Radiohead returning to studio next week

by Jonathan on September 21, 2010

Radiohead is heading back to the studio in a week’s time to “take stock” of new material and assess when — and how — it should be released to the world.

Drummer Philip Selway told The Canadian Press the band will regroup next Monday to determine how close the followup to “In Rainbows” is to being ready.

“We’ve been working on material on and off for a year now and we’ve had the summer off so yes, we’re basically taking stock on Monday and seeing what we need to do with the material to move it to those final stages,” Selway said in a telephone interview from Amsterdam on Monday.

“We’re just returning to it with fresh ears and taking stock of where we are and how close we are to finishing stuff, really, and we won’t know till Monday.”

The band is working on the eagerly anticipated followup to its seventh album, “In Rainbows,” which sent shock waves through the music world in 2007 when it was first released digitally online, through the band’s own website, and at an indeterminate “it’s up to you” price. The band also streamed a free concert to fans months later on New Year’s Eve, and Selway hinted the band might have some more digital or online plans up its sleeves — although he wouldn’t say what exactly.

“Whatever we do with any record, it always has to come from the music we’ve made, whatever we release, and because we’re not at that stage at the moment — we haven’t finished anything — we don’t know how or what’s the most appropriate way for getting it out there,” he said.

“Then again, you look at the track record of what we’ve done over the past decade in that area and I suppose, you know, it’s probably a safe bet to say there’ll be something in there somewhere along the line.”

While “In Rainbows” was largely shaped by extensive touring and live experimentation with the songs, Selway said that won’t be the case with the new project.

“Uh, no,” he said laughing.

“I don’t know what we’ll be doing but the process of making ‘In Rainbows’ — so much came about through what we were doing live — has been quite the opposite so far. But you never know, we might get back together on Monday and after discussing stuff we might just throw this all out and say maybe we need to go back to the drawing board. Who knows, as I say, it’s all up in the air at the moment.

“But we’ve been enjoying what we’ve been doing.”

(from 570News, thanks to Caroline)

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  • Stefano

    if we get lucky we might have this new record on a few weeks!

  • SebiMeyer

    They better get a move on. How else is Coldplay supposed to mimic them?

  • Liz

    I am so looking forward to hearing new stuff. Three years since In Rainbows and I’m already going through Radiohead withdrawl. Btw, your comment made me laugh SebiMeyer 🙂

  • Ru


  • Michael

    SebiMeyer, you are dead on with that comment! I’m so excited for this album, Radiohead is one of the few special things that make the world beautiful.

  • Michael

    …as well as My Chemical Romance.

  • Rob

    Fuck You Mike

  • Nik

    “But we’ve been enjoying what we’ve been doing.”

    Well, even though I can’t believe we’ve waited years……again…..for a new album, I am really glad that they are enjoying the process!
    Since they’ve had a history of previous stressful album recording, it’s nice that they seem to have settled into a process of enjoyment while making the album. Even Thom’s side project, “Atoms for Peace”, has shown him performing in a newer, Shiny-Happy-People kind of light!
    Now, with that being said…….I wannit now! I wannit now! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Gimme, gimme gimme…..SOON!!!

  • Jose Dan

    I cannot wait for the album…. and maybe a summer tour in ’11? i hope

  • SebiMeyer

    Only an idiot would laugh with the idiot comment I posted, you FAIL

  • Kim

    “But you never know, we might get back together on Monday and after discussing stuff we might just throw this all out and say maybe we need to go back to the drawing board. Who knows, as I say, it’s all up in the air at the moment.”


    Why do they insist on torturing us so?? 🙁

  • peter kacprzynski

    radiohead music is something in my life that is completely unexplainable in terms of importance and vital to my well being….it is the only music that hits every area of my soul…i love that band so much, they are currently the best band in the world.

  • peter kacprzynski

    specially because of creep.

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  • local man

    Classes should be structured on the way radiohead go about writing music. If it doesn’t feel right, why put it out there? Too many bands/”artists” put out an album every year or two, and mist of it is trash. Give me cash, I give you noise…why is this acceptable?

  • Bob

    I Am a Huge Radiohead fan as of only last year i Cannot get enough of em , am slowly collecting all Dvd’s etc and am Bloody excited at the prospect of New material coming out soon . My Dying ambition is to see them Live, then again & again & ……….

  • issa

    come on guy’s…please

    im willing to help

    coffee runs,indian food,whatever needed to bring it out

  • jenna


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