‘The King of Limbs’ out now! New Video! Hurrah!

by Jonathan on February 18, 2011

This week has been full of surprises to say the least. We woke up this morning to find that the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs, was available to download a day early. If you pre-ordered, head on over to www.thekingoflimbs.com to get your copy now. If you haven’t purchased the album yet, get over there now! What are you waiting for?

The King of Limbs by RadioheadHere’s the tracklist:

  1. Bloom
  2. Morning Mr Magpie
  3. Little By Little
  4. Feral
  5. Lotus Flower
  6. Codex
  7. Give Up The Ghost
  8. Separator

What does The King of Limbs mean, anyway? According to Wikipedia, the name of the album possibly refers to an oak tree in Wiltshire’s Savernake Forest, thought to be 1,000 years old. The tree is a pollarded oak, referring to an ancient technique for harvesting timber for fencing and firewood. Though it does not feature on maps, the tree is said to be 3 miles (4.8 km) from Tottenham Court House, where Radiohead recorded part of their previous album In Rainbows.

We were also thrilled to see that a video was posted for “Lotus Flower” this morning. It was produced and directed by Garth Jennings. Check it:

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts about the album in the comments. Enjoy!

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  • http://www.VimaxReview.com JonnyForever

    yo, anyone got the chords for “codex” … i wanna play that sucker on my banjo.

    the album is fantastic. particularly the second half which is absolutely gorgeous.

  • http://www.chrisrusak.com Chris Rusak

    After a fourth listen, differing between the stereo and headphones, I think there’s a lot more on the horizon.

    The In Rainbows B-disc was 8 tracks long, many thin on lyrics; TKOL is about the same. It’s likely we’re all listening to the B-disc of something larger. Perhaps the deluxe edition will have ‘the full album.’ Perhaps we’re listening to the ‘album’ in reverse – both “Bloom” and “Separator” reference ‘the water.’

    Some other thoughts as I geek out in ecstacy over the new release.

    “Feral” is very enigmatic, almost coded, or a puzzle-composition. Later comes a track “Codex” – which has a brief intro that abruptly switches into something completely different, as if parallel. Opening lyric – “Sleight of hand.” (The song, btw, is beautiful and I’ve never heard Thom allow his voice to crack like that.)

    The album’s deluxe packaging is a clear play on the declining format of newspaper. “Morning Mr. Magpie” has some elements that sound pretty scathing to the state of the music industry – there’s a certain element in all of this commenting on the changing of formats and things that we’re used to. Not death or transgression – perhaps, it’s a common theme throughout RH’s work – but I think the band has grown up and decided to become mature with their compositions. And, too, that which they are writing about or inspired from. The iPod, Kindle, the internet – this new marketplace we just received our Radiohead albums from – is much different than the days of reading about Amnesiac being released in the back of a magazine, and when it would go on sale at Tower Records. All those things are essentially gone now.

    This album sounds very different in headphones, than through a stereo. Perhaps knowing that many people listen to an album on shitty four pence earbuds from Crapple – but there exists those of us who run to our stereos to hear music in a space (the closest thing to a concert) – the band decided to try something new. Build an album that sounds different – in different formats. All 8 songs are extremely different when in-ear or through-air. This is not specific to just this album or this band, but “Feral” is the biggest chameleon between spaces.

    To those who are missing guitars, turn up your volume on “Give Up the Ghost” – there’s a plethora of acoustic -strings- in there.

    Finally, as others have said, both the lyrics of, and the title to the ‘final’ track (“Separator”) on this ‘album’ suggest it separates something more to come, this is not the end. There have been several media interviews where it was suggested by members of the band that the “new format” could be smaller albums more quickly. In the 1950s “albums” weren’t the norm – EPs. When LPs, cassettes and CDs came around – suddenly you could sell the consumer something more than an 8-track.

    But, today we’re all listening to an 8-track from the internet.

    “If you think this is over yet you’re wrong. Wake me up… wake me up.”

  • Anonymous

    I reaaaaallly hope you’re right. But I think all of this speculation about a 2nd disk is born out of radiohead fans ultimate dissapointment(whether they admit it or not) with this yesterdays release. There is a tremendous amount of rationalizing going on among fans with this album. It kills me to say it, but it’s just not. that. good. And I’m afraid to say that the chances that your theory is correct are very slim. No, this is the album we got after 3 and a half years, for better or worse :( And that’s fine. I still love them and will be seeing them when they come to my city. But I wont be delusional and act like this is anything other than a dissapointment after all this wait.

