by Jonathan on March 11, 2011

The official Radiohead website,, has been redesigned. The changes appear to be purely visual (with a cool limb animation) with no new sections or content. Go take a look!

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  • Koen Bosman

    Looks like ‘These are my twisted words’ cover!

  • Jose Dan

    nice. what’s to come i wonder?

  • Mine doesn’t look like this at all. Mine is showing a green background with green limbs. No black and white at all.

  • Nevermind….went to DAS first.

  • Poorwiggum

    Could be nothing though. They needed to keep the album release a secret. So it makes sense they wouldnt tell there website developer about it before the release. Course I still think more is coming….

  • Try to go to (without the “deadairspace” thing at the end)

  • Notureboy

    Radiohead won’t release tkol 2 in this month to respect the japanesse

  • Pentoctogon

    where is

  • Anonymous

    Or they will release it for a price with the money being donated to the Japanese relief effort.

  • Nazsjdek

    that makes absolutely no fuckin sense…

  • Notureboy

    that makes sense, a good idea indeed

  • Notureboy

    it’s not fuckin difficult to understand why you shouldn’t party when there are people dying

  • Kat94

    Well if that’s the rule I guess we can never party.

  • Notureboy

    oh kat I see that you are the kind of person that goes with the literal meaning of sentences, well, since your brain can’t process this I’ll explain, Radiohead showed concern with the Haitian earthquake and that’s just an exaple of how many times they show concern on affairs that should matter to anyone that calls himself a human being, do you really think that they would announce tkol 2 after a tragedy? Well, even if they did, just so your brain can process the information when I said “people dying” I mean the japanesse not all the human race. But don’t worry you can party whenever you want even dance and drink over the corpse of your mother before she decomposes or at any tragedy you want (take “any” with literal meaning).

  • MichaelCali

    oh HOLD on. If I had family and friends that have just died from a disaster, then nothing would help MORE than a new Radiohead Album. I hope they don’t delay anything. Release it on time because we never know when we are going to be dead.
    Radiohead is not “party” music anyway. Its far superior to party songs.

  • Notureboy

    Even HOLDING on I bet Thom and the others don’t think that releasing a new album would really help someone whose friends or family have just died in a disaster. But that’s just my opinion, as a matter of fact, I’m most sure about it. It could help of course if they donate the money they get form the sales. Don’t take the word “party” with its literal meaning, I never said radiohead had party songs, I said “you shouldn’t party when there are people dying”, using “party” as celebrate or “explode in joy” (please don’t take it literal).

  • The Toy

    There are always people dying you cunt.

  • Notureboy

    “just so your brain can process the information when I said “people dying” I mean the japanesse not all the human race.” cunt

  • The Toy

    So, if my brain can process your fuzzy logic, you are saying that only the Japanese based tragedies should be respected with a lack of partying?

  • Muldfeld

    I think what folks are trying to say, Notureboy, is that every time Radiohead released an album large numbers of people were dying. When TKOL came out, people were being killed in the Middle East. What if Radiohead had released an album in the winter of 2008-2009? People in Gaza were being murdered.

    I think you’re right to a certain degree that this will hit home more for Radiohead because it has lots of fans in Japan (similarly, Radiohead didn’t do any kind of benefit for the Pakistanis dying from the flooding in the middle of last year, although Mogwai donated money from a concert), but it doesn’t change the fact that people are always dying. It’s just that the media ignores it as “business as usual”, especially when it’s in Africa.

  • Kimber

    Anyway…Love the new website design!

  • Note how it uses the HTML5 tag. It’s not Flash. 🙂

  • The Toy

    @ Muldfeld: Exactly.

  • The Toy

    @ Muldfeld: Exactly.

  • Notureboy

    Nope. Your brain can process logic if you read what is written and there isn’t written anywhere that ONLY japanese based tragedies should be respected, just that Radiohead is more likely being going to respect it, not fuzzy at all.

  • Notureboy

    Well, finally a good response, I agree.

  • Notureboy

    Yes, what the cunt says.

  • Limb King

    Has anyone ever considered that “these are my twisted words” is part of TKOL? They do have the same art. It would also make sense in a way… first release one track… then eight and them possibly more tracks?

  • Jarod

    I also think that it’s possible with all that has happened recently in Japan, they could postpone anything that was planned out of concern and respect. And, if they DO release something this week, it does not mean that they don’t have respect for Japan. This is just my opinion.

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