The King Of Limbs, A Visual Guide

by Jonathan on February 28, 2011


Check out, a new project by Ben Symonds, that will be featuring videos, animations and illustrations for tracks off “The King of Limbs.”

Feral from Ben Symonds on Vimeo.

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  • Bramblepath

    I wish Media Player had that visualisation – it’s amazing.

    My favourite part of Feral is when you can hear the bass guitar, but it only lasts for one bar. It’s a shame because the song could have developed a bit, but instead it just sounds really abstract. Still awesome though.

  • Jose Dan

    thats was amazing?

  • Kyosti

    looks like you got your wish symonds!

  • Ben Symonds

    Yeah 🙂

  • Ben Symonds

    Thanks for the post!!!

  • Ben Symonds

    Yeah, maybe Atease will follow… Its nice feeling knowing people are seeing/enjoying your work! It’s going put the pressure on everything else I put on for this project as well, which is also a good thing!

  • Kyosti

    Yes, i know exactly what you mean! Look forward to the rest of the videos!

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