  • forbin

    Normally I would say it’s disappointed rationalizing as well, but the fact that there is a staggered release is big evidence that the release of this album may be gradual. Releasing the physical CD on a different date than the mp3’s (and relatively far away for that matter) is odd, and I think it means something.

  • Sean

    It would be nice to have further releases in relation to this album, if only to have the opportunity to hear more Radiohead in a relatively short amount of time. However, if you remember, In Rainbows had a similar release in terms of the digital and physical options. I assumed when I bought the In Rainbows set, it was just a matter of time of production that caused the delay of physical release. Surely, they would not press an estimated amount of records in hopes of selling them all. I suppose it’s gauging response and demand. They, after all, are no longer under a label that will treat music with Fordism.

  • Chode

    I’m not saying you’re wrong to be disappointed in this – I think there’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying. But I have a hard time with fans that are so quick to assume “this is all we got”. Are they not one of the most creative, innovative bands of our generation? Should we not allow them the benefit of the doubt, or just assume they took 4 years to release an 8-track EP?

    Again, I don’t know if this is “all we got” or not — none of us do. But I think people are foolish to assume that the band has nothing else in store.

    Personally, I think they’re all doubling over in laughter at all of this speculation and banter back and forth, just waiting to drop another shoe.


  • Jose Dan

    well, this is the greatest album I’ve ever heard.
    this is just the beginning.
    oh, and I dig the artwork.

  • kinbote

    The end of Codex appears to morph from backwards-sounding noise to organic nature noises. It’s a magical moment really.

  • John

    I love it. In my opinion one of their most complete albums. I’m feeling a lot of Jonny in this, it’s got the some of the same feel of his soundtrack stuff.
    I do think it requires a decent stereo or a good pair of headphones to get the full effect.
    But it flows like a dream and provokes some strong emotions.

  • Kayte

    I’ve been thinking the same thing about this being the bonus disc. As mentioned, IR was 10 tracks + 8 tracks. As the stand out track on IR b-disc(to me), down is the new up, as in, backwards is the new forwards, or, as in this time it could be 8+10, or bonus disc first, also to go with the 18 songs as someone said, though coming in at 59min seems unlikely as these 8 are 37min. The beginning of bloom feels like a sort of prelude, sort of like mk1 in a way. Also the end of separator, as said, …..if you think it’s over your wrong…I like the way the guitar works it’s way into the forefront of the separator as the song progresses as well, perhaps hinting at the rest of the album???

    Seems likely(hopeful) there is more to come. So the deluxe release is may 9th, but what is march 28, that is the cd release? Who knows maybe the double vinyl is just these 8 songs, it says also a cd, but perhaps the cd contains different songs, it’s possible. It also says a digital download, so maybe those are different/new songs.
    In regards to listening via headphones and speakers, I agree, it makes a difference. I’ve listened through both. For me, my headphones are actually better than my stereo. A good set of cans can make a world of difference. This album is so layered and it’s really hard to hear it all until you listen many times and with good speakers/headphones. I find Radiohead music benefits from headpohnes with a large soundstage, of course that is sort of a personal subjective thing. One thing is sure though, crappy headphones or speakers equals crappy sound…you’re missing out.

    I understand about the guy who said who some people will follow blindly. I get that. But, just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t make it garbage. The first few listens I didn’t enjoy it as much, as is the case with most music, but I actually am beginning to really enjoy the whole album. So far the stand out is Lotus Flower, and Separator, but I’m enjoying all of them more and more with each listen. Also, the video for Lotus Flower is great, it seems ridiculous and silly at the same time, but actually it makes total sense and is one of the best I’ve seen, i usually hate music videos but this is so simple and it works, for me anyways.

    If this is the whole album I would be disappointed only because, coming in at 8 songs, 7+feral seems a little lite, but that shouldn’t take away from this still being a great album. Thinking about the IR bonus, it seems weak next to the main disc but each song on it is great. So if this is it, I still think it’s a great album, not groundbreaking, but different, enjoyable and the lyrics are really good.


    So what’s up with this list?

