Radiohead Fan Speaks Out

by Jonathan on March 9, 2011

Courtesy of the BBC

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  • Ronaldr

    Sad but true 🙂

  • Mattchiarelli

    LOL that’s so true, OKC is the holy grail to some fans, Kid A/Amnesiac all the way for me 😉

  • Laur Franklin

    this is hilarious.

  • Audy

    I actually didn’t care for their super 90’s pop rock sound. I still love The Bends and OK Computer despite this, but I really fell in love when they began to experiment with their sound. In Rainbows is still my favourite; absolutely gorgeous. I also rank some of their later B-sides among my all time favourite tracks.

  • Djd

    Massive LULZ

  • Mahdi

    I don’t think I have ever laughed as genuinely before. AMAZING video.

  • Allan Drew

    Love it. You need a sense of humour to be a Radiohead fan. My personal favourite is still In Rainbows.

  • bruce

    Wonderful. Funny though, because even though I LOVE The Bends through Kid A, Amnesiac sold it for me.

  • Anonymous

    That was friggin great! Yet, I’m still one of those who’d choose OKC over their earlier stuff. Amnesiac was friggin great, though!

  • Johnyjoe


  • KOB

    I can only pick my top 3 favorite albums. All the rest are more or less tied in my book

    Hail To The Thief
    Kid A
    Ok Computer

  • Truthfully, this band have made a huge variety of music over the years for all different tastes and that is a good thing.

  • Notureboy

    I also became a fan with Amnesiac because I’m a poser like all of you

  • I’ve probably watched this 10 times today.

  • Kyosti

    thom is playing a secret show in LA right now

  • Jose Dan


  • Callmeyoki

    mua haha!!

  • Kyosti
  • Kyosti


  • Yeah, I love Amnesiac! What’s wrong about it, really?

  • 51days

    i was soo deep in electronical music scene while it was “true and honest”…my journey ended in 1997 after few years of not wanting to realise the truth, and then i saw paranoid android..and after OKC i thought “they can’t do better then OKC” and when Kid A and Amnesiac was dream came true! they dive soo deep that still today i’m frightened of such brilliance

  • Soap Magic

    In Rainbows is my favorite Radiohead album. Scratch that, it’s one of my favorite albums of ALL TIME. Kid A and OK Computer are tied at #2.

  • Matyas

    It would take me real efforts to try not to like Amnesiac… :D. This is very funny tho.

  • Bana

    Hahaha this is so funny.
    I used to just think of Amnesiac as just an okay album but then I got really into it and it’s so fucking sick I love it.
    I like the King of limbs even though it’s a ‘different’ sound. Just gotta get used to it,and if you think about it, the talent is just amazing.

  • Paulo

    HAHAHA. I loved how they placed Ok Computer as an untouchable and sacred album. : ) Because it really is. >: ( Oy! Did you get it? It’s no joke. It really is and I’m mad serious about that. >: ( Hehe. : ) But Ok Computer actually IS untouchable and sacred though.

  • Hynesy6

    Kid A is one of my favorite albums of all time! How to Dissappear, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Idioteque, Optimistic…these songs are some of the best Radiohead ever made!

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  • Jrndmmn

    At first I thought this was making fun of the new albums, but then I realized that it’s making fun of all of the pretentious fans who think OK Computer was their only good album. Personally, I prefer their newer stuff. I think they’ve been going constantly uphill.

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