On this day in 1992: Creep released

by Jonathan on September 21, 2010

It was on this day in 1992 that Radiohead’s U.K. record label released “Creep” as the first official release from the band. While Radiohead is one of the biggest bands in the world today, “Creep” did not initially do too well. In fact, it wasn’t until the end of 1992 that the song started getting attention. First in Israel and then in America when a DJ at San Francisco’s Live 105 started playing the song. “Creep” was re-released in 1993 and became the huge hit that it was. Legend has it that Jonny Greenwood disliked the song and attempted to sabotage it by thrashing his guitar during the chorus. Little did he know that this actually made the song.

Do you remember the first time you had heard Radiohead? Was it this song? What were you doing in 1992?


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  • Taylor

    Being born.

  • jonathan h

    Creep was probably the first Radiohead song I’d heard, though I didn’t know it was theirs at the time. In 1992 I was incredibly busy being a nerdy 5th grader in Israel. I remember how popular Creep was with the local radio and TV stations back then. Thank Jah for that. On that note, I pray for the band’s speedy return to Israel, since I had no real idea of who they were when they played here 13 years ago.

  • alex

    hah, i was being a nerdy 5th grader too. i remember seeing the video play on MTV.

  • Fake Plastic

    hmm lets see in 92′ i was two.
    so probably shitting in my diapers,

  • Kyo

    hey! I was 2 as well. I actually wasn’t even really familiar with Radiohead until maybe a few years before In Rainbows. But I am well caught up now.

  • Victor

    I was being born too… it´s cool to think I was being born with radiohead xD

  • poisoned_dwarf

    Well, being in America, I first heard Creep, and Radiohead, in ’93. I was a sophomore in high school. I remember recording the video on MTV onto VHS.

  • peter

    I love this song, Imma creep forever

  • Adam Time

    In 1992, I was 2. The first time I heard Radiohead was around 2004 when I got a desk job where I could listen to my mp3 player while I worked. I decided to check out this album I had called Hail to the Thief. It was unlike anything I had heard previously and I enjoyed the entirety of it. The rest is history.

  • Fake Plastic

    oh nice peter im not the only one who doesn’t dislike creep.
    i know thom hates it and all, and i think a lot of radiohead fans just tag along.
    even though this song is somewhat poppy i think it speaks to me still.
    but pablo honey is still my least favorite album.

  • Sarah

    In 1992, I was 6. And for most of my young adolesence, I refused to listen to anything made after I was born. And then my friend Jack gave me a CD. No, it wasn’t anything by Radiohead, it was CAKE’s “Prolonging the Magic”. But Jack would later play this insane, backwards song for me — “Like Spinning Plates”, and that was the first time I heard Radiohead (or at least, the first time I knew I was hearing Radiohead. I probably heard Creep or Paranoid Android in the background somewhere at some point, but I wasn’t exposed to MTV and VH1 and whatnot until 1998~99, so it’s possible I totally missed it…) It was a weird song to fall in love with, but it hooked me.

  • jj

    I saw them 1st on beavis & butthead oddly enough before it got big on the radio….I was playing sports and riding bikes. Man being a kid was great…………………..

  • Joey

    I am a late bloomer- but thats OK because in 1992 i was 7 years old and at that age- had no sense of what “real” music was. Heres my snippet that i want to share- I graduated Highschool in 2004. In 2002 I had started paying more attention to the music i was listening to and becoming more selective- aside from the influence of my friends. Well during 2003- I would go to the record store and see all sorts of promotions for the new Radiohead album Hail to the Thief. I wasnt entirely sold on the artwork of the album so I never bought it- but the imagery kept popping into my head. So finally I asked my brother- in 03- if he has heard of Radiohead ( he is a huge music buff) and he said to go buy OK Computer, Kid A or The Bends. I bought OK Computer and Kid A for a 3 hour car ride I was taking to my cabin- I listened to OK first because it came out before Kid A and when I listened to the beat and the song Airbag, I was confused at what I was listening to- it blew my fricken mind. Then after a few years.. of Radiohead hiatus.. and I moved in with a friend who loved Radiohead and thats when I started to dissect and really listen to every element of every album they had made- this is prior to In Rainbows.