    Sterile (5:35)
    Nag (6:55)
    Orange, But Still Blue (4:39)
    Oddly (8:53)
    In Air (6:00)
    The King Of Limbs (14:57)
    Midafternoon Sunset (4:15)
    Couldn’t (4:23)

    Was it a hoax? Where did they take it from?


    I mean, because somebody knew there were going to be 8 songs before anyone else. where did this information came from???????

  • http://www.chrisrusak.com Chris Rusak

    Looks like some blog or YouTube account according to posters on Mortigi Tempo.

  • Kayte

    yeah someone seemed to have known or guessed 8 songs. And didn’t someone mention at the same time 8 secret tracks.
    That video doesn’t really go with the 8 on the album though, it has 11 listed. But one of the songs listed on the video says ‘give up ghost’…give up the ghost… so it seems odd, it’s a conspiracy, lol.
    So, are those 8 songs listed with lengths, still to come?

  • http://www.chrisrusak.com Chris Rusak

    Where did this list come from?

  • Kristjad
  • http://twitter.com/Klarden Klarden

    Btw,the video just begs to be torn down to GIFs.
    Like my GF did: http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii53/shate13/thomyorkedancingmove.gif
    Or this creepy sexiness: http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii53/shate13/thomyorkedancingmove3.gif
    Haven’t seen such “Thom is a sexy guy”-sentric video since Pop is Dead, i guess.

    Oh and did i already say that i loved the record? I guess, i forgot. So, there it is – i love the record. It sure sounds closer to Thom’s solo work, but at the same time it’s a definite band take on this kind of music, not his solo one. And it feels different. And is very “dancy”, so i like that Lotus Flower video sums up the entire record.

    About “i love the old sound” talk – that’s why we have their older records, don’t we? I mean, the recordings is the only honest way to FORCE some artist to perform something you want and when you want, even on infinite loop. No one takes any of the older records away, they don’t become “obsolete” and i honestly don’t think RADIOHEAD could (even if wanted) to make them more complete than they are. Instead they make everyone, including themselves, happy by doing something they can enjoy.

  • Kristjad

    So your in the business of making .gifs ey? Theres half a second of the most incredible, mad, fun penguin dancing from Thom at about 1:57 of this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5-O5kNTfrI It’s a nice circular motion so it would loop well. I think it’s more than worthy of a .gif.

    Theres a great 720p video of the whole concert floating around on youtube if you need better quality to cut from.

    Just a thought. no pressure. up to you. just saying.

  • tovaris

    Hi there! I think it is a brilliant album. RH rarely gives fans what we expect from them. There is always sg new, something different. This is a different album again, isn’t it? We didn’t really expect Kid A after the OK computer, but we got it and like it. And so on. This is something else again, but likeable. As it’s been said we need time for a RH album to grow it. So stop moaning, listen and enjoy!

  • tovaris

    And please stop saying 5 years! It was f…ing 3 and a half!

  • Not Friendly

    I get the impression, that this 8-track, 37 min thing they’ve got going for this album, is kind of the realisation (after a long time threatening/promising) of the more regular EP/short album ideas thing they’ve been touting alot over the years.
    I’ve seen quite alot of people theorising for a “second disc” idea with the limited edition physical release that some people have pre-ordered, ala. In Rainbows CD2 style.
    I don’t think this will likely happen myself, BUT …
    I AM totally expecting another mini-album/”EP” to be released within a year or so of this, similar to Kid A and Amnesiac, with other material from the same recording sessions rearing their collective heads (and no doubt, again, some tracks will be already familiar songs to us, whilst others will have been mostly been developed in studio, much like this album).
    So, whatever your opinions of this album may or may not be (for now and the forseeable future), I believe another new one is not far off on the horizon, anyway..

    as for my opinion of the album so far, I’m reserving my judgement yet – gonna take it in alot no doubt in the next few weeks, cya around …

  • Telex

    I really respect guys that want “the bends 2 “. I love this album as much as next guy but let me quote DJ Shadow here – when asked ifwhen he’d record next ‘Endtroducing…..’ he answered – “Are you fan of one album or an artist?

  • Homercleaz30

    Fantastic work, I will love letting this new work seep in and grow on me. I learnt from KidA that the sounds will be different but the overall album will be brilliant given a few listens. Pretty sure there is more to come, I remember reading a band comment a year or so ago about not doing complete albums anymore and maybe releasing EPs instead, plus what people have pointed out already about the two vinyls makes sense. There’s probably four tracks per side and the remaining songs may be available with the physical release. Lastly Separater seems like it’s Mouse Dog Bird from the Camridge solo set that Thom played last year. Here’s hoping a few songs from that set turn up in the future.

