New Documentary about Radiohead/Oxford Music Scene

by Jonathan on September 26, 2010

Anyone Can Play GuitarJon Spira writes in to tell us about a new documentary he made called Anyone Can Play Guitar:

My documentary about the music scene that inspired, nurtured and launched Radiohead is now finished. Ed, Colin and their manager Chris Hufford all took part in the interviews and there is a bunch of hugely significant never-before-seen archival material including early live footage and what we believe to be the earliest ever band photos (taken during the recording of their first demo). We need to raise a few thousand pounds to fund the sound mix and picture grade, so we’ve signed up with

Anyone who donates to the project via the link below will get perks packages which include tickets to the premiere, credits on the film and free very limited edition pre-release DVDs of the film with extras that will never be available elsewhere. This is really your only guaranteed chance to see the film as early as possible.

The link to see the trailer and donate is:

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  • Against It

    Anyone know the name of the song/band playing in the background of the 2nd half of the promo video on indiegogo?

  • Jon Spira

    The song is ‘Mr 10%’ by Dive Dive.
    Dive Dive is Nigel Powell’s band. Nigel was a school friend of Radiohead, was in Johnny’s first band – Illiterate Hands, drummed for On a Friday one summer, toured with Radiohead as lighting designer and went on to form Unbelievable Truth with Thom’s brother Andy. He’s also currently Frank Turner’s drummer – he played Wembley Stadium this summer. Very talented man.

    You can check out Dive Dive on myspace –

  • sdrastwujte

    @ Jon Spira

    This is a wunderful project. Thank you for the opportunity to support it a little.
    Oh, and I’ve seen Andy at his Solo Tour, in Oxford as well as in London. A beautiful experience…

    The trailer is very exciting, can’t wait…

  • Against It

    @Jon Spira

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to the film.

  • R

    I saw the trailer and just wanted to say, this looks beautiful.

    It beams passion for this city of talent and music. Reminds me of my home town, The Hague.

    Makes me want to go to Oxford… :)


  • Against It

    I’m Against It

  • Dave

    Just being courious R, is The Hague similar to Oxford???

  • R

    Don’t know, never been to Oxford.

    It’s just that The Hague is also a city for musicians, lots of local bands that are really great but not very famous.


  • Fake Plastic

    did you see thom put neon bible on his playlist?
    damn i can’t imagine him listening to them.

  • Uktan

    Why? Is it bad to listen to a great band? I don’t get it.

  • Fake Plastic

    i guess if you like them.
    i’m not too into them.
    when i listened to the suburbs because i heard it was better then ok computer on one of the reviews.
    yea right!

  • Imightbewrong

    Dear greenplastic,

    i miss when u used to do updates, even if there was no news. :(
    Plz come back

  • Mellie

    No women in the Oxford music scene then, judging by the poster.

    Perhaps “Any man can play guitar?”

  • BabyAlligatorsGrowUpFast

    I like how you completely sidestep how you feel about the actual content (that has been shown thus far) and attempt to imply that this is somehow a sexist movie/music scene that disenfranchised women. I guess people can just see whatever they want in things, perception is too damn subjective.

  • Uktan

    @fake plastic: since when the opinion of a music critic matters? trying to compare both albums is just stupid. Still, AF is a great band and it’s easy to get why Thom would listen to them. I mean, why not? some of the other bands he puts aren’t that good.

  • local man

    This MUST be better than the last tape. That was horrendous.

  • Fake Plastic

    @uktan: well i don’t think they’re a great band because I don’t really like them. They’re stuff just isn’t for me. It’s all a matter of personal taste i guess.

  • Uktan

    Yeah, but if you don’t like something it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  • Fake Plastic

    well i never even used the word bad, only you used that word.
    i just said i don’t like them and that in my opinion the suburbs come nowhere near ok computer.

  • Uktan

    I don’t get why would you compare those albums, it’s like comparing californication with let it be. Still, no reason why Thom should’t listen to a good quality band or to find it strange, I mean, it’s Thom, we know he has an excellent music taste. Something I wouldn’t imagine would be Thom listening to 50 cent or Enrique Iglesias, that makes sense.

  • Fake Plastic

    i’m only comparing those two because i read a comparison on the two.

  • peter

    ohh god its the newest update for almost a month… i want some fresh news. what about their 8LP? cmmon with these guys!

  • Uktan

    Ok, then compare apples with mice, still it makes no sense at all.

  • peter

    ohh I had this dream about butt plug with jonny last night… their 8LP is on the way… that’s what he said to me… in my dream

  • Garcia

    An spanish rock band, named INKEYS, covers “No surprises”:

  • iskander

    An Scandinavian band named Boner, covers “clocks”:

  • Reckoner

    i think its time to post some new material. I love this website but I find I go through long periods of not visiting it because there is nothing new on it.

  • Mike

    I agree with Reckoner. I know there is no Radiohead news, and because of that there is not much to post, but this is the primary source I look to for RH material, because it is usually so comprehensive. I have been checking literally every day since I heard give up the ghost at Cambridge, and am hoping to god I will wake up and there will be album news. Great site, good mobile functionality (on iPhone now), but I wish postings were more frequent, even if they are just flashbacks to past rh songs or shows.

  • Lionel

    I agree with Reckoner, Mike and Iskander.

  • Fake Plastic

    yea i agree.
    i usually go to google news and type in either radiohead or thom yorke these days.
    have you guys heard about the 2 minute silent song that thom is collaborating on or something.
    it’s just a song thats 2 mins of absolute silence.

  • peter

    so bored…would you update something fresh already? 30 days and nothing happens

  • SebiMeyer

    @fake plastic: you better check mortigi tempo rather than google news, the 2 minute silence is old news

  • Fake Plastic

    its not that old, especially since thom just put on das now.
    don’t be such a cockhead sebimeyer.

  • SebiMeyer

    a cockhead is the guy that thinks that google news will have more news about radiohead that mortigi tempo HA!
    and even if thom have posted that in 2099 it would still be old news

  • Fake Plastic

    hahaha…2099. thats funny.
    but yea i should have gone to mortigi temp…but that websites kinda hard to navigate around.

  • Mike

    I need new album or not eating more dead

  • Mellie

    “I like how you completely sidestep how you feel about the actual content (that has been shown thus far) and attempt to imply that this is somehow a sexist movie/music scene that disenfranchised women. I guess people can just see whatever they want in things, perception is too damn subjective.”

    Well I see no women on the cover. I only see ten white men. What else am I meant to think?
    You too chose to sidestep the “actual content” in your comment so it’s silly to have a go at me for doing it.

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