Jonny Greenwood: “We’re recording again”

by Jonathan on March 4, 2011

Jonny GreenwoodIn an interview with BBC 6 Music where he discusses his recent role composing the film score for We Need to Talk About Kevin, Jonny is asked about the future of Radiohead:

Speaking for the first time publically since the sudden release of The King of Limbs, Jonny told 6 Music that the band as a collective were being non committal about their future:  “We are recording with Radiohead and rehearsing, playing and making music and working out what to do.

We have stopped planning ahead very far, just making music and wondering where to go next and what to do,” he said.

You can listen to his full interview below.

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  • Jose Dan

    as long as theyre together, I’m alright.

  • Notureboy

    So, there isn’t TKOL part 2?

  • Calvero76

    I’ll be very upset when the end of Radiohead comes..

  • whyshouldistay

    i didn’t hear that implied, sounded more like, avoid q’s about the new album. Still seems to be a mystery and a secret.

  • Ryker

    Maybe the band would be more open about what they are doing if they didn’t get asked about it in every single interview. Besides at this point I’d rather know when/if they are planning a tour. It sure would be cool to hear the The King of Limbs live.

  • JMO

    Ummm…that doesn’t say “we’re recording again” at all. It’s more like “in general, Radiohead has been recording”. I don’t hear the present tense in that statement.

  • Limb King

    I think at ease mention something like this was re-recorded or something maybe this was a lil’ bit before TKOL? Not sure…

  • goomgirl

    he said they were rehearsing.. tour?

  • Ben Symonds
  • Cody McCorry

    does anyone happen to know the name of the Francis Lai song they play in this interview?

  • Mr. Magpie

    The Present Tense. Niiice.

  • Notniko

    Un Homme Et Une Femme

  • Notniko

    More specifically

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