  • Tmo6

    Is Thom trying to look like Kurt Cobain, because it’s certainly working.

    I just hope Thom doesn’t go the same way as Kurt did…

  • Anonymous

    Remember your reaction on first listen to Kid A / Amnesiac? For me, I was straining (in vain) for glimpses of OK Computer. On first listen to In Rainbows, I was searching and craving more electronica in the spirit of Kid A. On The King of Limbs, I found myself wondering, “where’s Jonny?”, and “the Eraser Part II?”. So it does seem that every new Radiohead release (OK Computer being the exception) is met with an initial disappointment, followed by years of discovery and growing appreciation. There is plenty to discover on this subtle new album.

  • Rjgolden

    I’ve listened to the album a good 15 times since I got it… I definitely really enjoy the last half of the album, Lotus Flower on. But I really have to say that the first half of the album reminds me a lot of B-sides from Hail to the Thief and Amnesiac (think Com-Lag)… And it’s not that I don’t appreciate it’s artistic integrity, it’s just that, it doesn’t seem new to me. There’s a reason all the other Radiohead songs that song like that are on B-sides, it’s because they are really experimental sounding, and it feels like the only person making them is Thom. He could have made all four of those songs on his laptop. I feel like the first half of the album could have been an Atoms for Peace album. I can definitely say that of all the Radiohead albums, this one feels like it had the least input from the rest of the band. Also, eight songs is kind of a let down after four years.

    I agree with everyone giving the album some kudos, but I think that if you’re honest with yourself you’ll feel that you want a little more. And that’s OK. It’s nothing again Radiohead, they’re still the greatest band around IMO. Plus, you always have their live shows to look forward to, and really they are the greatest live performers around.

    Anyway… I have a good theory on the title of the album. “The King of Limbs” in the animal kingdom might be considered to be an octopus. They have eight limbs. This album has eight tracks. COINCIDENCE????? probably. But funny.

  • Go To Sleep Track5

    I get the feeling we are going to see something similar to when they put out Kid A and Amnesiac….just in opposite order….otherwise I think this album will really start growing on a lot of doubters…

  • Nik

    I definitely do NOT dislike the album….but, it feels like an EP sort of release. I just wonder if we are going to get another album release soon after. Kind of like “Kid A” and “Amnesiac”.
    I like the mellowness to this album. Very eclectic. Just feels “unfinished” in the sense that there is more to come with this release.
    Anyone else get that feeling?

  • Nik

    just following up to my comment above…..I guess I should have read a few more of all the comments. I’m definitely not complaining about the album or the choice to have 8 songs. I mean, with “In Rainbows” we basically got a double album when you include the “B-side” portion. So, one really can’t complain that the band decided to stick to 8 songs this time around.

    But again, it seems like THEY have more to share than just this. Almost feels like they gave us an intro to something different.

    And I think the video is AWESOME. We’ve seen Thom doing his dancing more and more over the past year or so and it’s fitting to use that as a video showpiece. I think it sums up Thom’s latest performance persona in an interesting and entertaining way!

  • http://twitter.com/mungofrench kdub

    i love the new album.

    as far as the comments go…”unfinished” or the whole wanting more thing? i will always always want more from this band. for me, it wouldn’t matter if they released something with 25 songs. honestly, it would never be enough.

    that said, i’m very grateful for any bit i get. nothing uplifts my spirits like more radiohead.

  • Maja

    This album is just awesome! I put the headphones on and I’m somewhere far far away. But this is definitely for people who listen to dubstep or some other eletronic music a bit, so let’s say I can understand people who don’t get it or are disappointed
    Well no, actually I don’t understand them – it just had to happen, haven’t you followed Thom’s office charts???!

    Just love it!

  • Maja

    oh, and I just can’t get my eyes off the video! It’s totally hipnotizing.

  • Helpyouhelpher

    morning mr magpie is certified genius

  • shutthefuckuppercut

    Fucking whine whine whine.
    I want Radiohead to release an album in two years time, a guitarheavy crunk meets europop meets early-Crass album and everybody will fucking weep and say OMG we want the sound from The King Of Limbs back. I cant hear Thom! Where’s Thom?! All I can hear is Jonny and his elbows. Whine whine etc.
    TKOL is totally pretty.