  • Peter

    I was born in ’94 and i just heard about radiohead last year, but i’ve heard this song before…

  • Peter

    My daddy says Imma big boy now, I love Lurgee

  • ks

    in 92 i was 3. didnt hear radiohead until 1997 when ok computer came out, and i saw the paranoid android video on mtv. i bugged my mom to go to coconuts to buy the cd.not knowing the name of it i bought the bends and fell in love with it. i eventually got ok computer.

  • p n t r s

    I dislike everything before kid A, ok computer was just that, plain ok, but the bends and creep were aweful albums, not even close to a real band in that time, good thing they improved through time

  • poisoned_dwarf

    Dang, are there any Radiohead fans that can legally buy alcohol on this site? Bunch of whippersnappers, the lot of you!

  • Kyo

    ^ Canadian, 19 is the age for legally drinking alcohol – I’m 20. Wanna fight about it?!?!?

  • jonathan h

    All the older fans are at work, perhaps? Or at a pub? 🙂 On that note, I have nothing but respect for all of these aforementioned whippersnappers for listening to music that is art as opposed to tunes which are merely a sad by-product of our somewhat twisted and crumbling societies.

    After all these years, “Creep” still makes me bleed. It had a massive affect because of its sincerity. Like it or not, kind band and fans of latter day bleeps and bloops, it speaks a basic and almost timeless truth. That “iron lung” helped me – and countless others, no doubt – breathe, in times when I felt I could not.

    I love bleeps, bloops, and squinchies.

  • MPAS

    I was 2 days old 😀

  • Klarden

    Nah, i was 7 and liked Queen -_-. Radiohead didn’t “come” to Ukraine until 2-3 years later. I guess, it was Just i accidentally overheard somewhere on the radio. It wasn’t my type of music back than, though i did like it.
    Since Creep was never big here, i never really got the popularity of it. And the first time i ever listened to Pablo Honey i was blown away by the very first chords i heard, not the second song (which Creep is)

  • Muldfeld

    I didn’t hear this song until 2003 — only after I became a Radiohead fan. If I had hear it before, I probably ignored it. It’s not one of my favorites. In 1992, I was getting into music, first through U2’s “Achtung Baby”!

  • Smitts

    I hadn’t been born until another 2 years.

  • johnnyklef

    I was a sophomore in High School. I thought it was 93’… And i honestly didnt like Radiohead all that much until Kid A. My ex-girlfriend played it all the time and i’ve been hooked since.

  • TayAraujo

    I was 3 weeks old! every person that born on september of 1992 born “creeped”

  • kridje

    I was 14 and was really in to Nirvana and the whole grunge / alt rock thing at the time. I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparents house. They had cable and I would sit there and watch MTV for hours. I remember the first time I heard Creep was when MTV played the video on Buzz Bin. I remember loving it the first time I’d heard it and thinking how cool the video was. I loved how when Johnny did the chug chug thing on his guitar the stage lights got really bright. I thought they were a cool band but figured they were just another one hit wonder. I never would have thought that they would become one of the most important bands in the history of rock.

  • Aaron

    Creep was definitely one their worst songs. Not to mention the fact that it’s overplayed despite the abundance of untapped, worthy material they produced from after PH to now.

  • More Green Less Plastic

    Yikes! Like a couple of the other posters here, I was far from being born when Creep came out. In fact, it was my younger brother who dug the song first. I think that, brotherly rival that I was, I couldn’t like anything he did so I passed on the whole Creep phenomenon. What got me into Radiohead were two things: 1) I had a friend who had a tape (yes, a tape!) of The Bends and it was ‘stuck’ in his truck for a couple of months and 2) I feel in love with High and Dry. As soon as I had the money, The Bends CD was mine and it became the background music for my life until they released OK Computer. Long live Radiohead!

  • I was 4 yo in 1992. This is my first Radiohead’s song I heard. No chance to explore more until in the middle of my college time, I explored more Radiohead’s songs and albums. It felt that from album to album, Radiohead got their color of music changing and improving. I love all albums, differently 🙂

  • Fake Plastic

    happy birthday thom!

