The question we are all asking: Is there more on the way?

by Jonathan on February 22, 2011

Chieftan Mews

Is Chieftan Mews back?

Ever since The King of Limbs was released last Friday, there have been questions all over the place asking “will there be more?” The band had 3-4 years to write and record and releasing an 8 track album seemed a little odd to some fans. This has led to speculation that the band is releasing more soon and there have been hints all over the place that would suggest that we’re not done. We could sit here and list everything out for you but that would be duplicating the excellent work done by this site, which you should visit.

Go ahead and immerse yourself in all the craziness and then sound off your theories in our comments section.

Our message board, Mortigi Tempo, has a bunch of threads going on about this as well. Take a look…

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  • Xxsomerset

    I knew it

  • terrerbaer

    that would be neat. love it so far.

  • MeToSpeak

    Thanks for the article guys!

  • Pauly

    If people wants so bad a second album since the first day TKOL is out, is because they don´t like what they hear in the first place. for me is 5/5 album

  • Xxsomerset

    it’s not about it, I liked it a lot 6/5 but I want more and if they say there could be more so be it, if not nothing changes

  • chitramyqueen

    agreed. look at it this way: you have a great album. someone hints there might be more to come. of course you’re going to be excited. doesn’t diminish the original album if it doesn’t happen tho.

  • amnésiaque

    The site doesn’t work anymore… I want to know everything about it!!!

  • inlakesh

    It would be great to have a second part to TKOL. If I had to guess I’d say that it will be released on March 4th. Why? There will be a New Moon on the 4th, they released TKOL on a full moon why not do the second release on another popular lunar phase.

  • reckonyou

    The moon theory has to be it. Next friday’s moon visibility is called ‘the last quarter” while February 17’s visibility was approximatly 75%. Now either this friday or March 4, shit will stick!

  • Reckonyou

    I mean February 18th…

  • Cheekyal

    Weirdly, the Radiohead Twitter about the album release didn’t mention the moon at all…

    “radiohead Radiohead
    It’s Friday… It’s almost the weekend…You can download ‘The King of Limbs’ now if you so wish! #thekingoflimbs”

    I don’t know what difference this makes…

  • inlakesh

    I don’t know about the twitter thing but on dead air space Ed posted the followin message on the 18th:

    It’s Friday… It’s almost the weekend…It’s a full moon….

    You can download ‘The King of Limbs’ now if you so wish!

    Thank you good people for waiting … Have a great weekend wherever you are….


  • I said this before: there’s gonna be different music on each format of the king of limbs. I can feel it

  • Mr Chicken

    I’ve been kinda thinking/hoping the same thing. Kinda like Tom Waits’ Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards … but that might be asking a bit much.

  • Tara

    Chieftan Mews looks like an alien in that photo.

  • RecurringChaos

    Chieftan Mews is an Alien

  • kinbote

    Great link. Best read of the week. My Reason #19: “The Kings of Limbs” is a pretty fucking grandiose title. If you’re the best band in the world with positively rabid fans [just think of the live encores] and you release an album named after a bad-ass old gnarly tree that’s been around for 1000 years, it better be something big, not eight sleek [albeit sonically incredible] tracks. There will be more: I’m hoping slightly more than IR Disc 2. I’d like a full-fledged second album. The Nature Wall, if you will. It’s almost amazing to think how good this double [or more] album could be as it grows in length and branches off into different directions.

  • Anonymous

    Before we speculate on a possible upcoming album let’s review Radiohead’s history.

    Breaking away from their established sound with a record that challenged the conventions of then-current rock music – “OK Computer”
    Doing the exact same thing again – “Kid A”
    Following a ground breaking record with another only 6 months later. – “Amnesiac”
    A live EP immediately after that. – “I Might Be Wrong”
    Allowing fans to pay what they like for an LP – “In Rainbows”
    Releasing an LP the day before they said they would. – “King of Limbs”

    I think we can all agree that the last 18 years have taught us better than to speculate on what Radiohead will do next.

  • Anonymous

    I just realized I’ve been following this blog for over 10 years and that was my first comment. Hello, The-Dude-Who-Runs-This-Blog! I love it!

  • forbin

    Most telling to me is the interview with Thom Yorke at the bottom of the blog. Yorke aludes to an incredible new release strategy that he won’t talk about. Releasing your album a day early is not “incredible.” There must be more.

  • Beeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    If Radiohead releases a second album after this one, it may change the live shows drastically, an event that is probably THE reasons why they have many loyal fans.

    I imagine that the new set would include many songs from In Rainbows, maybe two off the other six records (or b-sides), and another 8 songs from this record ~ 30 songs. If there’s another load of songs there needs to be room in the set for them. What will they omit?

    Hopefully those buggers keep any secret album to themselves for at least one world tour, forget about having an opening act, and play for 4 – 5 hrs every night, and (while I’m dreaming) they should bring me a beer – a nice local stout please and thank you.

  • Steren Giannini

    I personally love these 8 tracks. However, I don’t feel with this release the innovative marketing plan Thom was telling about. I think it’s normal to wait for a ground breaking marketing.

    I also suspected a second half of the album. I predicted it last friday on Beansight to prove it:

  • separator lotus

    I do love these 8 tracks as well… This album is beautiful and haunting!!

    Separator was written a while ago and if I’m not mistaken the words haven’t change much… only the title. Which is a norm in most cases when it comes to Radiohead and unreleased tracks that end up in the albums. I have to agree with “ateaseweb” on this one and I qutoe… “I’m going to refrain from outright stating people are clutching at straws here but those words were written quite a while ago (probably long before anyone in the band knew it would be the closing track) and it seems incredibly unlikely Thom would write coded lyrics indicating to Radiohead fans more music was on the way.” this is in the article found here

  • Helpyouhelpher

    The King of Limbs is absolutely brilliant and keeps growing on me with every listen

  • Joewho019

    Peeps keep saying, 4 years to record and only 8 tracks? My opinion…these new songs are so complex & have so many parts to them…its not like they record it once, like it, and be done, move on to the next…they take their time. As much fun as it is to speculate, don’t get your hopes up only to be “let down” by the band. They released a solid album & we should be grateful for their innovative sound on this one. Its a solid 5 stars outta 5

  • Johnnyklef

    There will be more… Oh yes… There will be much more.

  • separating lotus

    I really dig this album and I don’t know why people are making such a big deal about the duration of the album. it’s only four minutes shorter than in Rainbows and from the chart I saw in the blog Kid A is under almost 49 minutes long when In reality it is not. Remember there is few minutes of silence in Motion Picture Soundtrack before and after the hidden track. Who cares about numbers of track list and durations? Me personally I just care about music!! Yeah, If there is more tracks coming our way then hell yeah but I’m not gonna complain if there aren’t anymore tracks.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s more wish-full thinking then complaining dude ..

  • separating lotus

    It’s a lil’ bit of both actually… I mean I would love to have more tracks, who doesn’t? I didn’t mean most of my comments came from this page… but more other sites and articles and even friends.

  • Jose Dan

    The real question I have is; What is in store for a tour this upcoming summer? Anybody hear any solid rumors? Well, I guess nobody knows, maybe not even RH. I was thinking that they were going to play Bonnaroo, but that schedule is already out. I know Bonn wouldn’t turn them away even if RH committed only hours before the start of the festival. But it does seem unlikely at this point. They have too many headliners the way it is. But then what else? They gonna play Lalla? I hope they say feck it to the festies and maybe play smaller places for a more personal feel. Sort of what A4P did, minus Coachella of course. I saw them at the Aragon in Chicago, and it was unbelievable how a person larger than life itself, like Thom (oh yeah Flea too), could provide such a personal performance that was truly enchanting for all in attendance.

  • Johnyjoe

    I wasn’t buying this until I checked out that site. Pretty compelling argument – and now that I think about it, totally up Radiohead’s alley.

  • sukitupdouches

    I agree that more is to come, that picture thing I never caught and it was weird how random that picture came out. The interview def. says more and I think what was once a thing where the majority of people on here would complain about some saying has now become honestly possible. This is def. not the end. And all those that said we were crazy, will be proved wrong but in my opinion who wouldn’t mind being proved wrong. If this all comes out, it will b such an amazing thing to do. Now lets get on with it!!!! And I cannot wait for all the douches that have been stuck up “i like radiohead more” idiots and giving a lot of people shit for talking about all this, I cannot wait to see how you all back pedal like little twats!