  • yougofirst

    If everyone stops whining, will you stop with your whine too?

  • Dennis

    It’s funny, you guys complaining about us wanting a bit more rock sound way more whiny. Stop being such a cunt.

  • Tom

    You are a waste of life Dennis. Its unfortunate that you’re a Radiohead fan (or at least you must be one, but all you do is cry like a baby).

  • shutthefuckuppercut

    Fucking whine whine whine.
    I want Radiohead to release an album in two years time, a guitarheavy crunk meets europop meets early-Crass album and everybody will fucking weep and say OMG we want the sound from The King Of Limbs back. I cant hear Thom! Where’s Thom?! All I can hear is Jonny and his elbows. Whine whine etc.
    TKOL is totally pretty.

  • Notureboy

    After about 15 listens now, I have to say I’m disappointed.

    I still thinks its great – haven’t even listened to anything else and am still going on it, however – its only slightly growing on me in terms of having some type of palette other than shades of gray and its as simple as that.

    There are walls & labyrinths of sound here, great sounds, but at the near-complete loss any new, amazing guitar pillaging – and for me that is just too great a loss. If they want to play dubstep or orchestral instruments – fine, but thats not moder rock. You can’t be all things at once and I wanted to hear some destruction…even on one single bitty song – but theres not even TWO MINUTES of anyone doing anything serious at all on a guitar. Maybe a second CD sneak-release will jam some.

    Sorry but I want to hear them jam and destory a little bit, and there’s none of that here. Thats just how I fucking feel about it. And coming off the tear-the-whole-goddam house apart and then think about it sensation that In Rainbows (cd1) is…this to me is just too similar to Thom’s Eraser and In Rainbows CD#2.

    Again – there is still great stuff here, it doesn’t blow at all, but its overall rather gray to me right now even after 15 listens. Can’t say I love it if I don’t. I’m sure I’ll get more into it, but there is just not really much of anything to really grab onto right now that I want to take with me through the day.

  • Gldaugherty

    I love it…and I respect everyones opinion. For me, it really delivers and shows growth and maturity. The lush, romantic melodies mixed with ironic, straightforward, often startling lyrics are still there. I think they are asking for more participation from the listener and I am ready and willing to engage.. Man, the freakin hostility. Some bunch of opinionated egotists…ha ha. What’s indulgent about this? And be a little more specific about why you think so. Blah Blah Blah. So serious!

  • Dennis

    You know, I’d just like to say that I feel the reason so many of you are getting so bent out of shape about people not being crazy about the album and wanting a bit more variety in it, is because you yourselves don’t actually know if you like it or not. So you get defensive, saying how brilliant it is and that it’s the best they’ve done because you have this need to prove to every one else what good little fans you are.

    Now, the album is good, there is no doubt about that. But, really, the best they’ve done? C’mon. Stop trying to suck the bands dicks and think for yourself for a change.

  • Notureboy

    So to conclude, I’ve worn this thing out since release but I now feel like I’ve OD’d on heroin and didn’t even get to jam once.

    I gotta cheer the hell back up after this KOL dirge though…so I’m going back to the (seemingly vomitous, silly-guitar-monkeying and immaturity of) Amnesiac / Kid A / OK / Hail / Rainbows (1) so that I can see some damn musical colors in my mind after this broody, Eraser-Part-2 dark grey recording.

    Very few drumlines in KOL sound like a human drummer is even in the band now…the beats are erratic, tinny, and its getting annoying. After about 17 listens now – the color, mood, scape & atmosphere of this recording is – for me mind you – an overcast blur of grayness vs. the stellar array of colors (and guitar work), sonic blasting and nebulae of any of the past 5 major efforts. Everything since Amnesiac has featured countless elements, esp guitars in ways NO ONE plays them but radiohead – they did things 12 years ago that are still fresh today. But there is not one full minute of guitars doing anything but noodling, henpecking, and mood vamping…a veritable sound-slinky that won’t walk down-stairs on its own.

    Trust, I don’t believe for a second they should play only guitars, but I’m not gonna sit here getting bashed that I’m some type of cro-magnon becuase I wanted to hear some crazy new guitar work from great guitarists. I feel like someone died – namely, everyone but Thom Yorke on this CD anyway.

