live Recordings. Here’s an early look at the song, back when Jonny played the keyboard mid way through. To a lot of fans, this is THE version of “True Love Waits”. I personally remember listening to this version in the late 90s after downloading a .vqf of it off Napster. Ah, the old days…

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  • Stefano

    i like the IMBW version better, the alien synthesizer doesn’t suit well on the song.
    I don’t think this will have a studio release because this was already released and the solo performance works better, like more intimate than this one, something this couldn’t capture too good.

  • Cody

    This is easily the best version of the song, and personally the synthesizers are what made me fall in love with this song the first time I heard it.

  • Fake Plastic

    woah how have i never heard of this version before.
    at first i was a little skeptical about the whole sound of the synth but now i think this version is better.
    i really think thom feeds off the sound of the synth and produces a deeper stress into his words.

  • Saeglopur

    Wow. Never heard this version as well. The keyboard sounds are strange but at the same time beautiful. Now they could actually even add drums at the end.

  • veggies

    ha! i downloaded it from Napster in VQF as well! memories!

  • Eduardo

    I also downloaded this Belgian version from Napster, and for me this is THE version of “True love waits”. nice flashback ๐Ÿ™‚

  • P?teris Kriลกj?nis

    This IS definitive version of TLW and this is reason why it will never get recorded – they snapped it in first live rendering. They nailed it. This urgency, this fragility, this sadness and happiness in same time…Uhh ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mark

    This particular version here .. is actually my favorite Radiohead song period… ever since I Napster’d it in the late 90s as well.

  • gert

    man, napster 15 years back; took me half an hour to download this song. i remember this song as one of my favorite radiohead songs of that time, especially when jonny plays those arrpegio-chords on the synth.. listening to it now (has been some years) it again sends shivers down the proverbial spine.

    gert from holland.

  • ITS THE SYNTH THAT MAKES IT a work of art.

  • andrew

    I had NO IDEA there was a video of this. I must have listened to this, the proper version, about a million times back in the olโ€™ days. Thanks.

  • juchi

    Is this version available for purchase/download anywhere?

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