Strange tweet from Radiohead – What does it mean?

by Jonathan on February 17, 2011

Radiohead's twitter

Let the craziness continue. A strange message written in Japanese was posted to Radiohead’s twitter earlier this morning. The screenshot above translates to ‘Hachiko Square Shibuya, Friday 18:59.’  Your guess is as good as ours about what this means.

What we do know is that Hachiko Square is in Tokyo and is named after a loyal dog said to have met his master faithfully every night at a certain hour even after his master died. It is also considered one of the busiest and most hectic pedestrian crossings in the world. If you saw Lost in Translation, you may remember the scene where Bill Murray and Scarlet Johanssen walked through it.

So, what does Radiohead plan to do? Is it a concert? Webcast? Are they planning on doing something with all the video screens in the square? Speculate away in the comments…

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