    King of LImbs is in fact good – but its not very good nor is it excellent in my opinion – and sorry, but that is the hardest fucking thing on earth to say about the only band on earth that I really, really think is worth a damn and talk about constantly. I can only hope KOL Disk 2 is on the way and they are just gonna get the hell busy and use those fucking guitars.

    This is just a brown-out for me. .I simply can’t make any more excuses for having to even justify so many listens to get off….which is not often in KOL. I realize this is mostly a bust on the band…I’ve never once done that since 1997.

  • BoneyKing

    Have to agree with Notureboy and add that a 3-year wait to get 8 broody songs under 40 minutes is massively anti-climactic – especially given that radiohead decided to eliminate guitar almost entirely as a jam-element in this recording.

    Why are so many getting all urban-glasses on anyone who wants guitar-work? There is NO LIMIT to what radiohead could have done with them to give this recording some umph – even on one or two songs. It makes as much sense as buying a new yoyo ma CD featuring him on turntable with some light cello in the background…and that would suck bad.

    Radiohead can do whatever the hell they want – but there are so many influences and wishy washy, essentially Yorke-driven (seemingly) moments here, that nothing really major, new or that interesting stands out. RIP Radiohead guitars…why you did that, I have NO damn clue.

  • Thedpanteris

    TKOL = THE ERASER 2 (Bye bye Ed)

  • Anonymous

    Lol yea seriously what exactly is Ed going to do on stage with these songs?

  • radiogirl85

    You really hear a lot more if you play this in your car or home stereo and not on your shitty computer speakers, where everything sounds awful.

    These comments astound me and moreso that their Radiohead “fans”. People pissed and moaned that the band was taking too long to release it and now that they have, their still pissing and moaning about it’s lack of guitars (funny, I hear them) among other things. You don’t deserve Radiohead’s music.

  • Radiohead fan

    I love this album, but I can’t agree with your crazy comments. I don’t think its up to YOU to decide whether someones a fan or not.

  • I don’t deserve this

    hahahahaha money? aweful sound? little silly girl

  • Dennis

    Once again, it’s fans like YOU that make all Radiohead fans sound like snobs. So what if everyone isn’t in love with the album? Get over it. You like it, so why isn’t that enough for you?

  • Wow

    There are guitars on the album. I feel like people get frustrated that, even though there are gutiars, they’re played sporadically at times, and in unconventional ways and time signatures that you can’t just pick up and play in 15 mins like The Bends or National Anthem or Lucky.

    So really you either
    a) aren’t a musician and don’t know what you’re listening to, or what you’re listening for
    or b) you are a musician but you’re either not good enough, or dont want to push your ability enough, to want to play songs like Little by Little or Mr Magpie.

    Radiohead is ultimately a band for artistic people, often times musicians but just artistic minds in general. If you want rocking guitar songs, shut up and see if there are more tracks to come. Or build a time machine and turn it to 1997. Or listen to Muse. Or don’t do any of those things, but keep your annoying thoughts to yourself please, or at least spew them out in doses we all can handle.

  • Notureboy

    “Wow…Defensive” I think is your actual name. Accusations flying. There are smears here, but your accusations – while from frustration – are in fact platitudes. I’m an artist, a muscian – and I hear the guitars that are on TKOL. Its not complex by any means vs. any previous stuff.

    I don’t want repeats – but the fact is- 3/4 of radioheads discograhy is the best post-rock / modern rock / rock-n-roll – whatever you want to call it. I doubt many of us are just listening for the only the pensive, mellow, soft spoken, digital, non-guitar work. Those are in fact – among my favorite too. This album would simply be fantastic had one, two or even four “jam” songs been on it. But that is almost entirely absent, but it has a predecessor – the fact that EVERY SINGLE radiohead CD before it pretty much jams.

    Maybe there is more “crunk” on the way. But to say we’re all a bunch of simpletons because we don’t just admire this off the bat w/o guitars is as cliche as political speak. You should know too that in the art world, everyone’s and every artist is a critic and sometimes you see a work from a master that you just don’ t totally love on site. This is one of them for me. Again – lots of great work, here but to me…disappointing on first and many listens.

    If we want “spew” then you can only say that 3/4 of all radiohead’s’ music that most of us admire – is just spew. Asking for a few sprinkles of tear-the-f-ing-house-down “spew” is not illogical or unresasonable for this CD.

