Oh, Jimmy Carr!

by Jonathan on February 8, 2011

From Jimmy Carr’s twitter.

(thanks to Rafael)

UPDATE: In case you didn’t know, Jimmy Carr is a comedian and this was, of course, a joke.

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  • Thehughmaxwells


  • ThomOBrienw

    Why is “The Mail” capitalized?? And why would there album be given away on Sunday with the mail?? The mail doesn’t come on Sunday. Does this mean that their album wil never come? SCREW YOU JIMMY CARR

  • ‘The Mail’ is a British Newspaper/tabloid.

  • Olhoandroide

    It may be a ‘revolutionary new way’ of launching an album…

  • I’m so excited. Can we get some kind of link or reference? 😀

  • Jonathan uk

    It also happens to a bad one that always gives away terrible CDs / DVDs. I think jimmy is taking the piss…

  • If this is a farce I’m going to be pissed.

  • JoeM

    It’s a joke guys. Remember this is Jimmy Carr speaking

  • Justin

    “The Mail on Sunday” is a conservative UK newspaper (affiliate of “The Daily Mail”). He was just making fun of the way they released “In Rainbows” by saying they’ll just be giving away their new album in a widely-circulated newspaper. Funny, but cruel to us fans who’ve been waiting for years.

  • Jarod

    It doesn’t mean anything guys, resign yourselves to a long wait, you’ll spare yourselves alot of disappointment and it will be that much better when it actually does come out.

  • Ecraft

    I dunno…people keep talking about a track listing showing up on Radiohead’s site. I copied this from Wikipedia:

    “In early February, 2011, Radiohead TV began occasional flashes of what appeared to be a tracklist of songs, possibly for their pending album. The text would pop up every one to two hours, and remained onscreen for less than thirty seconds. The text lists binary numbers and what would appear to be eleven potential tracks, as follows:
    0 mkIII
    1 super collider
    10 give up the ghost
    11 clipsed
    100 the present tense
    101 the daily mail
    110 i froze up
    111 fishes, ever weirder species
    1000 big boots to fill
    1001 true love waits
    1010 how well it happens

  • Jenny Penny

    Check Radiohead TV site. New tracklist is up.

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  • Johnson Connor92

    This is a joke. Think about it for a few seconds…. Radiohead would never release an album in a tabloid magazine. It was a joke, everyone needs to calm down. The album won’t be out for a while

  • John Kukheart

    looks like he went back in and already deleted the comment, the new u2 album comes out in May, so we will get a new radiohead before them? March seems like a good month to me.

  • MrBildung

    … i never heard of jimmy carr but i don’t like him :/

  • Johnyjoe

    Epic troll.

  • KC
  • nikola2705

    My mistake the new Radiohead album will not be given away free with The Mail. I’m not even sure they’re going to do a Radiohead Glee. – Jimmy Carr

    This is his last post! -.-
    It’s better for this guy that we never meet somewhere. . .. ..

  • For a moment, it really took my breath away… He is so mean!

  • James

    He might be handsome, but I would never date him after writting that………

  • Stevie K

    Jesus guys! I got that it was a joke straight away, granted some of you don’t have the British context but I know Jimmy is a massive Radiohead fan and didn’t do it in spite. Calm damn, the new album’s out very soon and even if it wasn’t there is no need for the vitriol.

  • Mr. X

    Hahah! It wasntt a joke after all:D

  • Michael

    I don’t think it was a joke anymore!!!!!! Hahaha, maybe he was a day off, but I’m sure it was an inside joke nodding at their release of the “newspaper album”

  • Indieslap

    i guess he wasn’t joking after all?

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