Colin: “We have just finished another group of songs”

by Jonathan on September 18, 2010

Colin Greenwood

Colin Greenwood

Colin recently wrote  an essay entitled “Set Yourself Free” where he describes the decision the band made in 2007 to release In Rainbows in the “pay what you think it’s worth” format. An interesting read indeed, and even more interesting because Colin reveals that Radiohead have finished recording some new songs:

Three years later, we have just finished another group of songs, and have begun to wonder about how to release them in a digital landscape that has changed again. It seems to have become harder to own music in the traditional way, on a physical object like a CD, and instead music appears the poor cousin of software, streamed or locked into a portable device like a phone or iPod. I buy hardly any CDs now and get my music from many different sources: Spotify, iTunes, blog playlists, podcasts, online streaming – reviewing this makes me realise that my appetite for music now is just as strong as when I was 13, and how dependent I am upon digital delivery. At the same time, I find a lot of the technology very frustrating and counter-intuitive. I spend a lot of time using music production software, but iTunes feels clunky. I wish it was as simple and elegant as Apple’s hardware. I understand that we have become our own broadcasters and distributors, but I miss the editorialisation of music, the curatorial influences of people like John Peel or a good record label. I liked being on a record label that had us on it, along with Blur, the Beastie Boys and the Beatles.

It’s exciting to be discussing new album news again. Keep in mind that Ed said a new album would be out this year.

Read the full essay here.

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  • Cody

    However they release it, I hope to see it soon.

  • Stefano

    Exciting news!

    But is not as if there were too many alternatives either, I guess… digital audio or/and physical format. Am I missing something else?

  • E7

    Of course the importance of live music… the performance and the reciprocal nature of the audience to musician is even more important now, with our gadgets and earpiecies and speakingers and tiny screens…”she looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing”… let’s all hope they will tour with this new go-round!!!

  • I want it free, I’m not paying any cent for it

  • Mike S.

    Great news…..however they keep contradicting themselves. Phil said they weren’t done yet and that was right before he went on tour…..who knows??? I loved in rainbows, but I hope they go back to melting faces like they did on Kid A and HTTT for this record

  • Kim

    Can’t wait! Thanks, this made my whole night! 😀

  • jarod

    oh I could make your night any night for sure

  • Limnophilia

    “I have noticed on the fan message sites that a lot of the content and conversations have grown up, moved away from staccato chat and trolling, to discussions about artists, taste and trends, closer to writing found in music magazines.”

    Haha! Colin must not come to MT much!

  • red spider

    very good

  • drawingshadows

    Why haven’t you posted anything about the Phil Selway remix competition. Or the new Phil Selway music video.

  • Uktan

    phil selway or radiohead?? hmmmmm… what a dilemma!! NOT

  • Uktan

    i’ll reveal LP8’s release method:

    we will all recieve the song’s stems on mp3, and a software to put them all together (all for free) and everyone will come with different mix of the songs, so we can listen to them however we like. AND there will be a contest, the one who gets the best Mix of the songs wins the ORIGINAL mix (on wav and sent by e-mail) earlier than the others. And after a month all this happens, the physical will come out, and we’ll be able to listen to the original record, ONLY on physycal format, and not free, of course.

    The deluxe version will come with this X guy’s mix of LP8 and another bonus disc with extra songs as IR.

  • Uktan

    It will also include a tax free ticket which if you take to your nearest shop will give you a reduction on any buy you make (if it not surpases the 100 bucks). Besides the tax free ticket you’ll be given a phone number, in the deluxe edition where you can call and listen to an all new track and after listening to it you’ll get a code that you’ll have to paste at the end of the url that will be given at the back of the cd. Once you go to this url you’ll be able to put your birthday and adress so Thom can send you a signed photograph of the back of his head on that particular date.
    The physical normal release will have an extra cd so you can put it in the microwave while you listen to the actual cd and see the sparks flowwing.

  • Uktan (the real one)

    LOL! That last message was hilarious! Thanks!

  • Kyo

    wow Uktan! How do you know all this?! hahaha

  • Uktan (the real one)

    I’ll give you a clue: I formally sleep with an actress called Gwyneth…

  • Uktan (the real one)

    clue 2: my favourite color is yellow.

  • Uktan (the real one)

    clue 3: I slept with George Michael

  • Kyo

    and she’s the wife of chris martin, chris martin is the stalker of thom yorke, hmmm…
    not sure what george michael has to do with it though…

  • Thomas

    Really really great news! And then please go on tour with R.E.M. (again)!! Thank you!! ;o)

  • Fake plastic

    Haha uktan (fake one),
    Your method is hilarious.

  • Uktan

    Thanks, your mother is hilarious too.

  • Uktan

    Kyo, George Michael, well, my stalker (Uktan the faker) wrote that other clue for me… perhaps he knows something we don’t… perhaps he is the real Chris Martin (and he’s in love with GM), and needs to borrow personalities all the time, so that’s why he used mine for a while… it makes real sense though! lol

  • SUPI69

    I miss records.

  • Uktan

    Or maybe I’m in love with George Michael and… you Kyo, I have always loved you. I dream about your sweet kisses in my mouth.

  • Uktan

    ^What’s with the faker again??? MAN!!! stop hiding your homosexuality behind someone else, let it out!! come on! always the same gay comments!!! lol. you’re funny though (and sad at the same time).

  • Uktan

    In second thoughts maybe it isn’t that bad to be homosexual, I tried it once with my best friend and it was awesome. We made love while hearing Kid A in a constant loop until he came all over me. The best day of my life. But I’m not into it anymore so keep hidding beneath your traumas, you are sad.

  • Uktan

    ^Nah, that wasn’t funny at all. give up little and pointless child. (now this is my last comment, the next comments will be obvoiulsy of this inmature kid trying to be me, what a dumb ass)

  • Uktan

    ^In second thoughts I’m gonna sit around with a gun pointing at my head while I cry for being such a loser that got mad at a 10 year old kid and made me put attention to something that’s not worth it and although this is my last comment I’ll take another visit to this page to see what he has written because I’m an idiot.

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