  • Al

    LOTUS FLOWER meets… 15 STEP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2Qls_2pv1w

  • frank

    that’s pretty freaking cool HHAHAHAHAAHa

  • kortabaleb

    comments around feels like there is gonna be way less people at their next tour….which i dont mind at all to be honest…
    also think is not their best at all but hey…we can’t expect somebody else to be fulfilling our empty days completely can we? be well guys, stop moaning, enjoy this and many other great records around…

  • Notureboy

    Yeah I know…can’t stop posting. After listening to nothing but previous (not necessarily “old”) radiohead all day I’m going to slap KOL back on and see how I feel about it. I just bashed all over it (sorta…just being honest – I am saddened to hear no new guitar progression of any type) but I’m also a curious person and so I want to see where it goes tonight. Its still so amorphous, like radiohead classicly always is, that I can’t wait to challenge all of those thoughts head on with more listens. The wife wonders if I’ve gone mad.

  • Jarod

    I’m hearing way to many comparisons to old albums, this isn’t Amnesiac’s and Kid A’s love child and it isn’t the next Eraser, it’s the first King of Limbs.

  • Nephistomeles

    Roses are red, the sky is blue, the dead aren’t alive, your widsom is so great!!!

  • Johnyjoe

    Typical internet backlash is typical.

  • Jake

    just like fags that talk about typical things 😛

  • Notureboy

    In going back to some previous radiohead / Thom recordings I still have to say TKOL is very much (to me) like extensions of In Rainbows Disk 2 (though it has more jams on it) and much more like Eraser. Its not useful to entirely compare them to these two predecessors – TKOL is still a good album full of surprises and its growing on me.

    I just keep coming back to the fact that other than some good beats and lots of beautiful, mellow stuff – there is not one powerful moment of guitar jam / destruction here (or should I call it “crunk”…a term someone used below, which I guess means that 3/4 of radiohead’s history on CD is just “crunk” that today’s post dubstep fans find to be worthless?)

    In any case…a full day of just old radiohead + Eraser, excluding Pablo & Bends (which are not so amazing in my book…some maybe 1/3 of it) has me wanting more TKOL though you just have to find the jam in it through means other than guitar. Not my favorite by a longshot, but there are still worlds of sound to explore here.

  • Notureboy

    In going back to some previous radiohead / Thom recordings I still have to say TKOL is very much (to me) like extensions of In Rainbows Disk 2 (though it has more jams on it) and much more like Eraser. Its not useful to entirely compare them to these two predecessors – TKOL is still a good album full of surprises and its growing on me.

    I just keep coming back to the fact that other than some good beats and lots of beautiful, mellow stuff – there is not one powerful moment of guitar jam / destruction here (or should I call it “crunk”…a term someone used below, which I guess means that 3/4 of radiohead’s history on CD is just “crunk” that today’s post dubstep fans find to be worthless?)

    In any case…a full day of just old radiohead + Eraser, excluding Pablo & Bends (which are not so amazing in my book…some maybe 1/3 of it) has me wanting more TKOL though you just have to find the jam in it through means other than guitar. Not my favorite by a longshot, but there are still worlds of sound to explore here.

  • Xxsomerset

    can’t agree more

  • Go To Sleep Track5

    Go ahead; be disappointed with The King of Limbs….not with the music…but the release, the lack of tracks on the album, or the lack of hype from the band leading up to the album. I am enjoying each and every song on this album more and more. The more I listen to it, the more I find thing that I didn’t originally hear on first or second or even tenth listen. It’s not what I expected, but nothing I have ever gotten from Radiohead ever is. Look at the gap of difference between The Bends and OK Computer, OK was a step up, something had obviously changed in these guys, and for the good. It was progression above what everyone else had expected. Then look at Kid A, more progression, a second album to follow that up, and now the expectation for them to reinvent themselves and not be what they had previously put out. Then Hail to the Thief, again something new and not Radiohead (although music that you can’t label as “Radiohead”, might as well be considered Radiohead), and also the release of Radiohead TV, a huge step. Next In Rainbows, the honor pay, brilliant, but again big hype by the band on Radiohead.com leading up to the album, the cryptic messages and conspiracy theories(fueling the level of attention and hype), and the extra b-sides. With Radiohead (since OK Computer (in my opinion of course)) you have always gotten something extra from them, again whether it be with progression of music, extra tracks, or new ways of releasing their music, you always felt like you were getting treated special for being a fan, you’re always getting more than you expected. With The King of Limbs, that feeling was lost by a lot of fans, and I understand that completely, it’s just not what you expected. But, that being said look what it is doing, YOU (we) are talking about it a lot more than we would if this was common for Radiohead, but it’s not. We have been trained to expect more. It was announced only few days before the release, the band isn’t talking about it at all, almost four years and there is only 8 tracks and contains songs that you have already heard (not how you have originally heard them, but still not new). So be disappointed, because Radiohead has made you expect more from them, and again not in the quality of music, because that is still there, but in the lack of what was given to us so far as a package. Any band can release an album and have bonus stuff with, but no one has ever done it like Radiohead, and never will. Again, they have made it so you should expect more, and with this band I KNOW IT’S COMING, and I DON’T CARE WHEN.

