Listen to ‘Ego’ and ‘Mirror’ by Thom Yorke, Four Tet, & Burial

by Jonathan on March 15, 2011

As announced earlier today, Thom Yorke, Four Tet, & Burial are releasing a collaborative single. Tonight both the A track, “Ego,” as well as the AA track, “Mirror,” were premiered on the Four Tet vs. Floating Points Rinse FM show. “Ego” starts at the 2:30 mark. Listen:

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  • Ramsey

    Weeooo first comment! I love this, dear I say more than 50% of TKOL. But it is a collaboration with Yorke after all, and Fortet isn’t too shabby either…

  • MichaelCali

    What is this? come on Thom!! release good music!

  • Mr. Magpie

    This is some good stuff. It’s broader in scope than any of the individual artists’ music. Reminds me of Lotus Flower. I’m just glad Thom is back on the scene, we haven’t heard any new stuff from him since the excellent Hearing Damage.

  • Tchocky

    Are you an Ok Computer fan? That is your opinion but I feel that Thom is getting too ahead of his time for some fans, and only the ones that stick with him get to enjoy his music. 🙂 I even like Fitter Happier!
    But at least you don’t like crappy music, it’s always nice to hear from a fan

  • Tchocky

    Twas great! Can’t wait for more tunes, Thom may die or retire one day (maybe not? :)) but he’s making himself live forever through great music like this

  • MichaelCali

    In fact I am a Bends fan, but as you say it is nice to hear from a fan even if he is a poser.

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  • Mattchiarelli

    this is good music.

  • ray

    So I guess you dont believe there is a chance that they (Radiohead or Thom individually) make something that isn’t great huh?

  • Jarod

    It is not

  • The Toy

    They can´t make a mistake, they are perfect

  • Dennis

    Between TKOL, Thoms Dj set and these collabs, I can’t help but be disappointed. This isn’t good music. This is repetitive nonsense.

  • Marylinburgos

    quelqu’un aurait-il les paroles de ego et mirror pour moi svp thank

  • Thet

    So fucking incredibly good!

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  • Not Dennis

    LOL. YOU don’t think it is good music. I think it is art. Truth is not in opinions apparently. I’m just glad artists are progressing, so we don’t have to listen to the same music all the time. Let it go or talk about it with someone you trust.

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