Weezer covers “Paranoid Android”

by Jonathan on June 1, 2011

What do you think?

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  • Rayobriggs

    I’ve heard local bands cover this better.  Radiohead lyrics are not Weezer music. no emotional intensity that Thom brings. 

  • Woodsy

    not too bad. I really liked the first three minutes, but rivers’ voice kinda got to me after that. but how can I knock ’em? I couldn’t play that.

  • nuttin

    The second masturbation season has just begun.

  • Jarod

    can I participate?

  • nuttin

    um…  ask Jonathan.

  • Boonjus

    I love it, a good old ‘textbook’ cover. as someone said below, best song they recorded in recent times, just as i imagined what a weezer cover of this wong would be. Rivers cuomo might not be the best suited for the gliding voice of thom, and can maybe change the tempo of the song to adapt more to his voice. a faithfull and unpretentious cover, well done weezer i love that you love radiohead.

  • A guest

    why does he sing “whats thaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr”?

    and also he sounds kind of..lame..when he’s singing “why don’t you remember my name? off with his head man off with his head”
    the music is well done, but the voice and tone of the voice just isn’t right. Thom Yorke is way too unique

  • Catherine Leon

    personally i think its pretty weak in comparison. however if i find that thom has yet again performed under ‘special guest’ at glastonbury, seeing as i have sold my ticket, i would have missed them two years in a row and my 5 year long passionate radiohead relationship will be over. i will cheat on radiohead with cover versions and ring them up to tell them how good im doing without them in my life. 

  • Werrrt

    Personally I don’t give a f* to your opinion

  • jay

    that was cool. stop analyzing this. their having fun and paying respect to a great song. 

  • Neal

    This site is so terrible now. There has been so much radiohead news and you’re not even mentioning it. What about their from the basement performance that’s supposed to take place tonight? You haven’t mentioned anything. That’s why I switched to the kingoflimbspart2.com. Its a much better site.

  • Stevenk4

    that sucked, weezer sucks, they could have at least tried to convince me that they are talented by make it a little bit their own instead of completely covering a classic, LAME AS HELL

  • bizzbizz

    i love it :)  and i love radiohead as well of course.  can we talk about the actual music and leave mommy and daddy alone? 

  • Vergon

    I can, is your mom who won’t leave me

  • brown power

    thats weehead…..all i can say ….

  • Susana Delgado

    come on, guys. Music is Music. Like colors.
    If it makes you feel good, then it’s good for you.
    It doesn’t matter how bad other people think it is.
    love you all.

  • Jirdimaster

    Um hello greenplastic, there’s a ton of Radiohead news you’re not posting, Live From the Basement, Staircase, the remixes etc. What’s the point of this website if it’s not gonna keep up?

  • http://twitter.com/thedashrock Vasco Vilhena

    What’s up Jonathan? Is everything alright?

  • Jonathan

    No, I’m going to commit suicide, please help ASAP

  • Greenp?

    i don’t care about weezer. i can’t follow greenplastic for more news on radiohead because nothing is ever posted here.

  • Jordan Northerns

    The cover is slow, boring, and unoriginal – I’d rather listen to Radiohead do it than some exact copy by Weezer at a lower quality.

  • Tonymariocastro

    Horrible cover

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=194603442 Matthew Robinson

    Man is so totally love that Josh Freese is in this video. he adds to everything!

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