  • Notureboy

    Many good points here – perhaps the best being “radiohead has made you expect more from them…” and there is way more investigation / clue-hunting and all going on here than I have time for…but clearly more has to be on the way.

    Those of us bitching & winge-ing about this “soft” release are perhaps just playing the fiddle, taking the bait they have set out for us.

    That – or else they just suck now. Totally kidding. So this is something to think about. There must be more to the format of releasing all this – they are simply not going to take all this time to release only a down-tempo cd. And while I’m not wild about it – I continue to listen to it daily to soak it up…but then have to go back to the last 6 cds to get my meat on.

  • Ben Symonds
  • Kevin C Yessian

    The waters clear, so go into it, be as you are with us.

  • Matyas

    This is a brilliant album. Enough said.

  • hi

    It’s good, but they’ve done better. Case closed.
    And enough bitching about it, already. People who like it will continue to do so, and people who don’t will continue to (passionately) hate it.
    Also, here’s to hoping the newspaper edition has a bonus disc! :)

  • Frank

    I believe this new album is very experimental. It is a direction the band has taken since Kid A. Now that radiohead is so well installed in the music industry, i don’t think they will make album to please their public, but more to please themselves. I’m always happy to hear news and songs from radiohead. For now, i don’t really like Kings of limbs, but i had the same feeling with In rainbows and i now have a copy of it everywhere i go. Sometimes, an album needs to be listened more than once to extract it’s pure essence.

    I juste like radiohead, that’s it. It’s a little bit like love, people don’t understand why you like that music so much, you just do. I’ve stop trying a long time ago to convince others to like radiohead. It’s a music you discover by yourself, not a music you have to be forced to listen to.

    And i just want to add, Thom dancing makes me laught! It helps my moral when i feel down. I kind of like it but i don’t know why… just like the music.

  • Jlfvrs

    come on Thom…what’s with the f’in hat dude. Just as I thought, he’s floated a bit too far into the ether for me…bummer. Lotus Flower and Codex seem up to par, and Bloom and Little by Little are ok…thanks for those. Not sure what happenned on the other 4 tracks..they seem like afterthoughts or filler. Feral and Morning Mr Mag make me ill. Come on man..this should’ve been the free album. What gives..too many side projects? Maybe it’s time to leave the music behind.

  • Mzhatt

    Love it! Love him :)

  • Mzhatt

    Dig those moves :)

  • Rhrhutchy

    has anyone else ordered that newspaper album and not recieved it?

  • Ninfixedhalo6

    Thom doing an Ian Curtis here? Glad to see the boys still creating. I lived and breathed RH up until Kid A. Saw them many many times live in some great New York City places like The Mercury Lounge acoustic gig pre- Bends (the Bends EP?), Tramps on The Bends tour with that giant fucking pole right in the middle of the floor, Roseland with Belly on the Pablo Honey tour (what a splash they made on that one), Hammerstein on those OK Computer gigs which one was filmed for MTV..and culminating at Radio City with an exhausted road weary band putting on a couple of the most mind blowing shows for OK Computer I have ever seen….great memories. I was never moved as much again seeing them after those Radio City shows..even at the Liberty Park show mere weeks before 9/11..and taking the ferry from the World Trade Center with the glorious lit downtown skyline as a backdrop…who knew what was to come?

  • bloomj88

    Simply put, this is an amazing album! It has this effect on me that makes me feel somewhat like a tree you could say. The beginning grows on me, then instantly starts chopping me down, then grows again.

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