‘The King of Limbs’ now available on CD and vinyl

by Jonathan on March 31, 2011

The King of LimbsIn case you’re living under a rock, Radiohead’s The King of Limbs CD and vinyl is now available at all good record stores everywhere.

For more information and to order, head on over to http://radiohead.tbdrecords.com/

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  • nuttin

    Greenplastic has lost to Atease.
    by knowing this fact they’ve left the web alone.

  • Guesttyguest

    true, but Pablo Honey is what you might expect for a freshman release, tkol on the other hand came 18 years later, and after an album with a name your price tag (80 + dollars for the box set), and which by the way, was not disapointing.
    Now, if its respect you ask, where is the respect for the end consumer and the fan, yeah its okay if you just go to pirate bay and download the album, but c’mon I just paid 48 dollars for it and felt I was cheated out for only 8 songs on a physicall format and two dowloads yeehaa, at least a Brittney Spears album is more honest you know for sure that the next album will be shitty.
    Don’t get me wrong not saying is a bad album, just a mediocre one for a band of their type.

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