Jonny Greenwood’s “Norwegian Wood” soundtrack out in Japan

by Jonathan on November 29, 2010

Norwegian WoodEarlier this year we told you about Jonny doing the score for Norwegian Wood, a movie based on the Haruki Murakami novel. Well, the soundtrack was released on November 10 but before you get too excited, it is only available in Japan. Get ready to shell out some Yen. In addition to Greenwood, German Krautrockers Can are also included on the soundtrack.

Here’s the tracklist:

Norwegian Wood: Original Soundtrack:

1. Jonny Greenwood – “Want to Organize Myself a Little More”
2. Jonny Greenwood – “”Grasslands, Wind, Woods”
3. Can – “Mary, Mary, So Contrary”
4. Jonny Greenwood – “I’ll Come See You Again”
5. Jonny Greenwood – “Don’t Read What Hasn’t Been Baptized by Time”
6. Jonny Greenwood – “Reiko”
7. Can – “Bring Me Coffee or Tea”
8. Jonny Greenwood – “Naoko Is Dead”
9. Jonny Greenwood – “Be Good and Stay Quiet”
10. Jonny Greenwood – “Wondered Around”
11. Jonny Greenwood – “Quarter Tone Bloom”
12. Can – “Don’t Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone”
13. Jonny Greenwood – “Just Take Me When You Take Me”
14. Jonny Greenwood – “Stormy Auditory Hallucinations”

And the trailer which prominently uses the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood,” but it also has some original music, likely written by Greenwood:

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  • Jay Tee

    Jonny did a great job scoring “There Will Be Blood” so I’m sure the music on “Norwegian Wood” will be no exception. Too bad it’s only available in Japan…

  • Kyo

    I wish I could be that girl, the guy’s so hot.

  • James

    Previews can be found here on the Japanese iTunes store

  • Jarod

    Nevel liked alsian molvies

  • Another guy named James

    Thanks James for that itunes link. can’t wait!

  • Yet a third guy named James…just kidding my name’s Adam

    I am a fan of Jonny’s soundtrack work. I often listen to Bodysong and There Will Be Blood soundtracks. Great high or sleep music. I particularly enjoy Prospectors Arrive and Prospectors Quartet off TWBB.

  • Gory

    Oh wow…
    The song titled “liko Dakara Damatette” has the same melody as Thom’s Present Tense, besides a few variations.
    Hope this doesn’t mean that Present Tense won’t feature on the next Radiohead album : (

  • Kyo

    There’s actually a few songs on there that have the same melody of present tense. Discovered it yesterday. The whole soundtrack is beautiful.

  • Ju

    Actually Norwegian wood is being released world wide. One of my favorite musicians and books – awesome

  • nuttin

    some songs are from Doghouse.
    but whole package is cool.Love it

  • Jarod

    Yes nuttin indeed, give me some of thar package. You’ll love me.

  • Jose Dan

    This will be solid I’m sure. Murakami is a phenomenal author with many great works. And obviously Jonny is, well, Jonny. A perfect combination.

  • James

    I have something solid right here

  • Joel

    Jonny can have some of my wood anytime.

  • Jake

    Can I help him set it on fire? I’m burning baby.

  • The album is coming next year! I know it!

  • David
  • Don’t open it, it’s a virus, thanks david for ruining my pc, fucker…

  • jon

    Pretty sure the real Pantrus has a mac.

  • jon

    Of course I would know everything about my lover.

  • jon

    Pantrus is the man for me, I love taking care of him.

  • p n t r s

    io non parlo lo inglese . può alcuni uno spiega a me che era successo ?

  • I understand now. My boyfriend was talking about me. I love him. His penis is amazing. I would love to lick it tonight.

  • Ora capisco. Il mio ragazzo stava parlando di me. Io lo amo. Il suo pene è sorprendente. Mi piacerebbe leccare stasera.

  • jon

    I’ll be forever yours my little panter… ROOOAAARRR!!!
    I’ll put myself in 4 so you can give me your seed of love.

  • Neb
  • Tent

    When The Kinks did the soundtrack for the film Percy they covered their own song Lola in an instrumental version. In other words: I still hope the present tense isn’t gone!

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