Is this a studio recording of ‘Follow Me Around’? UPDATE: NO

by Jonathan on March 23, 2011

In our inbox this morning is a link to this YouTube video of a supposed recording of the old Radiohead song, “Follow Me Around.”

Where do we begin? First off, it sounds old. Though the video tags say TKOL2 indicating that this could be released in a potential upcoming release, the uploader does say he only tagged it this way so more people will find it. Our guess is if it’s real, it was recorded a long time ago and was never released. What do you think? Is it a clever fake?

UPDATE:Β Never mind. It’s old and not a real recording.

(thanks to Jarod)

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  • James

    I say fake. Sounds like someone’s taken the acoustic recording and added their own drums, bass, electric guitar.

  • James

    By the way, it’s called Follow Me Around.

  • Josh

    took the words right outta my mouth….keyboard. The vocals and guitar are exactly the same as the Gagging Order Radio Sessions version.

  • whoops. you’re right. haven’t had coffee yet this morning.

  • Matt

    It’s quite old – originally posted on AtEase a few years ago.

    It’s fake in the sense of “not real”, but the guy who uploaded it, Pawel, was completely upfront about it.

  • will

    Sorry it is a fake

    I hope they do release some version of it. I love that song

  • RH

    Sounds so The Bends

  • Jorge

    really- none of the other instruments sound like radiohead, and its noticeably a cheaply done home recording. i’m not sure how anyone could have mistaken it.

    there’s a similar one of true love waits turned fake plastic trees style floating around too.

  • Shakey

    Shame on you, Greenplastic – this has been around for years. Surprised you weren’t already aware of it.

  • Ramsey

    Though it is fake, I have to commend the guy who made it, not for passing it off as the real deal, but for playing the other instruments in the style of mid-90’s Radiohead. The Jonny guitars are spot on, as is Phil’s drumming style.

  • 0805404

    I’m sure I heard this on Jonny Greenwood’s Myspace page

  • Jarod

    I’m just stoked my video got posted on here πŸ™‚

  • I know, I know. It’s hard to keep track of all the news in the past years. After all, this is over 7 years old. πŸ˜‰

  • Shakey

    Forgiven πŸ™‚

  • bolano

    This version has been around for years

  • Lonnie

    Ahh, I remember when Radiohead went into a verse of Follow Me Around right out of National Anthem back in ’03 at one of their MSG shows. Such a wonderful moment.

  • cloudcuckooman

    The same dude that did this also did a version of Morning Mr. Magpie with the TMGLMOAT audio. I just heard it for the first time it’s pretty cool

  • jargondance

    This is a fan-made mix by devilhood and you can download it from

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