  • Filipino

    If it’s “the one and only king” why are two figures drawn in the cover? Are they the King and his pet? Are there two kings?

    Why are two figures drawn in the picture uploaded to DAS thanking us for waiting?

  • Peter Hawthorne

    There has already been speculation that Chieftan Mews is actually Nigel Godrich. It would explain some of the tweets. Compare picures of the two!

  • picou

    Looks like no more to me. They are selling the album at Amazon with the eight tracks so……

  • Johnyjoe

    That’d be one hell of a spoiler if their Amazon description listed something they didn’t want us to know about.

  • Thehughmaxwells

    I believe it’s potentially possible that there could be follow up EPs maybe with the lunar cycle. I don’t know about the lunar cycles really, it seems a bit much, but the band did say in an interview in the past year or two that they were just making EPs and not full albums. I’m thinkin’ we may be getting those soon.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone seen my remote control? I cant seem to recall what i did with it. Fuck’s sake.
    Oh well ..
    March 15th. The next full moon. Greek street, Soho. Plymouth. Blah ze blah.
    It sucks trying to get info from the world’s most gigantic lying mouth of all time.
    All this foreplay is making my balls really blue ..

  • Notureboy

    I think your remote control is inside your ass, I feel it everytime I fuck you and the tip of my penis presses all the buttons.

  • just talkin’

    A few other things to consider:
    -If this is a “newspaper album,” newspapers come out with some sort of predetermined frequency…maybe it will be by the lunar cycle, or maybe we should wait until Friday, but I can’t really understand how else this would be a “newspaper album” if it wasn’t going to be added to periodically.
    -There’s no Pitchfork review of it yet. Now that could be purely due to the fact that they’ve only had 5 days to listen to it, but the In Rainbows review came out 5 days after the release…now if there’s a review tomorrow, this will be a moot point, but if not, there must be something holding them back. Such a big website would likely want to get a review of such a big album out ASAP. Perhaps they are waiting for more material as well?

  • Csott

    Let’s consider something. Morning Mr. Magpie AKA Morning Mi Lord was first unveiled on the Most Gigantic… DVD back in 2004. This was way before In Rainbows was released. If you look at the blackboard for the songs they were working on during the recording of In Rainbows you also see Morning Mr. Magpie on the list. You mean to tell me that a song that they have been working on for 7 years and most definitely recorded a version (maybe this version?) of during the LAST recording sessions for In Rainbows JUST made it onto the new record that they’ve been working on for 3 years (TKOL)? That’s cool and all but it just seems to suggest that there were WAY more tracks finished in the last 3 years than these 8 (minus MMM =… 7??? tracks?) that we have now. Don’t get me wrong, TKOL is BEAUTIFUL but I think that it would be really mysterious, interesting, and revolutionary to release it as a multi-part record as part of a bigger entity in this day and age. It would really shake people up!

    Where is I froze up ? etc…

    I think that there’s more coming. The clues are all there.
    This is exciting!

  • I think I know

    I think I know when the next part of the album will happen……April 10, lets see if you can work out why I think that….

  • Deerhunter

    Because it’s my birthday?

  • Notureboy

    i have no clue nor seemingly does anyone else so why don’t you just say.

  • Keeno

    i do hope so.
    Obviously Radiohead can create and share their art and express themselves as they see fit, but the album left me cold, disappointed, thinking that all things fade, and wishing I’d saved my £6 for something more worthwhile.
    So from my own personal selfish standpoint, I hope there’s more to come

  • Guestofmew

    A computer that’s given A.I….. A.I that understands spirituality….a being that finds God

  • Randoid

    16 no + no –

  • Notureboy

    Whaaaaaaaaaa? You gotta have a circuit board and powerplant for that?

  • Notureboy

    And a penis

  • Notureboy

    As someone largely let down by this recording (but still listening and enjoy it more daily) I automatically hoped for more music. There’s not ONE FUCKING MINUTE of guitar destruction on TKOL (and don’t even THINK about “creeps-lover”-ing me…pablo & bends are amateurish, to me at best, so nothing from that era hits my playlist).

