Radiohead, bigger than the Beatles?

by Jonathan on February 22, 2011

Spotted over at today is this story written Tim Carmody about Radiohead and their success at being relevant since first starting out and how that compares with other bands.

Still, I think music fans and cultural observers need to grapple with this a little: Radiohead’s first album, Pablo Honey, came out 18 years ago. Here’s another way to think about it: when that album came out, I was 13; now I’m 31. And from at least The Bends to the present, they’ve commanded the attention of the musical press and the rock audience as one of the top ten — or higher — bands at any given moment. You might have loved Radiohead, you might have been bored by them, you might have wished they’d gone back to an earlier style you liked better, but you always had to pay attention to them, and know where you stood. For 18 years. That’s an astonishing achievement.

Read the full article here.

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  • Equiroz7

    i dont think so, maybe they can get to the same level but not bigger, musically speaking they are as talented as the beatles but they are not as mediatic and excentric

  • Jarod

    I think Radiohead is light years beyond The Beatles, i love The Beatles but lets face it, the mass majority of their music was awful, just look at songs like Glass Onion.

  • Reckoner_23

    Glass Onion is an amazing song, and as much as i love Radiohead, let’s face it, no one can stand The Beatles.

    From France with love.

  • that guy

    “the mass majority of The Beatles music is aweful…” <_<

  • Jarod

    Glass Onion, are u freaking serious? All it does is reference old hits, it’s horrible.

  • Jarod

    Radiohead has a talent and depth that The Beatles cant compete with, sure they had a handful of really beautiful, deep songs like Across the Universe, A Day in the Life etc. but most of their 300 songs were breezy pop songs that basically repeated the word love over and over again.

  • Deerhunter


  • steven

     radiohead bigger than the beatles? radiohead dont even belong in the same sentence as the beatles , the beatles have been disbandend for over 40 years and are still more well known than radiohead, anybody who thinks otherwise is a complete tool

  • Ivicuervo97

    and what man??? who does care about the lyrics? the music is very enjoyable and people like it

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