Radiohead to release two tracks for Record Store Day

by Jonathan on March 28, 2011

At Ease is reporting that Radiohead will be releasing a 12″ vinyl single featuring two unreleased songs, “The Butcher” and “Supercollider”, for Record Store Day on April 16th. The official number of copies that will be produced is unknown, but the rumor is that it may be limited to 2,000 copies and will only be released in UK record stores.

Fans will recognize “Supercollider” as it was played during the In Rainbows tour:

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  • Jarod

    I am rapidly getting tired of being screwed in the butt by exlcusive releases, if this isn’t available online i’m going to hurt someone.

  • Iain1237

    Oh, it’ll be available online, we just may be forced not to pay for it.

  • Mattchiarelli

    Been looking forward to a Super Collider studio version since a first heard it. This song has a lot potential to be pretty epically good.

  • Jarod

    I’m fucking a gay man and I’m straight

  • Notgivingittoyou

    Following the huge disappointment of (very lazy) King of Limbs…I must say, I am not really looking forward to any “new” Radiohead in the future…

  • Mephistopheles

    That shows how little you know, to make songs as heavily layered as the beautiful works of art on TKOL takes an insane amount of time and work, something flew over your head, i believe it’s called subtlety.

  • Jarod

    Well of course i’d pirate it lol that’s a given, but i want the physical vinyl, and everybody stop posting under my name damn it!

  • Whyshouldistay

    blah…..I mean…just cause it’s heavily layered doesn’t mean it’s great, and the amount of time spent on a piece of art means nothing in regards to it’s greatness either. That said, I don’t know if by refering to TKOL as…lazy…if that is refering to the number of songs on the album, or just not enjoying it?..regardless…music is subjective…maybe A doesn’t like it, B does, as do I, I think it’s great. So who is correct?…none…’s’s subjective…it is what it is…nothing more…nothing less…

  • Jarod

    Hmmmmm…nope, nobody’s opinion is allowed to differ from mine lol

  • Dennis

    Subtlety is something that has been in Radiohead’s music for a long time and they’ve always found ways to make it work with their beautiful songs. However, I’d say TKOL is the exception. The songs are, for lack of a better word, boring. It seems like every song is just five minutes of the same rhythm without any real noticeable change ups. The songs all start well but about three minutes in it gets a little tiring. If TKOL were to somehow be wiped off of hard drives everywhere and disappear from existence, I wouldn’t be upset.

  • Dennis

    Oh joy, Super Collider. I’m gonna go ahead and start pretending Radiohead never did anything after These Are My Twisted Words.

  • Jarod 2

    Indeed. Hope they don’t fuck it up like with DITNU !

  • Enemyofstarwars

    So… is Feral heavely Layered??? you got to be kidding…. GUTG is a very simple song, not comples at all

  • ryan

    you should try some subtlety in your posts. *baaazing! seriously, who cares? it’s music.

  • Jarod

    I am rapidly getting excited of being screwed in my butt by exclusive men, If I don’t have some I’m gonna hurt myself.

  • Jake

    you care because you couldn’t accept his opinion, so if someone thinks it’s boring you will get mad? he has a point, the songs get a little boring after 2 minutes, even the magnificent lotus flower at times gets old

  • Kyosti

    I’m trying to figure out what that acronym is…ah…

  • Dugc

    Down is the new up

  • Not Friendly


  • Dennis

    thank you Jake.

  • Jarod

    I thought Down is the New Up was rad to

  • Joejoe

    I read these comments and I have to say- these songs are nothing but boring- granted music is subjective- these are a great set of songs. Bloom- Colins ( if in fact it is Colin playing) bassline is awesome. Keeps that whole track moving & that endless alternating piano keys.. more awesome!! Morning Mr. Magpie- has some very sublte guitar riffs and lots of different things going on. The attitude is very much ” You and whose Army” and the break at the end with the howling “oooohs” is very remiscent of The first 2-3 min of Kid A’s the National Anthem. This song also uses thoms distorted voice as a musical instrument- something fans first got to listen to the very first time they ever heard ” Everything in its Right PLace”. Little By Little- sounds like it belongs on Hail to the Theif ( a totally underrated RH album by many) this song boast a somewhat twangy country guitar, a sound reminsecent of Electioneering. Feral- sounds like it could start a conga line- weird sounds ( and any RH fan should know- wierd sounds are their thing). And if you ever have had the pleasure of hearing them live- it sounds like a live version of The Gloaming- I know, I heard it. Lotus Flower- their most aesthetically pleasing song- Thoms crooning vocals is nothing unfamiliar- and one of their best tracks to date. Codex- the piano ballad, it reminds us of Pyramid Song, & Sail to the Moon. Give Up the Ghost- their accoustic song on this release- a crowd favorite- a beautiful song. The last song- Separator… shouldve walked right off In Rainbows. To say the least, dont knock the songs until you have played them loud on a high quality stereo- thats how music should be played :). I wont go as far as lyrical content, but every song on that album and the order in which they are played is deliberate. Separator is at the end for a reason. It also hasn’t been played live as “Separator”, but an alternative title. Happy listening everyone & you dont have to agree & you dont have to hate on me if you dont agree. I am just pointing out similarities you have all heard before!

