Radiohead helps fans make concert DVD

by Jonathan on September 18, 2010

This is certainly old news for most of you, though it’s so cool that we had to post it. A group of fans recently put together a DVD of live footage from the 8/23/2009 show in Prague. What’s even cooler is that Radiohead provided the audio masters for them to use so not only do we get amazing visuals, the sound is top notch.

But wait, can it get any better? Yes. The concert is available in a slew of different formats… all for FREE.

Here is the trailer:

To download, check out

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  • krashowsky

    There’s Austin’s Brook’s full length HD video on youtube also. Here’s link :

  • fakeplatic

    Austin’s everywhere 🙂

    This artwork is a must have! Excellent quality, almost sounds like you’re there again!..

  • T

    I downloaded the MKV-file and it’s great. Really really nice editing and good angles.

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