The question we are all asking: Is there more on the way?

by Jonathan on February 22, 2011

Chieftan Mews

Is Chieftan Mews back?

Ever since The King of Limbs was released last Friday, there have been questions all over the place asking “will there be more?” The band had 3-4 years to write and record and releasing an 8 track album seemed a little odd to some fans. This has led to speculation that the band is releasing more soon and there have been hints all over the place that would suggest that we’re not done. We could sit here and list everything out for you but that would be duplicating the excellent work done by this site, which you should visit.

Go ahead and immerse yourself in all the craziness and then sound off your theories in our comments section.

Our message board, Mortigi Tempo, has a bunch of threads going on about this as well. Take a look…

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  • Notureboy

    i have no clue nor seemingly does anyone else so why don’t you just say.

  • Notureboy

    But, maybe I’m wrong and it’s HUGE size has to do exactly with a penis, that would explain everything.

    So there will be more “limbs” or songs and at the final stage we will receive the penis or in other words a HUGE epic song that will blow our minds and make us cum.

  • Notureboy

    Whaaaaaaaaaa? You gotta have a circuit board and powerplant for that?

  • Notureboy

    Notureboy posting after my post is scamming my name. Please nuke this. Cliches.

  • whyshouldistay

    the penis is not a limb apparently, I had the same thought, lol, and googled it, seems that it’s an appendage though, who knew.

  • Notureboy

    The penis is hardly the king – more like the Court Jester or Fool (posted above). Its a master but also a blind one.

  • Notureboy

    That is so wrong, I love penis

  • Notureboy

    And a penis

  • Notureboy

    Of course there’s more to cum, LP9=PENISHEAD

  • Jm1488

    Agreed – I was wondering why TKOL has Radiohead’s name in it and not Thom Yorke’s alone

  • whyshouldistay

    my mind going crazy… did anyone mention/notice this yet, may 9th is 5/9 like to relate back to 18:59. and this album was actually released on the 18th(day earlier as it was, ..was it?) or how about disc 1 with 8 songs..18. or are there 18 songs total? the 28th of march was listed as cd release, so maybe that is d2?…1-8…2-8, but that doesn’t go with the 9, idk. maybe the hitachi story is related to us(fans) in that we should ‘give up the ghost’ …of hoping for more music, …we go back everyday hoping there will be more…??? idk,
    anyways, after 1.5weeks…I must say I do love every song(so far?), codex being my fav and bloom in a close 2nd, followed by give up the ghost, and I love the awkwardness(sorry I’m not it the timing??) of little by little. they are all great, it took a while to fully appreciate it, as expected. TKOL gets 8outof8 from me.

  • Notureboy

    Yet more cliches. You’re the anti-radiohead with all that cliche. Perhaps muse or spice girls…better – beady eye are more to your liking?

  • Notureboy

    Oh… I forgot, Coldplay, I would love Chris Martin’s Penis

  • Notureboy

    I think your remote control is inside your ass, I feel it everytime I fuck you and the tip of my penis presses all the buttons.

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