  • Goomgirl

    i thought s/he was referring to the lolololololololololololol…. acronym… hmm

  • Jarod

    I got an email this morning, as i’m sure alot of u did, with a digital download of these two tracks, greenplastic needs to keep up

  • Not Friendly

    You’ve highlighted one of my main problems with TKOL for me – every song reminds me of something they’ve done before, and quite frankly, better.
    They mostly sound like vague references to ground they’ve already covered, but with less focus, drive and creativity, and therefore, less of a lasting appeal.
    However, I would say that Bloom is the highlight of the album for me – sounds more fleshed out than anything else, and weaves through much more of a journey than the majority of the songs on the album; it also sounds the most fresh. If the whole album had stood up to the same level of quality as the first track, I would consider it a much better album (but still nowhere near as good as their best albums – Kid A, OKC, or on the same level as some of their best material, e.g. Pyramid Song, Paranoid Android, How To Disappear etc).
    I found that the material they’ve been previewing live after In Rainbows was released, left me largely indifferent. So before this album even came out, I wasn’t expecting much really – and as predicted, TKOL had the least extreme reaction from me of any new Radiohead album I’ve ever heard (been a fan since around OKC came out).
    Lotus Flower however, has been vastly developed since it’s early Thom-solo, live days, and is a far more interesting song to me now then it was back then. Still, the song is starting to grate on me a little now, I have to admit. For example, those claps are quite annoying, and I didn’t even really notice them for the first few dozen listens – but I don’t think they really add anything, other than to highlight the unconventional timing a little more, and kind of point out that this is supposed to be a ‘dance’ track. Seems a bit self-conscious if you ask me.
    My last few points kind of bring me on to a more general note about the album’s tracks – it seems to me that a lot of the material presented here is not particularly inspired, and broken down to the basics, aren’t very impressive from a songwriting perspective. It seems this album is much more focused on arrangement and layers, but the core of the songs aren’t very appealing, and this cannot be detracted from.
    As it is, on a personal level, it’s my least favourite Radiohead album since Pablo Honey – but I kinda get why people might feel differently.

    On a final note, I would like to add that I am very much a fan of Radiohead’s experimental/electronic material, so this is not why I don’t really care for TKOL, as I seek out music that stimulates me emotionally, mentally/’intellectually’, and that weaves a distinct atmosphere, rich in meaning and artistry, in a unique fashion. This is why I much prefer the Amnesiac b-sides to TKOL, which I listen to on a far more frequent basis. The biggest problem I have with engaging TKOL is that I don’t really receieve any base reaction from it, or read much into it.
    Kid A conjures up a dark world with a sinister aura that makes you FEEL what it is feeling, In Rainbows makes you feel alive, passionate but also couples that with a melancholy acceptance of life’s finiteness and limitations, OKC brings to life modern existence’s frustrations, and sense of displacement from the world, whilst retaining the inner human soul.
    On the other hand, TKOL just seems pretty dead inside to me, tbh – like it’s missing an element, or a dimension other Radiohead album’s possess, as if RH are focusing more on music for music’s sake, with not much consideration for the depth of the experience. Maybe a bit of wankery (self-indulgence), even. It feels like it’s missing the human element – the honest form of expression/communication. Sure enough, the album flows really well, but it just washes over me, and I don’t really care, either way. It also REALLY sounds like Thom’s baby like no other album before, and the limitation of literal/physical input of the other band members, really limits the scope of the material’s immediacy, depth and longevity.
    Radiohead seem to be treading old ground, but kind of forgetting why they originally did so in the first place, and this is reflected in the material, IMHO.
    I do think that in a few years, despite what I’ve seen some people have said, that this album will be largely forgotten in obscurity.

    Apologies if this sounds overly critical – but this is the first time that I’ve put my opinions on the matter to paper, so I kind of got everything off of my chest in one go.

  • ohthejoy

    TKOL may require 1000 listens to become memorable because so far it’s not. It doesn’t help that i’ve discovered late 80’s post-punk groups, some of which in 2 albums, put Radiohead self-indulgence to shame.

  • ohthejoy

    make that late 70’s, my goof

  • ohthejoy

    btw, i think radiohead should do what radiohead wants to do with *their* group. only they know where they are going with this sound, and yes they’ve proven to be geniuses NO less than three times in their career (The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A). Only Bowie, U2 and Madonna have shown that level & range of musicality during their careers in the past 40 years (no, i’m not including any groups from the 60s). Radiohead accomplished all of that in 3 consecutive albums which is no small feat. They need reinvent themselves now, and maybe that’s what they are doing

  • Elvis_is_dead

    COMPLETELY agree! Well said.

  • Burthews

    Supercollider is just a bonus, but The Butcher cuts the cake. Bad ass. As is Little by Little especially…Seperator, Codex, Lotus Flower are beautiful. Their mistake was leading you in with Bloom. Placement. Thom, please please release whatever you guys finally came up with in the avenger sessions, Big Boots is way too F-N Amazing to not let whatever happened happen!!

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