The Lost Radiohead album

by Jonathan on December 17, 2010

Take some time today to read this article about how Radiohead’s OK Computer and In Rainbows were meant to complement each other. Now, this is just speculation but some interesting points have been raised. What do you think?

Ten years after OK Computer shocked the world, Radiohead released In Rainbows on October 10 (10/10). Though no one was expecting the album to be released until 2008, Radiohead announced In Rainbows just ten days in advance. In Rainbows, which consists of ten letters, has ten tracks, and would be downloadable from a rumored ten servers.

Radiohead preceded the release of In Rainbows with nine cryptic messages. They repeatedly emphasized X, the Roman Numeral for ten, in phrases such as “March Wa X”, and “Xendless Xurbia”. The tenth message was posted on October 10 with a photo of the band drinking tea.

There has been a lot of speculation over Radiohead’s emphasis of ten surrounding the release of In Rainbows. One theory suggests that Radiohead was typifying a binary code of ones and zeros,1010101010. This has come to be known as the Binary Theory, also called the TENspiracy by some.

Puddlegum first addressed the Binary Theory in Radiohead: 1010101010. Someone associated with Thom Yorke contacted Puddlegum, sharing Thom’s reaction to Puddlegum’s article:

“The meaning behind all of this is right in front of our faces, we’re just overlooking it. [Thom] has been expecting an article much like this one for a couple of years, as have I. But I’m willing to wager he’ll have fun waiting a few more. On the other hand, it seems to annoy him that no one ‘gets it’ yet, given the mountain of clues.”

Ten days after our original article, we have come to believe that OK Computer and In Rainbowswere meant to complement each other. During the writing and recording process of OK Computer, Radiohead used the working title of Zeros and Ones. If OK Computer is represented by 01, and In Rainbows is represented by 10, then we have 01 and 10. In binary code 01 and 10 complement each other.

Consider that In Rainbows was meant to complement OK Computer, musically, lyrically, and in structure. We found that the two albums can be knit together beautifully. By combining the tracks to form one playlist, 01 and 10, we have a remarkable listening experience. The transitions between the songs are astounding, and it appears that this was done purposefully.

The lyrics also seem to complement each other. There appears to be a concept flowing through the01 and 10 playlist. Ideas in one song is picked up by the next, such as “Pull me out of the aircrash,”and “When I’m at the pearly gates, this will be my videotape.”

To create the 01 and 10 playlist, begin with OK Computer’s track one, Airbag, and follow this with In Rainbow’s track one, 15 Step. Alternate the albums, track by track, until you reach Karma Police onOK Computer, making All I Need the tenth track on the 01 and 10 playlist. Follow Karma Police withFitter Happier from OK Computer, for tracks eleven and twelve. These two tracks act as a bridge between the first ten and the following ten tracks on the 01 and 10 playlist. Then continue to alternate the albums again, picking up with Faust Arp on In Rainbows, with Electioneering on OK Computeras the following track.

Radiohead – 01 and 10 playlist:
1. Airbag (OK Computer)
2. 15 Step (In Rainbows)
3. Paranoid Android (OK Computer)
4. Bodysnatchers (In Rainbows)
5. Subterranean Homesick Alien (OK Computer)
6. Nude (In Rainbows)
7. Exit Music (For A Film) (OK Computer)
8. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (In Rainbows)
9. Let Down (OK Computer)
10. All I Need (In Rainbows)
11. Karma Police (OK Computer)
12. Fitter Happier (OK Computer)
13. Faust Arp (In Rainbows)
14. Electioneering (OK Computer)
15. Reckoner (In Rainbows)
16. Climbing Up The Walls (OK Computer)
17. House Of Cards (In Rainbows)
18. No Surprises (OK Computer)
19. Jigsaw Falling Into Place (In Rainbows)
20. Lucky (OK Computer)
21. Videotape (In Rainbows)
22. The Tourist (OK Computer) has more about this, as well as a conspiracy theory about Kid A.

(via Kottke)

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  • Ya Boy

    fucking brilliant mate

  • Ya Boy

    I Know it’s old but if anyone just discovers this or stumbles upon this page check this mix.
    1. You Never Wash Up After Yourself (Live)
    2. Kinetic
    3. Talk Show Host
    4. Mk1
    5. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Acoustic)
    6. Go Slowly
    7. Down is the New Up
    8. Polyethylene (Pts. 1 & 2)
    9. Melatonin
    10. I Am Citizen Insane
    11. Up on the Ladder
    12. India Rubber
    13. Banana Co. (Acoustic)
    14. Last Flowers to the Hospital
    15. Gagging Order
    16. Bangers and Mash
    17. Big Ideas (Acoustic)
    18. Climbing up the Walls (Zero 7 Mix)
    19. How I Made My Millions
    20. Maquiladora
    21. Mk2
    22. 4 Minute Warning
    23. Worrywort
    24. True Love Waits (Live in Oslo)
    Recommend 10sec crossfades. Its seamless, you’re lucky I’m a genius.

  • Ya Boy

    Also if you’re into dope crossfade playlists peep this joint:
    1. Turn Your Lights Down Low – Bob Marley & the Wailers
    2. Nude – Radiohead
    3. Hey – Pixies
    4. Dear Prudence – Beatles
    5. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
    6. Dream Journal – Cloakroom
    7. Fearless – Pink Floyd
    8. Smoke Away the Pain – Freddie Gibbs
    9. Careful With that Axe Eugene (Live at Pompeii) – Pink Floyd
    10. Faust Arp – Radiohead
    11. Mood for a Day – Yes
    12. E – Cloakroom
    13. Indian Summer – The Doors
    14. High Powered – Dr. Dre
    15. Green is the Colour (BBC Sessions 1970) – Pink Floyd
    Again rock 10sec crossfades and it sounds much better stoned or on shrooms or lsd. Ya Boy out!

  • Andrew Merrymaker

    This is rubbish.

    The lost Radiohead album is the one between OKc and Kid A, Thom wanted to call Cogs.

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