  • little man being erased

    for sure creep is one of the most important songs of the decade, and the greatest from pablo honey. last year here in Mexico we were just waiting for them to play it. unfortunately, the just did it on the second concert. By the way, in 1992 i was 9, but didnt know about radiohead´s existence until 1997, as ok computer became for me the perfect medicine.

  • Tom Cassidy

    I remeber creep from my early high school years, it coincided with one of my first, horrible, teenage unfulfilled crushes, kinda became the soundtrack for a period of my life. Didn’t have a clue who Radiohead was, and came across them again with the release of OK Computer, and have been a fan ever since- Radiohead was “One of those bands” (in Thom’s words) for me and still are. Very much looking forward to their next release.

  • steller

    I still think the bends and pablo honey are radiohead’s most honest albums. obviously not their best music but those are the only two albums that reflect on relatable/accessible human expression. Kid A is still my favorite, but I think everyone that’s “hating on” the bends and pablo honey need to view them differently and not in comparison to their other albums. appreciate them for what they are.

  • Bomber

    Creep is one of the greatest songs EVER, nevermind just in the Radiohead library. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the band hates the song. *shrug* At least I got to hear it live once (Hail to the Thief Tour). Yes, this was the first Radiohead song I ever heard. On WFNX in Boston in ’93. I thought for sure they were a one-hit wonder. Boy was I wrong, eh? (2nd greatest band ever, IMHO.)


  • bella

    the first radiohead song that i remember was on the bends. in 1992 i was being born so… but i love creep, even if it was made before radiohead had really found their “voice”. its still a great song. heres my favorite cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgVqQ39PY_c

  • Yep. It was 1993. It was the first thing I heard from Radiohead, and it got stuck in the head. I recall a sleepless night, finishing a thermodynamics’ dossier, with ‘Creep’ playing on the radio time and again. And I felt also so… weirdo 🙂 Magic!

  • SKWahl

    I was 20 and pregnant when I first heard this song in 1993 (so no – not ALL of the fans are too young to buy alcohol, poisoned_dwarf). Always liked the song, but forgot about it until my teenage kid downloaded some songs onto my ipod last week. I guess he inherited my good taste in music – maybe because he heard it in the womb 🙂

  • Alex

    I wasn’t even born until 93! I personally don’t mind creep and I even love the pablo honey album. I noticed that I’m in the minority when I say ok computer is my favorite album, followed by in rainbows, whereas most seem to favor kid a. I still think kid a was their most important album, just not their best IMO

  • poisoned_dwarf
  • johnnyklef

    ^^ 🙂 ^^

  • Madgirl

    In 92 I was 5 years old but my mother had excellent taste in music so I was exposed to bands like the talking heads (influential to rh) early on. Upon first listens, I actually made fun of creep, thinking that “I wish I was special” reffered to special Ed ( blasphemy, I know). It wasn’t until I heard ok computer, kid a, the bends and hail to the thief (in that order) at 15 that RH became my favorite band. Subtaranean homesick alien is what did it, I think. I was a nerdy kid too.. I guess I’ve grown to appreciate creep over the years, but I still think what they did with their later albums took more strength and honesty.. since it was weirder.

  • steve maze

    in 92 I was getting set to go to prison.I remember hearing this song and digging it.i order the album in the joint it killed a lot of hours.this is one of the greatest bands

  • Kaisejöse

    I was 22. In college and it was my 1st RH song I heard. When I heard johnnys guitar part I thought my eardrums were going to shatter. Absolute goosebumps. Yes it got overplayed, but the lyrics are sad and wonderful and still hold some mystery to some.
    I was drinking and partying hard and RH and Nirvana became my favorites
    1st time I heard “smell likes teen spirit” was a club and kids just started moshing to it ( it wasn’t that type of club)
    The DJ then played Ramones “somebody put something in my drink”
    Total mayhem ensued and they had to close the club early
    Here is what some press said at the time….. ” NME described RH as “a lily-livered excuse for a rock band”, and “Creep” was blacklisted by BBC Radio 1 because it was deemed “too depressing”.
    I wonder if the press later backtracked on those comments

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