    Over the last 10 days the evidence-less / intuitive reasons for more music are apparent:

    a) 3+ yrs…for this? No way. its too simple. codex is what – eight lines long and piano loops – beautiful, yes…love it, but that didn’t take 6 mos to write. this in an outtakes / b-side record.

    b) no way in hell i’d buy the newspaper version if its just these 8 songs and then a bunch of artwork…what, weeks & weeks later? thats a marketing disaster booty-call!

    c) there are no guitar jams here – NOT ONE…and that is trademark RH – don’t EVEN imagine you don’t like any of RH’s previous guitar destruction because you fucking do and if you say you don’t – you’re a fucking puffer liar.

    d) obvious 2-record set cannot possibly house only these 8 songs.

    e) if this is it for new music – this would be the dumbest marketing strategy they could ever come up with.

    i don’t give a shit about any marketing gimmicks…its fun & all, and they can and should do whatever they want…so it HAS TO be better than this leftover-feeling CD. fucking tabletop RH hologram…interactive videos…family singalong music sheets…sweepstakes…I really don’t give a shit….just hit me with some fucking guitars. This is nice and all, but man does it feel gray and flaccid vs. what many of us were expecting.

    So blow our minds – how about 3 or 4 cd’s?

  • Shiga86

    Has anyone thought about this?….ok so this album is called The King of Limbs….there are five limbs on the human body, the head being the king, ok we all know that….there are 5 members of the band, thom is of course the head, and this record is VERY Yorkish….so what if this album is mostly influenced by Thom, and the rest of the limbs, aka the rest of the members are coming out with their own influenced albums themselves, Jonny, Colin, Ed, and Phil…..i know its just a crazy idea, but I think that would be so cool, thought I’d share.

  • Therealkingoflimbs

    You are forgeting THE real king of limbs: “the penis”… so, who will this release be about? Stanley? Nigel? Andy? Flying Lotus? Stripe?

  • whyshouldistay

    the penis is not a limb apparently, I had the same thought, lol, and googled it, seems that it’s an appendage though, who knew.

  • Notureboy

    That is so wrong, I love penis

  • Notureboy

    The penis is hardly the king – more like the Court Jester or Fool (posted above). Its a master but also a blind one.

  • Jm1488

    Agreed – I was wondering why TKOL has Radiohead’s name in it and not Thom Yorke’s alone

  • why is the 37 minute mp3 album 87 megabytes? Shouldn’t it be mid to high 30s?

  • Notureboy

    Really loved “…”” and Shiga86’s comments below. What is up with the huge size, and also didn’t remotely consider limbs as being human limbs, but I do doubt its much to do with the penis. That one is less like the King and more like the Court Jester or the Fool.

    While many of you are shaking your heads going “why does there have to be another (or more) cd(s)?”…you have to admit – there is simply no other option than more music here – and perhaps quite a bit of it. I’m stoked.

    That would also greatly help put this fair to good CD more in perspective.

  • Notureboy

    But, maybe I’m wrong and it’s HUGE size has to do exactly with a penis, that would explain everything.

    So there will be more “limbs” or songs and at the final stage we will receive the penis or in other words a HUGE epic song that will blow our minds and make us cum.

  • Notureboy

    Notureboy posting after my post is scamming my name. Please nuke this. Cliches.

  • Notureboy

    Of course there’s more to cum, LP9=PENISHEAD

  • Notureboy

    Yet more cliches. You’re the anti-radiohead with all that cliche. Perhaps muse or spice girls…better – beady eye are more to your liking?

  • Notureboy

    Oh… I forgot, Coldplay, I would love Chris Martin’s Penis

  • whyshouldistay

    my mind going crazy… did anyone mention/notice this yet, may 9th is 5/9 like to relate back to 18:59. and this album was actually released on the 18th(day earlier as it was, ..was it?) or how about disc 1 with 8 songs..18. or are there 18 songs total? the 28th of march was listed as cd release, so maybe that is d2?…1-8…2-8, but that doesn’t go with the 9, idk. maybe the hitachi story is related to us(fans) in that we should ‘give up the ghost’ …of hoping for more music, …we go back everyday hoping there will be more…??? idk,
    anyways, after 1.5weeks…I must say I do love every song(so far?), codex being my fav and bloom in a close 2nd, followed by give up the ghost, and I love the awkwardness(sorry I’m not it the timing??) of little by little. they are all great, it took a while to fully appreciate it, as expected. TKOL gets 8outof8 from me.

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