Liam Gallagher hates the new Radiohead album

by Jonathan on March 4, 2011

Liam Gallagher

Surprise surprise, Liam Gallagher is mouthing off about the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs. Our friends at the Quietus recently sat down with the former Oasis frontman to talk about his new band, Beady Eye, and the subject of Radiohead was brought up.

“We just like what we do. I heard that fucking Radiohead record and I just go, ‘What?!’ I like to think that what we do, we do fucking well. Them writing a song about a fucking tree? Give me a fucking break! A thousand year old tree? Go fuck yourself! You’d have thought he’d have written a song about a modern tree or one that was planted last week. You know what I mean?”


Read his full interview at the Quietus.

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  • AnonUS

    Liam Gallagher is a douche always has been always will be, and his music sucks ass. Hey Liam how bout do something original and quit sounding like a congested Beatle

  • Johnson Klef III

    I totally agree. But dude, don’t encourage this asshole to try to do anything original. He’s getting more press off of this dim-witted, half retard statement about Radiohead then anywhere else.. and seriously JONATHAN why the fuck would you post this??? Also, how the fuck are these oasis assholes still taken seriously?? honestly!?!?! Is this 1994???

  • Nongratto

    In his line. Stupidity.

  • Newto

    who talks too much, know nothing.

  • joe kerr

    who names a band “beady eye”? seriously.

  • JoeM

    I kinda like Oasis but I absolutely refuse to listen to them. Good music, but the shitty people ruin it for me. Also, which song is about a tree?

  • Jrndmmn

     Codex is. Codex is the Latin word for tree.

  • Jarod

    Uh yeah, none of the songs are about a tree….moron.

  • chitramyqueen

    i’m sure this probably made sense in his own mind, but .. .. no, liam, nobody actually knows what you mean.
    just a publicity hound.

  • F.

    hahahaha.only one phrase comes to mind: you can’t hate the pathetic

  • heckur

    Oasis is boring, and cba to listen to this guy’s new band, must be the same boredom

  • andi

    hey liam: fuck you and your shitty attitude! you’re just too fucking drunk to love anything else but your fucking self, dickhead!

  • Email

    Fuck yeah!

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • Harvard Boy

    god i guess theres always room in this world for more idiots.

  • s.

    behold the creative genius that is liam gallagher.

    ha haha hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  • Notureboy

    Why do you hate Liam, he might be as good as Thom, at the same level at least, if they don’t get along that doesn’t make him an indiot, the man is pure geniouses

  • Lotus

    Same level? I don’t think so. Liam doesn’t possess a fraction of Thom and Radiohead’s creativity and innovation. And sorry, but he is a massive idiot.

  • Notureboy

    Nope, you are the idiot. Liam is a great artist, I bet you can’t even play bass.

  • divesnowboy

    No Notureboy, Liam is purely a front man, a front man with a front at that, and a complete moron. The talent behind Oasis is Noel, fact. Thom Yorke is a modern day genius, he is a part of Radiohead, like all the other brilliant musicians in the band. Thom Yorke has a solo album to his name, can Liam do that?! Don’t think so, he wouldn’t know where to start without Noel.

  • Notureboy

    That’s what you believe “poor liam he can’t make a solo album” I bet he can, even f* phil selway has a solo album and just because of that you are a genious? thom is a genious, liam is a genous, deal with it

  • Johnson Klef III

    LMFAO. You are either deaf or a retard.

  • Notureboy

    LOL. You are either gay or a prostitute.

  • Johnson Klef III

    wow. you are a pretty disgusting person…
    that you liam?

  • Notureboy

    I am your father

  • Romanknvb

    Is Darth Vader!

  • Notureboy

    …and you are pregnant

  • Notureboy

    LOL. You are either a nigger or a piece of shit.

  • Notureboy

    LMFAO. You are either yes or no.

  • Cmcdaid_c F C_f F F


  • Klarden

    Meanwhile Noel writes a song “my lil’ bro’s big mouth is more bs than mine”

  • kidnm

    There’s nothing good about Oasis anymore, or any spin-off Beatles cover band. Liam’s just pissed he’s been in Radiohead’s shadow for the duration of his career, and is spouting off bullshit. He probably thinks the new Radiohead album is genius and it makes him jealous so he says stupid shit like this. That being said–giving him a post on this site is way more publicity than he deserves. He’s not even as funny as Charlie Sheen–he’s just bitter.

  • fuckbeadyeye

    Don’t worry about it guys. Radiohead outlasted Oasis when they broke up. Sooner or later Beady Eye (who the fuck names their band like that??) will be gone. Radiohead? Still kickin’ and rockin’!! =)

  • oASSis

    Liams just pissed because Noel (the talented one who wrote the good songs) told him F’ off and all he has is a shite album with beady eye, and he desperately needs a Radiohead diss to get press..

  • Jose

    “Make the world a better place…
    punch Liam Gallagher in the face” – Radiohead fan’s

  • Penelope

    Is he saying that he’d like the songs better if they talked about some modern or freshly-plant tree? 😛
    And he thinks Radiohead are idiots…

  • Aasdfasdf

    I like how it’s not even a valid criticism, it’s a remark about the choice of tree

  • Brian Fantana

    not only that he acts as if it were better if the song was about a modern tree

  • Opaquiosq

    Part of me wishes that this could play out in the style of a hip-hop beef, but in a very English way. Like Thom would write a song called “Ancient Arbor” and obliquely diss Gallagher throughout.

  • Ryker

    He is entitled to his opinion (even if he doesn’t give a valid reason) but seriously, no one cares what he thinks. I’ve liked Oasis for just as long as I have liked Radiohead so I don’t hold anything Liam says against his former band. With that said Liam always was and always will be an ass.

  • Meeyuzik

    radiohead have class and are so much more in touch with the underlying flow of life in all of us……..RADIOHEAD are making the best music in the world……and nothing will stop them.

  • Natdogg1

    He sounds angry at the fact that he couldn’t come up with such genius lyrics…….

  • Johnnyklef

    the fact that green plastic decided to post this asshole’s thoughts about ANYTHING is almost as lame and idiotic as fucking oasis.

  • Roop

    Although Liam is a douche, the new Radiohead album is def not their best effort.

  • Mr. Magpie

    Way to fail, dumbass. The Radiohead world laughs collectively in your face. ARGUMENT INVALID.

  • Djd

    You’d think he’d try to be a tad more polite/professional for the interview (his buddy Andy wasn’t spouting off “Fuck” every other word). Also, what’s with making fun of Radiohead and Mumford & Sons? Sure it’s not extraordinary, but I rather like Mumford’s album

  • Jasper

    All Liam has ever done is play tambourine, sing like Lennon’s nasally bastard child, write about three songs, act like a child throwing a temper tantrum at all times, and habitually mess up a halfway decent band. To put him anywhere in the same universe as a professional like Thom is to not understand music in the slightest. Just be quiet Liam, Beady Eye = very boring music I feel I’ve heard before many times.

  • dontknow

    Who the fuck is Liam Gallagher?

  • Arnetone

    Liam you go and fuck yourself! Oasis is done man! go and write something better. be creative

  • mac attack

    HAHA oasis and radiohead are my two favourite bands of all time and have been for a long time. genius from both. as a matter of opinion i favour oasis.

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