Philip Selway’s “Familial” Out Now

by Jonathan on August 31, 2010

Today marks the release of Phil’s solo album, Familial, in the United States. It was released yesterday in Europe. The Village Voice spoke with Selway about the shift from Radiohead drummer to solo singer-songwriter for Familial. The Voice‘s Vijith Assar says of the album : “Elliott Smith’s influence runs strong on these delicately strummed tracks, Selway’s quiet whisper cooing over songs steeped in striking sentimentality.” Selway talks about the new album, including his passing percussion duties along to Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, in an interview at

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. “By Some Miracle”
  2. “Beyond Reason”
  3. “A Simple Life”
  4. “All Eyes on You”
  5. “The Ties That Bind Us”
  6. “Patron Saint”
  7. “Falling”
  8. “Broken Promises”
  9. “Don’t Look Down”
  10. “The Witching Hour”

We suggest you go out and purchase it now. You can get it on iTunes, Amazon, or your local record shop.

Selway and his band make their way to Ireland this weekend for the Electric Picnic at Stradbally Hall, as part of their month-long tour.

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  • my baldy male

  • Roland

    Oh lord. Love this album.

  • Don’t Look Down is a great tune!

  • Uktan

    pntrs WTF is wrong with you? stop consuming weird shite before commenting

  • jarod

    I think it’s a good album, sad that it’s not the bass sound I used to hear from Philip but still pretty awesome. I’m more into By Some Miracle.

  • Liz

    I’m listening to the album as I type. So far, i’m very impressed. Way to go, Phil!

  • There’s a ghost in my machine , woooooooo. No, I tried to be first common tater, but it kept giving me the message duplicate message and wdn’t take it. Damn, it wd be the first time I would have been first since I won the spelling bee in the second grade spelling discombobulated correctly.

    I was really impressed, heard a number of songs on nonesuch… thought they were wonderful. I second Liz, “Way to go, Phil”. Bring some of you music in to the group, unless you want it to remain a private thing because of your mum. Don’t be like George never thinking his songs were up to Lennon-McCartney.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Liz, I love you, marry me please, ASAP

  • Liz

    That’s very flattering Bruce Wayne. Maybe one day. And one of these songs can be our wedding tune.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I’m so very happy 🙂

  • Adam Time

    One of these songs followed by A Punchup at a Wedding.

  • peter

    which of them?

  • peter

    oh I get it now, I’m gay

  • johnshoe

    “…or your local record shop”

  • My local record shop just sells Lady GAGA cd’s___ and I buy them___

  • I can’t get enough of this delicate soothing album! This is by far my favorite album of year, hands down. Phil’s definitely got some deep creativity flowing and I’m already looking forward to a second album 🙂

  • peter

    which song reminds “a punchup at a wedding”?

  • Oscar

    Phil’s lyrics are, in many moments, embarrassingly obvious and cheesy. And his singing is beyond flat. The fact that is a folk and simple album doesn’t mean it must be boring, and Familial is boring. Sorry, but that is the truth.

  • peter

    you better tell me right now or I’ll go kill a kitty and make love to its dead body

  • alex

    haven’t heard this album yet but woooah, that album cover is sick!

  • Fake Plastic

    I have two thoughts on this album.
    I like it but i don’t really like it.
    I can somewhat agree to what Oscar is saying, this album is a little boring.
    However I really do like the part where it goes “put it back” on “By Some Miracle”
    But I was listening to this last night and I fell asleep.
    And I believe that music is for listening to and not falling asleep to.
    Unless your listening to nature sounds or something.

  • peter kacprzynski

    what a great piece of music from phil….everyone i played this cd to loves it….including me….but i want some new radiohead please…..

  • aaa

    don’t look down is tight as fuck

  • Mike

    I love this album, it’s very pleasent and relaxing. It’s not something you put on to get jacked up for or play Guitar Hero to, it’s an album that one puts on after a hard day at work or after a fight with the sig. other or driving home at dusk. Great job Phil, it’s nice to hear a much diff. sound than Thom (even though Thom is amazing).

  • Mike

    Anybody else notice i have a total boner right now?

  • peter

    can I touch your bone (if you know what I mean)?

  • Mike

    Was the know what i mean necessary? That was pretty direct, and yes, yes u may.

  • peter

    OH YEAH!!!! let me touch a little bit more, give me your tibia

  • Fake Plastic

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